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9/30/2023:  WOW!  Its been a long time psoting here in this section.  Lots of new items coming next week.  Several belts and buckles, a Forestry Dress brocade belt and buckle, Luftwaffe enlisted belt and buckle, HEER Belt and buckle set.   A nice SA Leaders belt and buckle set, two-claw buckle and matching cross strap!  Political leaders Armband, Luftwaffe M43 cap, NSDAP collar tab set.  Party armband, Some misc buttons for uniforms, more photo albums as well.

2/21/2022:  Several new items coming soon, SA NCO tunic, Medals and insignia and more.

12/23/21: A few new items listed, some of the new items sold as soon as they were listed.  Major work to the web site covering the inventory and a new ordering process.  There might be some bugs still to work out, please email if you have any problems.

8/4/2021:  Coming in the next day or two, RARE Gau level bandsmans Browshirt.  Very Rare!

7/29/2021: New item coming soon.  A NSDAP Kriesleiters tunic and trousers. 

7/8/2021:  As of July 1st 2021, the EU has new laws for collecting VAT taxes from overseas shipments.  This means all items bought and shipped to any EU country will require VAT taxes to be collected from the buyer as well as possible customs fees.  Please be aware of this new law.  

6/2/2021Lots of nice items listed, several rare coming.   Luftwaffe General's Greatcoat, RAD Bandsman tunic, RAD officers greatcoat, Army Parade NCO tunic for a Standard Bearer.  SA Staff Kepi and a few other Kepi's.

12/8/2020:  Site wide sale for the month of December.

11/15/2020: Some medals, and Insignia, some great items coming up soon:  Infantry Officer German Cross winners M36 tunic, Army General's M38, Luftwaffe General's M43.

10/13/2020: Added a nice Infantry officers visor, this is a Vet bring back.  Many small items and more coming.

7/20/2020:  Many smaller items added.  I will be adding more items soon, please check back.  Shipping times are still longer then normal.  

6/17/2020: Shipping times are increasing because of the Covid-19 crisis.  Please be prepared for longer then normal shipping times overseas, US shipments seem to be close to the normal times, but some Priority mail is taking a few days extra.

6/16/2020: Adding a lot of items, lots of insignia, buckels, uniforms and more.  Keep checking back.  Coming up soon:  Kriegsmarine officers named greatcoat, Luftwaffe Flight NCO's tunic with original medals, Army Pith helmet, that's MINT, Lots of belt buckles, buttons and much more!

4/3/2020:  ATTENTION:  Relics of the Reich is open for business on-line during the Covid-19 crisis.  We are selling and shipping items as normal.  Any questions please ask.


4/2/2020: To our customers, a reminder we are a SSL or HTTPS secure site.       godaddycom verified secured verify security 85082880


4/2/2020:  Lots of new items coming in the next week, lots of tunics, greatcoats, field gear, caps and more!!!!!


2/24/2020: Added  arare Luftwaffe greatcoat for the RLM, have coming several uniforms, Several named Forestry tunics and greatcoats, and a nice Police offices tunic.



2/7/2020: More photo albums, added, some have very unique photos in them, many have tons of photos in them.  I will be listing singles soon.



2/5/2020: Lots of photo albums added, one today that's very unique!  It has photos of barracks wall paintings and is well done.  

1/29/2020:  Add mint SA greatcoat with RARE Honor cufftitle.  Also a Rare Water Protection Police greatcoat.

                                               sa80                         ws1

1/21/2020:  Several photo albums today one VERY RARE with photos of Anton Mussert the Dutch NS party leader and visit ot the Hindenburg Memorial.   I am adding lots of photo albums over the next few weeks, so check back often.  

12/30/2019:  Many new items coming in January 2020!!!!!!!!!!   Police officers tunic, NSDAP Leaders Greatcoat, and more.

11/25/2019: A rare Administration general's tunic added today, named so it would be easy to research him.


11/21/2019: Added today a RARE and uniqure GeneralOberst Summer uniform set.  You will never see another like this one!                              genwh1

10/31/2019:Added A MINT Army General's tunic.


10/23/2019: Added an Imperial Dragoner Officers Greatcoat.  I have a large collection of Imperial tunics and caps to add soon, also 3/4 coats as well.  Ask if your looking for something. 


10/18/2019:  Many new items added, several greatcoats, insignia and much more is coming!

10/2/2019:  Many new items coming in the next week, uniforms, caps, insignia and more.  

