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Luftwaffe General's Trousers

SKU: Luftwaffe_General_s_Trousers

German WWII Luftwaffe General's Flared breeches.  Flared style trousers or breeches and are made from a fine quality tailored Bluegray wool.  These trousers feature the double wide White stripes down each leg.  They feature the watch pocket and ring.  The liner is a partial liner which shows light use and some light stains.  There are buttons for the trouser suspenders.  Single Blued metal front hook.  At the bottom of the breeches, they have several small buttons to close them up.  Tailor made General's trousers in very nice shape, I see no mothing, only light stains to the liner.  Luftwaffe General's trousers/breeches are very hard to find these days.  Very nice condition!

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