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NSDAP Political Leaders Brownshirt for Ortsgruppe

SKU: NSDAP_Political_Leaders_Brownshirt_for_Ortsgruppe

German NSDAP Political Leaders brownshirt.  This is a really nice brownshirt and show no damage or wear.  This is the post 39-on style and has the loops for the large political leaders belt and buckle, and not the belt ramps.  The shirt has Blue piping to the collar for Ortsgruppe.  On the collar are hand sewn tabs, also Blue piped and they have a Brown velvet bsed, with the gold eagle and four gold pips to each for the rank of Ortsgruppe Gemeinschaftleiter.  The shirt has all matching gold PL buttons, and are RZM marked on the reverse.  They are held on with the metal rings.  On the sleeve is the PL armband, Blue piped with the center Oakleaf in gold, the position is for Ortsgruppenleiter.  There is a period repair to the armband, but on the inside.  The armband is sewn to the sleeve on the top only and this allows is to hang on the sleeve better.  On each cuff are two PL buttons with a center ring to each cuff.  Inside the RZM tag is missing, but there are size stamps inside the neck, and a Woven tag as well thet says "46".  Really nice shirt.  

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