9/3/2019:  Added today a MINT Reichsbahn visor cap, Reproductions, FAD or RAD Beer stein.

8/29/2019: Added today a nice complete uniform set to a medical doctor with one of the BEST visors I have ever seen!  Plus several overseas caps.  Much more coming, lots of original coat hangers, medals and pins, and more ribbon bars.

8/26/2019: Added a RARE Org. Todt Generals M43 cap, A LARGE roll of unissued Police Brocade belt material, Tropical socks and more.

8/13/2019:  Added today a Rare Imperial german Ulanka tunic, Nice Luftwaffe Aluminium belt and buckle set..  A lot more coming. 

8/9/2019: Added today this large U-Boat grouping.  It consists of his named tunic, his Iron Cross 2nd class medal, his White topped visor and his Blue topped visor, with his initials in the sweatband, his round hat case which holds both visors, two Blue tops and one extra White top.  Plus his name tag off his locker or foot locker.  I had listed just his tunic last week, without the other items as I thought I had sold them already.  He served as an officer on U-591. 

8/7/2019: Added some belts and buckles, more coming.  SA Y-straps.

8/5/2019:  Added MINT SA trousers, Stone Gray Trousers, several NSDAP membership pins, Black wound badge, HJ Lanyard, reproduction German Cross in Silver.

                                                                            sapants1        pin8       pants65         

8/4/2019:   U-Boat officers tunic named to an officer from U-591, PLUS his White topped visor and Blue topped visor, in its original round case, plus his name tag with crew holes in each corner, coming in the next few days!!!!!


8/3/2019: Added MINT unissued Kreigsmarine Tropical shorts, I will be adding a ton of belts and buckles, cross straps, Y-straps etc in the next few days.  RAD officers Brown leather belt and cross strap, Reichsbahn officers set, Enlisted belts, Police enlisted Belt and buckle, marked and much more.

                           shorts1                     rad51                     vet1                      plstrap1

7/30/2019: Added today a MINT unissued NSDAP leaders Greatcoat, Gau High rank Blood order tunic, a Veterians complete set, Two tunics, trousers and visor named to the Dr.  

7/19/2019: Added today several Nice German Imperial uniforms, Hitler Youth Girls jacket.


7/18/2019: Added today a Uniform set for a Kradshutzen trooper, a complete Kreigsmarine dress uniform set, named,  a rare Pre-war Forestry Generals Greatcoat, Kradshutzen summer issue gloves, Police Winter Fur gloves, and a MINT Imperial NCO tunic.

7/17/2019: Added today a Tailor made Army NCO's Infantry greatcoat, Kreigsmarine White summer jumper, named.  Lots more coming.

7/16/2019:  Listed a complete Diplomatic's uniform set, Summer White set named to a Dr. Rieth, see the uniform section.  Added today RAD enlisted cap, MINT unissued Forestry dress belt and buckle set, KM Admin dress belt and buckle set, KM Line officer dress belt and buckle set, NSDAP Pennant.

7/15/2019: added today RARE Goblet to von Loringhoven (see the July 20th plot items for sale), Luftwaffe officers High rank tunic and trousers to a Pilot, NCO's Army Greatcoat.

                                                                                         glass1                          flight1

7/14/2019:  Hundreds of uniforms, caps, flags, and more coming from one of the largest private collections in the US.  Many items are Extremely rare, some are not.  Hundreds of tunics, lots of caps and visors, Greatcoats, trousers and much more.  

7/13/2019:  Added a nice Kreigsmarine Admirals greatcoat, SA Brownshirt.  Coming in the next two days;  Several Imperial tunics, HJ BDM Girls tunic, Army Generals administration tunic for 1944-ON very rare, Two SA kepis, One is an officers, RAD officers Robin hood cap, several Belts and buckles, NSDAP,  Forestry, Army,  RARE Diplomat officials WHITE sumer uniform complete and named!!!!!!!, Kradshutzen parade tunic and trousers, Diplomats Greatcoat, Army NCO greatcoat, 1930's Forestry Generals greatcoat, NSDAP Political leaders tunic, Luftwaffe Fighter pilots tunic and trousers, Forestry visor cap, some army Bayonets and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                            rad35             krad2

7/11/2019: Added a rare RAD officers tunic, Political leather Brownshirt.  COMING in the next few days, Kreigsmarine Admirals greatcoat, Hitler Youth greatcoat, SA Brownshirt, NSDAP politcal leaders Gau piped HIGH RANK tunic with the Blood Order ribbon on it!!!!!!  Plus much more!!!!!

