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German Imperial 3/4 Coat or Greatcoat

SKU: German_Imperial_3_4_Coat_or_Greatcoat

German Imperial coat.  This is a 3/4 coat or some call them greatcoats as well.  Dark Blue fine quality wool, it is fully piped in White, down the front, cuffs and collar.  Coat has a high stand up collar with three Brass hooks, and is lined in Red wool with an inner neck protector sewn in as well.  There are inner hooks in the collar for a second collar liner as well.  The shoulderboards are Red based with the tarnish Silver cord tops, with small "V's".  A single Gilt pip to each the the number "3".  The shoulderboards are sewn into the shoulder.  There are Chromed smooth buttons to the coat, with makers marks on the back and all appear to match.  The liner is a Satin Black material with an inner belt with Blued buckle.  Red inner lapels.  The liner is excellent and shows very little use or wear.  Fully linned sleeves.  Rear is also White piped and has chromed buttons.  There are a few very small moth nips on the back, but small.  The coat is very nice and I doubt if it was worn much.  Very nice!

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