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German WWII Army (HEER) Pioneer Photo Album Large

SKU: 2720

German WWII Army Pioneer soldier's photo album.  This one measures 12.5 inches by 9 inches tall.  Dark cover with green tassel on end.  This is another unique photo album.  Starts off with him as an enlisted Army soldier, some pics of the family, RAD, then the next two pages are VERY UNIQUE.  Large photo measures 9.3X7 inches and is of him as an officer, but devoid of any swastika's, meaning either a POW photo or of him working postwar for the Allies.  Fantastic photo.  The next page is a same size photo but of a Luftwaffe man.  Many photos of him throughout, in uniform, vacation, family etc.  Photos of other soldiers, maybe brothers? friends?  Training shots, in the field shots, Parades and marching shots.  He was a Pioneer soldier, based on the pics and in uniform.  Skiing shots, him then an an NCO, his brother or friend is also throughout as well.  Shots in France, Paris, photos of civilians on the road with wagons, many photos look like there around 1940 in France.  234 total photos.

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