6/25/2019:  Just added some unique and unissued insignia all from a recent Veteran bring back.  See all the different insignia sections.  Rare SS Croatian picure framed.

6/17/2019:  Just added  pre-war visor cap and a MINT KM Greatcoat for an officer.

6/8/2019:  SITE WIDE SALE, hundreds of sale items.

5/22/2019:  Just added a MINT NSDAP Leaders Brownshirt!  Some reproduction medals and insignia coming.  Some more uniforms coming this week.  Lots added today and more coming.  I have several Souval Medals to list as well, these are very good reproductions.

5/16/2019:  We recently switched to a new server and are still fixing a few issues.  If you have any problems with an order email me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

4/17/2019:  Add some reproductions that were sold at an auction as originals, several of these and more coming up.  People are getting fooled by these copies.  Gau level piped Brownshirt added.

4/15/2019: I have divided up the remaining photos and letters and documents from the von Loringhoven grouping.  See the Sepciality section.

4/1/2019:  CUSTOMS NOTE:  When shipping to other countries, Germany and France are a possible risk because of the item sent having a Swastika on it.  We will cover any Swastika up, but please note, we are not responsible for other countries customs. 

3/26/2019:  Added some reprouctions, more to come.  The White tunic is fantastic!  Added original set of Stahlheim buttons.  Several original tunics coming.

2/11/2019:  Just listed an SS Officers overseas cap.  

2/4/2019:  Added an Army Generals photo ablum.  Rare and unique.  KM foul weather cap.  Army EreL Admin visor cap, NAMED.

1/27/2019:  Coming next week:  Double erel Admin named visor cap, Forestry named officers greatcoat, Kreigsmarine foul weather MINT cap, MINT SA officers belt and buckle set, Several photo albums, Black SS Officers trousers, Officers cords, Black leather mess kit and equipment straps, many dates, Mint SS Generals single shoulderboard!!!!!!!!

1/19/2019: Added the RODO SS Set, and coming RAD Leaders Womens tunic, plus another SA Brownshirt.

1/9/2019: Added a nice Army dagger, coming up a real nice RODO Waffen-SS belt and buckle set.  RADwj Females tunic for a leader, rare.

12/24/2018:  MERRY CHRISTMAS

11/27/2018: Added some rare caps, a Black Panzer SS M43, Forestry Visor.

11/14/2018:  Added a rare customs combat tunic, RAD clasps, SA dagger, some medals, Generals visor cap and more!

10/29/2018: Added a Visors and a few sidecaps in the Army section.

10/18/2018: Added a Rare SA brownshirt, have another coming, adding an RAD officers tunic and an Army Generals visor thats named!

10/10/2018:  Removed lots of SOLD items, added many items to the sale prices, check those out, in many different catagories.  Items coming this week.  Army Generals named visor cap as well as other items.

8/25/2018: Just started listing the dress bayonets, many more coming all from a large collection.

8/21/2018:  A large group of K98 dress bayonets some with knots,  K98 bayonets and scabbards plus a few Firepolice dress bayonets come up soon

8/5/2018:  Many lower prices on over 100 items!!!  in many catagories

7/26/2018:  Added a very rare Gauleitung vehicle pennant to the Musuem, Relics of the Reich currently has this pennant.

6/10/2018: HJ buckle and some reproductions that will fool you, and fooled others recently at auction.  Recently we have added a ton of reproductions, some good some the best of the best.  Why?  collectors sometime use them as fillers, reenactors use them, some collect as there what they can afford.  Over the years we have bought many collections and some reproductions are in them.  Check out the reproduction section and see for yourself.

5/24/2018: Added several original photos of Htiler and the Berghof, Added several Tailor made in Germany, top quality made reproduction uniforms, a tailor made assault gunners reproduction wrapper, M41 tunic and more.

5/19/2018:  Added a lot in Reproductions.  Many more coming.  Many of these reproductions were sold as originals, and in the course of buying collections, there are almost always a few reproductions in them that were bought by the collector as real.

5/18/2018:  NEW SECTION:  Ribbon bars.  I have only a few now, but have about 25 more to add shortly.  Added a unique 1813 Iron Cross.

5/15/2018:  NEW SECTION:  Photo albums.  Added three have 50 more photo albums to add soon.  Still adding items.  Several quality reproductions, there were several in this large collection we bought, took a while to sort them from the originals.  Lots more coming.

