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Luftwaffe Photo Album with photos of Anton Mussert (Dutch Nazi Party Leader)

SKU: 12120B

German WWII Luftwaffe photo ablum.  This ones a large size and has many photos.  Of interest there are photos of the Dutch Nazi leader Anton Mussert.  433 total photos!  its  BIG album.  Quite a few of Anton Mussert at a rally and at the speakers podium, meeting people on the street as well.  Rare to ever see private photos of Mussert anywhere!  There are about 19 photos of a rally with Anton Mussert in Holland.  Cover is a rough Brown finish with an Aluminium Stuka on front.  Photos cover family life, friends, service and more.  Pictures show a luftwaffe enlisted man throughout.  Several photos of Hindenburgs grave and monument.  Later photos show him as an NCO.  Beach photos of him and girlfriend or wife.  Lots of service shots, him as an NCO in a tunic and flight blouse.  Some in the field shots with troops, buildings destroyed, but lots of "on Leave" photos of him in uniform in different places.  Lots of Army friends and Luftwaffe friends, and many more of family members and family events.  Lots of photos to look through and to BIG groups of Anton Mussert and Hindenburgs grave site.  

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