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  • Welcome to the Relics of the Reich Museum

    In the museum, we'll share pictures and information on some of the rarest items we have offered for sale.  These items are for show only and give you the collector an idea of the rare and unique ...

  • 2e1ax_elegantred_featured_whgen1 Relics of the Reich - Home

    German WWII General's Tunic

    German WWII Army (HEER) Wartime General's Tunic.  Fantastic tunic, has loops for the German Cross and many medals.  All Cellon insignia, currently for sale.  The style and insignia of t ...

  • 2e1ax_elegantred_featured_brocade1 Relics of the Reich - Home

    Unissued Roll of Police Brocade Belt Material

    RARE, a Large roll of Unissued Police Brocade belt material.  Still on the makers roll with the makers size tag.  There's enough here to make hundreds of Belts!  Currently for sale in t ...

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Relics of the Reich

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      Relics of the Reich is proud to offer some of the best collectibles in WWI and WWII German Militaria on today's market.  You will find items ranging from Uniforms, Caps and Helmets, Daggers, Medals, Documents, Photos, and the Rare and Exotic.  Many of our items have never been offered on today's market and many items come directly from the families or the WWII Veterans themselves from both sides of the conflict.





RECENT UPDATE:  11/12/2019:



                                                                                          "NEW"    Luftwaffe Generals uniform set




                                                                "NEW"   German WWII Officers Jackboots (several pairs)



                                     "NEW"    German WWII Army (HEER) General's Tunic


                                "NEW"    Luftwaffe Officers Summer White Topped Visor


                                             "NEW"   Luftwaffe Enlisted Overseas Cap



                                        "NEW"   East German Air Force General's Visor




Relics of the Reich buys items you may have for sale.  Please email us on the contact page with any items you may wish to sell, we buy German WWI and WWII items ranging from uniforms, medals, insignia, Photos, paper items, dinner ware field equipment and anything else you might have!

If you have items you do not wish to sell, but want to know what they are and what there worth, email us!  We also sell German WWII reproductions of the originals for use as "fillers" in your collection or for reenacting, as well as East German militaria.  Below are examples of some WWI and WWII items we buy!!!!!

belt1holsterek1items2005 0317Image0011kurt11ph24admin1soval1armband6bayonet1krad2



 If you're looking for something not listed within this site please email us with your requestMany items we get have not yet been listed here.  Be sure to subscribe to our email update list on top of this page.  We travel throughout Europe and the US getting many new items for sale.  If there's a special item you're looking for please email us, and if we don't have it we can suggest another dealer who can help. 

Please visit the "NEWS" section of this site for the most recent information about items for sale and other information! 

     We also sell many items on Ebay check us out under the seller name  "bergfurher"



Items for sale on this website are for Historical interest, and are in no way meant to glorify the past, Nazism or promote hatred or racism.

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Various Headgear

Please Visit The Museum...

In the Museum we will feature many rare and exotic items from the Third Reich.  Many of these will be Relics we have previously sold and include many rare and never before seen items from the Third Reich period 1933-1945.

Click here to visit the Museum.

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