5/10/2018:  ATTENTION:  We just aquired a large collection of insignia, medals, caps and more!!!!  Lots coming in the next 3-4 days.  Fantastic Black piped Army Visor, SA Marine collar atbs, SA OberGruppenfuhrer Medical collar tabs, 30+ ribbon bars, Cased EKI, Party badges, Generals Breast eagle and cap eagle, Luftwaffe Generals breast eagle, MANY Well made reproduction items bought as originals!!!  and MORE

5/3/2018:  Added a fantastic Imperial Jager tunic and visor cap, none better!!!!!  Also added and re-did the Waffen-SS NCO visor cap with many new pictures.

4/30/2018:  Adding Imperial caps and uniforms, many coming!!!

4/29/2018:  Added and new catagory:  Imperial German Uniforms and Caps.  I will be adding lots of early Imperial items shortly including several Imperial visor caps, some nice uniforms, A Jager outfit and a Musicians Imperial tunic and matching cap.    A Winter Rabbit fur Army cap tomorrow, cheap priced.  

4/5/2018:  Lots of new items, SA kepi, SS trousers, Railroad visor and lots of insignia.  More coming so check back!!!

3/22/2018:  Sorry for the long delays in an update, added a camo cover in Army uniforms.  BUT, I have another update coming shortly!!!!!  An unissued SA Kepi, a rare Officers version of the NSKK Kepi, Going to start listed some Imperial uniforms and caps as well and much more.  A Luftwaffe officers tunic, etc.  Uniforms are going to be added to the Reproduction page too.  

1/18/2018:  Added LW mechanics coveralls, a 1/6 scale NSDAP figure, and a HEER Fur cap.

1/13/2018:  Just placed over 20 items on sale in all catagories.

12/14/2017:  Added a Winter fur cap.  Of Interest:  Most do not know why the eagles on winter fur caps were also sewn across the brest of the cap eagle.  This was to help insure it would not pull off when the flaps were pulled down.

11/6/2017:  Just added a fantastic Army Summer officers tunic to a Jager Division.

11/1/2017:  Added the remaining items from the 20th July plot gouping to Loringhoven in the SPECIALITY EXOTIC section.  A few more listings today.  The personal photo album and some of the daughter and Mother are not for sale and are to be given to Loringhovens Daughter.

10/27/2017:  UPDATE, I will be listing the paper items from the July 20th plot goup thats on the site shortly.  These items have not been listed seperately, but will be shortly.

10/27/2017: Added RAD Brocade belt and buckle set.

10/18/2017:  I want to apologize to a few customers who placed orders for items that were sold but still on the site.  I have tried to remove all items sold, but I do miss one or two, sorry.

10/3/2017:  Added a rare East German generals Winter fur cap.

9/27/2017:  Adding in the next week, several DAK Afrika Korps sets of near mint to unissued shoulderboards.  All from an old private collection and all nice and rare.

9/15/2017:  Adding soon:  RAD Warrent officers greatcoat, Political Leaders Kreis level high ranking tunic.  

8/3/2017:  Added a KM brocade belt and buckle set, Reproduction items, some more trousers, and many more trousers coming.

8/1/2017:  Coming this week:  Unissued DAK Tropical M40 cap, green soutache.  Kreigsmarine dress brocade belt and buckle, many more trousers and boots.

7/20/2017:  July 20th today, famous date in German history.  Added trousers and some Y-straps.  All the trousers and pants coming are from a private collection of over 400!  and almost all are mint.

7/19/2017:  Added many pairs of original Officers and combat Jackboots, more coming.  Adding Lots of trousers in the next two days, Army, LW, KM etc.

7/13/2017: Unissued DAK boards added (SOLD) and a Flight Mesh Helmet (SOLD).  Also, look for sale prices marked in RED.  Each week these will change so check back often.

6/8/2017: A really interesting uniform is coming up soon, its a German officers adminstration uniform, made of Italian wool and has an Italian tailors label, first I have seen, matching tunic and trousers.

6/2/2017:  New items coming up, HJ flak helpers Cap, Several Luftwaffe items:  Summer flight helmet, goggles, LW Officers Leather gloves, MINT wrist compass, several patches and some medals

5/4/2017:  Big update coming tomorrow.  Several uniforms, A Mint Mountain troops officers tunic, Panzer Parade dress tunic, a Pair of named Luftwaffe officers trousers, several award documents and more.

4/7/2017:  Just added a Luftwaffe FLAK service tunic.

