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German WWII Army (HEER) Panzer M43

SKU: 6721B

German WWII Army (HEER) Panzer enlisted ranks M43.  This cap is in un-worn condition and just shows storage wear and that's little.  This one is very nice and texbook in every way!  Black wool body has the fold down ear flaps, held together buy two Black painted pebbled cap buttons.  The cap has the BeVo weave Army (HEER) panzer "T" eagle and cockage.  It is sewn as a trap style and not as the "T" as was normal later in the war.  The liner is a Grayish color rayon liner that has the RbNr stamp with the size and date made.  The liner is excellent as is the rest of the cap, some little sangs to the liner here and there but this cap was most likely never worn.  Inside the fold down flaps is the proper white material to stiffen it a bit on the curve.  Has the side down pull straps on each side as well.  This cap is excellent, textbook in every way and again was most likely not worn.  Really nice!

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