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German WWII Heer/Luftwaffe General's Belt and Gold Buckle

SKU: German_WWII_Heer_Luftwaffe_General_s_Belt_and_Gold_Buckle

German WWII General's belt and buckle.  This is a true General's set up.  This is not a political leaders belt and buckle, often sold as a General.  Worn by an army (HEER) or Luftwaffe General, it is a Medium to dark Brown leather belt, has surface cracking, but the belt is still in good condition and the light cracks are top only.  The inner belt is a lighter Brown.  The double claw buckle is Gold pebbled finish, and is marked D.R.G.M. 1240881.  The belt is stamped on the inner end 1?3  it's a large belt.  Some Initial's  inside the belt.  It measures 44 inches total length.  A real General's belt and buckle!

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