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German WWII Forestry Officers tunic

SKU: 111913

A really clean WWII or Pre-war Forestry officers tunic.  This ones and early style with the lower scalloped pockets.  Medium Green twill wool, has darkgreen piping to the cuffs, lapels and pockets flaps.  Buttons are the typical Darkgreen plastic seen on Forestry tunics.    Darkgreen collar has silver wire piping, and the collar tans are Green based, silver wire piped and have a single acorn and lower wreaths to each.  Shoulderboards are sew-in style, green based with the green subduded cords and single gilt pip to each.  The tunic has loops for one medal on the breast pocket.  Fully lined in a light satin green and has the dagger slot as well.  The tunic is in excellent condition, and shows very light use.

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