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German WWII Officers jackboots.  These are a pair, Left and Right and are in nice condition.  These boots are made of a soft lower section and a stiff upper section, there made this way.  Black leather is in very good shape and shows no tears.  The soles are Brown leather with the rear heel irons and the front toe irons, both nailed onto the sole.  No markings seen on the soles.  The insides are a Brown/Tan leather with the cloth pulls on both, there is an extra leather pull with a button hole as well on both boots, one pull is repaired.  No markings inside.  The boot measures 11.25 inches total length, with an estimate of size at 9.5-10.  The height is 17 inches tall.  All boots are cleaned lightly and then oiled to protect the leather.  These boots are over 70+ years old so care must be taken with them.

$325.00 $315.00

German WWII Black leather officers jackboots.  Matched set, these are in good shape.  Leather is a bit stiff, but not bad.  Tall side, they are Brown inside with the cloth pulls to each.  No markings inside.  The soles are leather and have no front toe irons, but have the rear horseshoe style irons.  All the nails are present.  Soles are still in good shape.  Length of the shoe is 10 inches total so about 8.5-9 inches size.  These still have a bit of a shine too them. These boots are over 70+ years old, so care must be taken with them.

$300.00 $285.00


Original German WWII Officers jackboots.  Black leather, matched set.  These are on good condition, but show wear and use.  Leather is still soft, but the tops are stiffer as they should be.  The leather soles show use, but are solid, small toe irons on front and on the rear, are the Heel irons.  A few nails are missing from the heel irons.  Inside is what appears to be a name, also a few numbers but very hard to see or read.  Length of the shoe is 11.2 inches, so rough size is about 9.5 maybe 10.  One boot has both of the cloth inner pulls, but the other boot is missing one pull.  One boot at the rear seam, has loose stitches for about 3/4 inch.  Great for display, but remember there over 70+ years old and care must be taken with them.

$250.00 $235.00

German WWII Combat issue shoe laces.  These are the proper shoe laces used on the short ankle boots issue to the Wehrmacht, SS KM and the Luftwaffe.  All branches used these style laces.  NOT civilian, these are leather and were depot issued to the Armed Forces, they are sold in pairs.  Unissued and still soft but they do show storage age, I only have a few sets!


An Unissued pair of German WWII short ankle boots.  These are not RBNr. stamped and have no markings at all.  They are the proper Combat worn pattern, but are a small size.  Its possible their Hitler Youth field use, or they are German Combat Army/SS boots by a different maker, either way there unissued and rare!   Stamped 36 on the sole, I would say a size 8.5 US, not too small many issue Combat boots were in this size.  They have the proper hobnails, heel irons and toe irons which are maker stamped.  They have late war leather shoe laces.  Can't upgrade these!  

$500.00 $450.00

unissued German WWII Army or SS short ankle boots.  First of all short ankle boots are extremely hard to find, original Army/SS issue boots are even even harder.  These are matching left and right, and are RBNr. stamped on the top sides.  There unissued, storage wear only and feature the original star shaped hobnails and #2 stamped heel irons.  Very nice and in excellent condition.  The size is stamped on the bottoms at 36 so there small size.  Very rare!

$600.00 $500.00

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