3/26/2017:  Its been awhile since my last update.  I have lots coming up, one of which is a unique Army (HEER) Officers tunic.  Its for an Artillery officer, has the Krim shield on the sleeve and he is well decorated.  Whats unique is he also wore the Close Combat Clasp.  I will list it in a few days along with some other items.

1/19/2017:  Lots of new medals just listed.  Many combat awards!

1/10/2017:  Just added several quality reproduction uniform sets.  One is a DAK set that was sold as an originals set years ago!

12/14/2016:  Listed two dagger. both are early postwar bring backs, one HJ one Luftwaffe.  Several K98 bayonets coming later today as well.

12/2/2016:  Some insignia listed, some more trousers, a pair of Black leather NSKK trousers, used by the KM and Panzer arm.

11/15/2016:  I am adding many original trousers, many rare and all from a large private collection that still has over 200 pairs of trousers.  SA, NSDAP, RAD Org.Todt and more

10/26/2016:  Just listed a reproduction SS M40 uniform set, belonged to a reenactor, top quality, I will be listing a few more uniforms from him as well as some medals and insignia, all reproductions, but nice.    Also will be listing several Army and SS combat belts, from a  large collection, also some officers belts too.

9/17/2016:  Some great items coming up in the next few weeks.  A really nice Pioneer Lt. Colonel officers tunic, with loops for the German cross, very nice and Italian cloth made.  A TRUE British Vet bring back an Infantry officers tunic with all the original medals still on it, including a Krim shield and the Bronze close combat, EKI, Wound Badge and INf Assault, all original to the coat!  A Luftwaffe officers uniform set, tunic and trousers!  Also some various medals!  Please check back.  

7/12/16: A large Luftwaffe collection of insignia is currenly being put on the site lots of insignia.

5/31/2016:  The site is back up and running properly.  Because of the last backup, items are still missing and are being added back daily, so please check back in.  If you placed an order in the last few weeks, it was deleted when the site went down.  You can email us to reorder.


5/23/2016:  ******ATTENTION****  We had some technical issues with the recent webiste upgrade, so we are running a backup from several months ago.  Many items that were sold before may be listed again, I am trying to remove them. Any items listed before, and are now gone will be added shortly.


3/18/2016:  Lots of new insignia added.  In the Army section, and SA section.


3/1/2016:  I am going to list some more belts and buckles soon, army, NSDAP, SA and many others.  Also listing several pairs of original boots, some combat, some dress.

1/31/2016:  I am starting to add the veteran aquired items over the next few days.

1/26/2016:  The New year is here! and many new items are ready for listing.  I held off over the holidays so now I am ready to list many new items.   Many new Veteran aquired items coming.  Several belt buckles, RAD, Police, SA, HJ all from one Vet.  Several uniforms and caps as well.  A great pickup of many on-the-roll uncut Police M43 cap eagles.



12/30/2015:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Many new items coming after the holidays

12/19/2015:  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!

12/19/2015:  Just added a rare DAK true Afrika Korps M40 field cap, unissued!!!!

11/29/2015:  Lots of belts and buckles added.  Many more to come.

11/2/2015:  Many news items in the past three days.  Great Police officers uniform, several belts and buckles and more.

10/28/2015:  More items added today, AND prices lowered on over 300 items!

10/26/2015:  LOTS OF NEW STUFF!  Two rare Army crushers, NSDAP collar tabs, Luftwaffe Dagger and more.


10/19/2015:  This weeks special:  RAD Labor Corps Generals tunic, Was $4100 this week $3600. In the uniform section for RAD, Railroad, Postal, Forestry etc.

9/10/2015:  Several items added.  A real nice helmet, looks perfect but recent restoration.

9/3/2015:  Special sale this week only.  Waffen-SS NCO visor cap for $5700, normally $6500.

8/26/2015:  Just added two very special items to the Museum.  The RAD's top man, his complete uniform set.  Tunic andpants named to him, the cap is a Generals rank Robin Hood cap, but not named, boots are not named but caem as the set was found many years ago in Germany.  The next set was the best, SS Tuxedo and white tunic both to the same man!  These are as found many years ago as well.  Excellent condition, missing the rank tab on the Black and the cufftitle was removed at some point on the white, but still untouched, and the arm eagle is the rare early officers version!

8/16/2015:  NEW information has been added to the ABOUT/CONTACT page concerning purchases made by us from sellers.

8/15/2105:  NEW sale item,  SS officers visor cap, was $9300, sale for the next week is $8800.00

7/29/2015:  New items added today.


