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German WWII Dress Shirt Collars

SKU: German_WWII_Dress_Shirt_Collars

German WWII dress shirt collars.  These are in an unissued conditon and I have many.  White starched cotton, I have two styles.  One is the normal style, White stiff and pointed ends.  These are marked in different ways, some with the maker name, and sizes, some are not marked but only with a pencil mark or size stamp.  The second style is also a White stiff cotton material, but the ends are the same size as the collar itself, and not pointed.  They all are somewhat clean, but not perfectly clean.  These are the collars used on the White undershirt, worn under the tunic for all branches, and groups in the Third Reich.  PLEASE email me which style and maker you would like based on the photos.    The first photo shows a tanish color, the collars are White and not stained, its the photo only.

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