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RARE Army (HEER) Panzer Pioneer M44 Shoulderboards

SKU: 62421

German WWII Panzer Pioneer shoulderboards.  These are one of the RAREST of shoulderboards for the Army (HEER).  Few of these exist and few are in collections.  Black wool shoulderboards, these have the Silver Tress for an NCO Unteroffizer rank.  The piping is what makes these extremely rare!  The piping is a Black and Silver checked style and this piping was only used for the Panzer Pioneer's.  The reverse of the boards show these to me the M44 style and have the Tan cloth tape down the center.  These are a matching set, and show some damage to the button hole on one of these and some thread damage to another buttons hole.  Otherwise there in good condition and show no other issues.  Rare of the Rare!

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