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German Imperial Tunic for Prussia Ulanka Uhlan

SKU: German_Imperial_Tunic_for_Prussia_Ulanka_Uhlan

German Imperial tunic for Prussia Ulanka Uhlan.  This is a fantastic tunic!  Dark Blue the tunic is flap double breasted and has Red piping down the front.  Red cuffs with the NCO Tress which shows light tarnish which is normal for a coat over 100+ old.  Red stand up collar has same tress sewn to it.  Three hooks to inner collar.  Polished silver buttons to the tunic with makers marks to back, all appear to match.  Shoulderboards are Red with brass fittings, the Kings crown and regimential emblem for 9th Regt.  The shoulderboards are really nice and show no mothing to the bases.  Tunic has "polished" Black satin liner, in full and has an inner belt with a chromed buckle.  Tunic shows little wear or use and is in very nice condition.  I do not see a tag inside.  I see NO mothing or moth tracks!  It's very clean!  Tough to upgrade this coat!

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