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WWII German Tropicial Kradmantel (Motorcycle) Greatcoat

SKU: WWII_German_Tropicial_Kradmantel__Motorcycle__Greatcoat

German WWII Tropical Motorcycle greatcoat.  This is the second version or style of the Kradmantels.  This is the heavier style and is made of the same tropical cotton material as the first and second model DAK tropical tunics.  The first version is a very light weight material.  The coat apperas to be not worn, a few storage stains, but these might clean out if need be.  Excellent condition, Olive cotton twill material, the coat has all its original gray/green pebbled buttons on it.  The coat has several inner straps and is designed to be worn crossed over the front and buttoned.  The second version or style is harder to find, and again is made from the same material as the DAK tunics.  There are several size stamps inside as well.  A mesh inner back section is also there.  No damage or tears.  Very nice.

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