7/12/15:  SPECIAL PRICE on the Black SS NCO VISOR, one week only!!!   I have lowered prices on several items.  Both SS caps, and other items, take a look!!!


6/10/2015:  I am soon to list some insignia, they will cover all areas of the Third Reich.  Check back soon.  Still trying to get all the medals photographed for sale, lots of EKI, II, wound badges, combat medals, civil medals etc.  I know I have promised to get more items listed, but it seems there is so much material to list I am overwhelmed a bit.  Its coming!  Still tons of caps, uniforms insignia to come!


4/24/15:  Added a great reproduction of Himmlers uniform, its complete and well made!  In the Reproduction section.

3/20/15:  Just added two fantastic SS visors in the visor section!!!!!! also coming tomorrow, a RARE SS "Wiking" assault gunners wrapper UNTOUCHED!

3/6/2015:    On to some good news many items are being reduced in price, this will happen over the next few days.

2/20/2015:  Just added a low priced RAD officers tunic.  Perfect for thoses wanting a cheaper priced tunic.  Got a set from the same man tomorrow coming, Officers M36 tunic, combat with his white tunic and dark red striped dress pants for a Vet.  Added a SS style 3/4 parka to the repro section.

2/9/2015:  I Just lowered the price of the DE standard today, You will NOT ever find one this low ever again!

1/8/15:  New items added today, A quality repro SS visor, FJ Knife, and lots of insignia, SA, Army Forestry etc.  More coming;  PL Gau level Greatcoat, Luftwaffe EM flak tunic, lots more, some belts and buckles, more medals etc.

12/28/14: I have lots to list, but recently there's been little to no interest in WWII items for sale, so I have not listed anything recently.  With the holidays, the market went soft very fast.  I still have so much to list, including an Ultra-rare Luftwaffe Generals flight blouse and matching trousers, an Admirals tunic, named, Several Forestry tunics, trousers and some greatcoats.  A rare KM coastal artillery DAK visor, Many more soft caps, some SA Kepis, some overseas caps and a few pith helmets.  A few SA tunics were added a few months back, and I have a lot of belts and buckles coming soon as well.  

For the medal section, not many rare ones, but mostly EK cross', Assault badges, Wound badges and other ones worn on the tunics.  I am hoping to list soon some Standards, some SA, NSDAP and others as well.

There's still insignia coming.  A massive lot to list and it will take time, shoulderboards, from generals to Privates, all ranks, all groups, breast eagles, cap badges etc.  

There's a lot to list on this site, but with the market so slow, I have not been adding as fast.  If your looking for something ask.

10/21/2014:  JUST ADDED!!!!  Deutchland Erwache Standard!!!!!!

 10/15/2014:  Many new items listed in the medals section today and insignia.  Some special items coming tomorrow, in the caps and uniform section

10/8/14:  New items coming each day!  I can only showcase 25 on the NEW ITEMS slider on the front page, but there's a lot more!

9/25/14:  New items added daily now, check back often, several uniforms, a lot of Janke reproduction caps, some insignia and much more coming daily!

9/17/2014:  I am listing for sale several vehicles.  If interested please email me for detailed information, and photos, they included:  Three Mercedes benz 170v German Staff Cars all needing full restoration.  1938, 1947, 1953 S

One Mercedes Bens 170v German staff car 50% restored with many new parts to finish!  1939.

1942 FULLY restored Willys US Army Jeep, FULL nut for bolt resotration!!!!

9/1/2014:  I am sorry for the delays in getting new items listed for sale.  The move was complete 2 months ago, but unpacking and setting up is still going on.  I hope to list very soon, have a TON of stuff ready, some examples are listed below in the new post, some other items, in the REPRODUCTION section I have coming up some really great uniforms; a complete Luftwaffe officers uniform, tunic, flared trousers, jackboots and visor cap, all top quality items with all the medals on it!  Next, another Luftwaffe officers Mess Dress short jacket, stripped dress trousers, shirt and tie, this set is impossible to find as no one makes it yet.    Plus a second Luftwaffe officers tunic trousers set, Atrillery piped.  I will be adding medals, insignia in the next update as well.  Its all coming!


6/8/2014:  The move to our new location is done, but its a mess and much is boxed up.  All items are for sale, but many are still boxed and may take a few days to locate if you want something.  Some news!

Some new great items have come in but I have not been able to photograph them yet.  Here's a quick list;

Army Officers piped Infantry service tunic

Army Officers Issued M36 tunic converted by a tailor for an officers cut, its well done.  All the medals below were on the Piped service tunic.

