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Waffen-SS Cufftitle for GOTZ von BERLICHINGEN

SKU: Waffen-SS_Cufftitle_for__GOTZ_von_BERLICHINGEN

German WWII Waffen-SS cufftitle for "Gotz von Berlichingen".  This cufftitle is in a protective box.   It is unissued, but has damage to it.  Full length cufftitle, the material is still soft, but can be pulled apart if tried, and you can see in the photos on the left side its apart, or torn there, and a small section is in the lower left bottom as well.  The left side where it is currently folded over has two light tears, but not all the way through.  It's a shame on the damage but it looks nice in the display box.  It can be taken out of the box, but care is needed to avoid further damage.  Great as a display item.  Case is about 1 inch thick, and has a glass front.

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