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SA Greatcoat

SKU: SA_Greatcoat

German Pre-war SA  ranks greatcoat.  This is a nice early greatcoat and show little use if any.  This is an early model SA greatcoat.  Made of the Olive/Brown SA wool, coat has a different color Brown/Tan collar.  The collar is piped in a Green and White twist cord piping.  The collar tabs are Emerald Green for SACHEN, and are an early machine sewn version of the numbers. The one collar tab is for Sturmbahn II Standarte 415.  The rank tab has two silver wash pips for the rank of Truppfuhrer (NCO).   There is a single shoulderboards also of an Emerald green based with Green and White twist cord top.  Coat retains all its original buttons, they all match and are of the SA style a smooth pebbled finish, solid back and RZM and marker marked on the back.  On the back of the coat is the single wool strap with two buttons.  There is mothing to the coat in various places, look at the photos as well as moth tracking on the side and on the shoulderboard are a few moth nips.  There is no other damage and no fading to the wool.  The liner is the early style a Tan cotton material with stripped sleeve liners.  The early White large RZM tag is missing from the pocket.  It has the standard Red wool party armband sewn to the sleeve.  This coat does not look like it was worn, and if it were not for the mothing here and there would be an excellent example of an early SA greatcoat!      

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