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German WWII HJ/DJ Unissued Uniform Set

SKU: German_WWII_HJ_DJ_Unissued_Uniform_Set

German WWII late war HJ/DJ set.  This is a complete uniform set, thats unissued and was never worn.  It came together originally, so it will stay together.  This is a late war set, and all the items are late war made.  The shirt is Tan cotton, unissued and still has the metal clip on the back of the neck that once held the paper price tag.  HJ/DJ shirt is a small size, has the Gray/Green painted belt ramps, the buttons are painted brown late war style, metal held on with split pins.  Over the top of one shoulder is a sewn tab for the cross strap.  The shirt is perfect, and has the oilcloth RZM tag inside the waist liner.  You will not find a better shirt!  Never has insignia on it.  Next are the trousers.  Black late war coarse wool, these are the ski style cut.  Two late war style silver pebbled buttons for each pocket flap.  The partial liner is a Black rayon/satin material, no tags, no stamps.  The bottom of the trousers are buttoned.  Next is the HJ summer cap.  Cap is unissued, and was never worn, but the HJ diamond was removed after the war, you can see the stiching lines.  Red piped on the scallops, the liner is a Tan cotton material, and has a private maker stamp inside dated 1944.  The cap does not have an RZM tag.  Last is the black scarf, no tags as well, but has a non-RZM style knot, in tan leather with a brass rivet on the back, this is a wartime knot, but not an RZM issue knot.  This set was found together, and weas never worn.  The shirt is the best I have ever seen!  Everything with this sets points to a late war made set even though many items are not RZM tagged except the shirt.  

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