Mint German Cross in Silver!  Zimmerman (DKiS)

Silver wound badge

WWI Iron cross


 5/5/2014:  I am sorry for the slow listings, we are moving business locations this and the last two months so no new items for at least 30-45 days from today, then I will be able to list daily.

3/31/2014:  Trying to add new items, but time has been a factor,  if your looking for something feel free to ask.


3/8/2014:  Just some news on the Dummy firearms I sell.  I have a nice German FG42 for sale in that section, still with the original box, and coming up my last MG34 dummy gun, plus an MP40 dummy, the 34 and 40 are original parts sets on dummy receivers, these are perfect for displays, or if you cannot legally own a Full auto weapon.

2/27/2014:   Several new items on and coming in the next few days.  A Waffen-SS visor cap, some RAD officers overseas caps, A REALLY RARE Forestry Generals generals uniform!!!!!, a MINT SA NCOs four pocket tunic and matching trousers, a RARE BERGROCK SA tunic and Trousers Unissued!, and some officers Forestry tunics.  Also!  I have for sale many like new Dress forms for sale, 1/2, 3/4 with base, full mannequins, and flesh colored styrofoam heads.

2/9/2014:  I have added some more items for the Lorignhoven grouping.  His trousers and belt set.  I will also will be selling and listing the photos, many are unpublished of Hitler, many documents and letters, and some photo albums of his family soon.  I still have so much to put on the site, but time has been a factor, I will keep trying so please come back often.

2/4/2014: I just added for sale a 1939 Mercedes Benz staff car, partially restored in the vehicle section!!

1/9/2014:   I am adding many items to the East german section and the Reproduction section this week.


1/4/2014:   Many new items on the site and coming this weekend.  Many uniforms and odds and ends from the July 20th plot grouping to Loringhoven are coming up seperately, tunics, insignia and more.  Lots more to come in the next few weeks!

 12/31/2013:  Some new items coming up;  MG34 dummy gun for display, Lots of insignia, a few movie reproduction WWII German uniforms, and these are wild!  and more uniforms!  PLUS  A fully restored WWII 1943 US Army Jeep!

12/12/13:  Just a reminder, shipping is extra on all orders.

12/09/2013:  The Baron Von Loringhoven group is now for sale in seperate prices, please see the item in the Army uniform section

12/01/2013:  The grouping to Baron Freytag von Loringhoven (see further below) has brought little interest as a group.  So several people have asked if I would break up the group and depending on the interest, I may do just that.  If you have interest in anything in the grouping, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell me whats of interest.  

Also coming up:  A matching K98 numbers bayonet, a Police Crash Helmet, A rare pair of Forestry generals trousers, plus a lot of insignia!

11/19/2013:  Finally a new update with lots of stuff listed and more coming!  Rare Summer weight SA officers uniform set. Some rare Panzer items, an overseas cap and researched wrapper!  Some hot items, A Piped Generals tunic, Diplomatic greatcoat and lots more.  A not so rare, but the storys great, Kreigsmarine U-Boat officers stopwatch from the wife of the officer! an RAD shovel!  PLUS a rare Shoei Dummy FG42 Machine Gun!

10/16/2013: I am trying to get many new items photographed for the site.  I have mentioned several items coming and hope to list them soon, so please check back often.  In the weapons department, I am listing some K98 rifles, and some more dummy guns, I have an FG42 Shoei with the box and an MP44 Shoei as well, as many know these are exact dead on copies of the original's, there's nothing even close to Shoei's.  I am hoping to get many more trousers listed as well, some rare and not-so-rare trousers coming soon.  I also should be listing some Kreigsmarine items too. 

9/20/2013:  I am slow in getting new items listed.  I still have hundreds, and yes hundreds of items to list.  These include; Trousers, lots of trousers most all are excellent shape and cover all branches and orgs.  SA Kepis, many more coming, and lots of visor caps.  Many tunics, some high rank, some simple enlisted ranks to Political orgs.   I will get back to listing insignia, so much to list and it takes a lot of time so I am behind, but hopefully will get more listed very soon.  If you are looking for something, please email. 


9/13/2013:  I am planning some new items in the next few days, so please keep an eye out for them.  The Allegemeine SS set, the Diplomatic officials greatcoat and some others.  On another note, my other business, MVRS, Military Vehicle Restoration Services is working on a full retoration of a 1939 Mercedes Benz 170v Staff car.  

