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RARE German WWII Colonel-General's Summer White Uniform

SKU: 112119

Rare one-of-a-kind German WWII GeneralOberst's Summer White uniform set.  This is not only rare, but is a one only uniform set.  Private tailor made set, the tunic and trousers are matching fine quality Linen material so its lightweight for Summer wear.  Tunic has no collar tabs, which was done during the war, some White tunics had them, some did not.  The collar has two Brass collar hooks.  The shoulderboards are very rare by themselves.  Rank is for Colonel General or GeneralOberst.  These are Red based and are Cellon gold and Silver cord twist tops with three Silver washed pips to each.    What's unique to this tunic is how the shoulderboards are in the seam.  These shoulderboards are the Summer "T" end style, so that there removeable.  On this tunic, there is an opening in the seam for the board to slip into from the inside, but the liner was sewn after the shoulderboards were inserted, so there not removeable without opening the liner, same with the small Gold pebbled button for the shoulderboard, its held on with a split pin from the inside.  The eagle is Gold metal is the pin style, its held on with three upper loops and one lower loop so it can be pinned on then removed for cleaning.  All buttons are a fine quality and are Gold color with the smaller pebbled finish.  Another unique item with this tunic are the buttons down the front are hand sewn on while the buttons for the pockets and the rear are removeable with chromed "S" rings.  The buttons are solid backed and are marked " LUDENSCHEID C. TH DICKE".  Another unique feature is how the tunic is lined.  First the tunic has fully lined pockets in real Silk and even the insides of the arm sleeve cuffs are fully lined in Silk as well.  The inside is also fully lined in Silk and has several unique features.  First, the rear buttons have a silk flap covering the "rings".  Next it has a dagger hanger with button, then the insides of the sleeve are FULLY lined in Silk as well.  I have never seen a tunic this fully lined.  The tunic has loops for three medals on the front.  

The trousers are made of the exact same White linen material.  The trousers are straight leg style with pleats sewn near the top at the waist for style.  Side adjustment buckles in Chrome plating on each side.  A single rear pocket.  There is a watch pocket on the front.  All matching buttons to the trousers, in an Off-White color.  There are loops for a belt as well as hidden inner waistband loops for suspenders.  Like the tunic, the trousers also have an unique feature.  The inside of the legs are FULLY lined in the same Silk as the tunic.  The set is not named.  I have never seen anything this well made, and made for an officer of such high rank. 

The set was made for a GeneralOberst as the shoulderboards, even though there the "T" removeable ones, cannot be removed without opening the liner material, the tailor made it this way.  Next is the condition.  The tunic shows little wear, and some light satins on one of the cuffs, BUT does have damage from insects all over.  Its a shame about the holes.  The trousers have only a few here and there but the tunic has more all over.  There small holes all over, here and there, some a bit bigger but even though there is damage, its does not detract from such a RARE uniform set.  The insect damage does affect the price though.   If this were mint, and based on it being a one-of-a-kind set, it would be worth $12,000+.  You will NEVER find one like this ever! 

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