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German WWII and WWI Ribbon Bars

SKU: 52118

German WWII and WWI ribbon bars.  See listing below for prices:

1.  War Cross of honor with gold dvice for the lapel or button hole wear   $20

2.  Iron Cross WWI and Long service with silver device   $35

3.  War Merit with gold swords   $18

4.  War Cross of Honor with gold swords and WWI Mini wound badge   $40

5.  Silesian Eagle, War cross of honor with gold swords    SOLD

6.  West wall medal, War Cross of Honor  $18

7.  War Cross of Honor with gold swords, Hungarian war service with silver swords, Hamburg Hansa war cross Safty pin back  $40

8.  War Merit with bronze swords   $18

9.   WWI Iron Cross 1st class with Mini EKI, War Cross of Honor with gold swords   $50

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