8/26/2013:  New and coming soon, GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl's tunic.  This tunic is named and dated 1944 to Jodl, and originally was sold by his wife Luis in 1990.  It comes with paperwork backing up its sale by her.  It will be for sale soon, please check back.  This is a one of a kind tunic.





8/20/2013:  Some other special items coming, ColonelGeneral Alfred Jodl's tunic, named to him with paperwork on when his wife sold it many years back.  Jodl was chosen by Hitler to be Chef des Wehrmachtsführungsstabes (Chief of Operation Staff of the newly formed OKW). Jodl acted as a Chief of Staff during the swift occupation of Denmark and Norway.  He was hanged after the wars end as a war criminal.

I also have coming up an Ultra-rare Allgemeine SS NCO's uniform, complete from head to toe, with the Oberbayren cufftitle on the sleeve, all SS-RZM marked or tagged!

8/20/2013:   A massive grouping to a Baron Freytag von Loringhoven.   This set is massive! and includes  many uniforms, insignia, including the rare Officers version of the FHQ cufftitle, daggers, swords, books, photos, papers, boots, and much more!  The set is direct from the family and was all packed away in suit cases after the war.  Loringhoven's cousin, Wessel Freytag von Loringhoven, provided the detonator charge and explosives for the 20 July assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler. They knew each other well but Bernd was not involved directly in the plot; after it failed Bernd managed to escape arrest, due to the support of Guderian. However, Wessel was suspected of complicity in the plot and committed suicide on 26 July rather than risk implicating his family and colleagues.  All uniforms are named, and many photos are originals with him with Hilter wearing one of these tunics!


8/14/2013:  A Rare of the rare in the uniform section!  A named Luftwaffe generals double breasted tunic and matching visor cap, named to a Flak general in Prag, and this uniform has been researched and featured in several reference books including Angolia's "Uniforms & Traditions of the Luftwaffe Vol 1", page 286.


8/13/2013:  Some trousers added today and VERY RARE pair of Hitler Youth Leaders trousers, these are RZM tagged as well as Luftwaffe flak issued later, RARE and mint!  Many more trousers coming soon, examples;  Generals, Admirals, police, SS, Army, Luftwaffe, RAD, Civilian, HJ, and many more, we have about 150 pairs of trousers to list, some rare, some common.

8/10/2013:  The site is slowly getting rid of the bugs, some issues but most are fixed.  We hope to add some new items this weekend, and get some listings changed a bit as the descriptions could use some more information.  Plus were re-taking many photos to replace ones that do not show enough details.

Some news, were going to list some really high end items soon so keep an eye out.

7/28/2013:  Lots of new items added this week, an unissued pair of Army/SS short ankle boots, and a pair of Luftwaffe Generals boards, plus many others.  We offer several, paypal, bank transfer and Credit cards, but its showing only COD, this should be fixed soon.

I will be adding many bayonets and scabbards as well next week!

Lots of stuff for the reproduction section is coming soon, tons of uniforms, field gear, hats, boots and lots of insignia, so be patient!  Lots of great stuff for reenactors and well as "fillers" for your collection.  I have many items not on the site, but listed on Ebay under seller name "bergfurher"


6/6/2013:  Welcome to the "new" Relics of the Reich web site.  We have moved to a much larger and much better site.  As I have placed on the old site, it crashed last month taking two years of new items with it and the old administrator didn't back it up, meaning we lost a LOT of great items we had for sale.  Too many problems with the old site, and there was no way to show case many great items we have for sale!


This new site is MUCH bigger and so much better.  We now have a section for news, which you are reading now, in this we will update you on new items coming, any changes to the site etc. 

Some new items coming:  Luftwaffe Generals shoulderboards, Army Generals shoulderboards, a Rare Diplomatic named Greatcoat, Kreigsmarine uniforms, some visor caps and SA Kepis, Lots of Insignia as well and much more!!!!!!


Next we have a better way of looking at the items we have for sale.  Bigger photos, and larger text for each and a better “Gallery” section.  


Ordering should also be much better now with different payment options.  As always if you have ANY questions please email!


Another new section we now have is the Museum section.  Here we will Showcase” many great items we have sold in the past, some of the rarest items to ever see the collectors market!  Of course these items are long gone, but we want you to see what we have had in the past.


 One issue we have currently is that some items listed for sale have already been sold,  the reason is that when the old site crashed, we had no choice but to go with an old backup from two years ago, and we are trying to weed out the sold items, so please be patient here. 


 Last, if you have interest in an item, ask, we might even accept offers on some items we have for sale!!!!!!!


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