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RARE German WWII Waffen-SS Generals Single Shoulderboard

SKU: 53019D

German WWII Waffen-SS Generals unissued shoulderboard.  Cannot top this one, unissued single shoulderboard, and it for the Waffen-SS.  Generals rank, Gruppenfuhrer rank, it has Gold and Silver bullion cording to the top, the base is the light Gray for Waffen-SS troops, and has a single strap as its a slip-on style board.  The bullion cording to the top shows on one side some age toning to the cording, this can be carefully cleaned off if desired.  Otherwise its unissued and close to mint.  This has the toning/stain to the side as it came with a group of medals and metal insignia from a Veterans relative.  They were all stored in a small box, all together.   Very rare!

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