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SA Sports Badge, Booklet and Cover and Armband

SKU: SA_Sports_Badge__Booklet_and_Cover_and_Armband

German WWII SA grouping to one man.  This group came from one man and consists of his SA Sports badge on Bronze, first model, his SA award booklet with the original cover, and the SA armband.  The SA badge is Bronze and has the maker on the back and the serial number 62599.  Next is the award booklet which has the man's photo and is partially filled out.  The pen writing is the best I have ever seen!  The booklet also comes with the cover, the cover is very hard to find with the booklet.  Last is the SA armband, Red cotton material multi-section center with gold weave.  There is a nice RZM paper tag to the back.  There are light stains to the armband.  The SA Badge number does not match the number in the booklet, but was all together and my understanding is the badge is a replacement.  Nice grouping all to the same man.

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