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German WWII Unissued Tropical Motorcyclist Riders coat

SKU: German_WWII_Unissued_Tropical_Motorcyclist_Riders_coat

German WWII unissued Tropical Kard riders overcoat.  Unissued still has the makers paper tag sewn to the sleeve!  Made of Light weight cotton in green color.  This coat is really nice and was never worn.  Has all matching Green/gray pebbled buttons, all marked JFS 42.  Double breasted cut, has back adjustment strap and several buttons to open and close the coat in order for a Motorcyclist to ride properly.  On the sleeve is the original paper makers tag, which says Tropen mantel.  Coat is a larger size. Inside is a partial mesh upper shoulder liner, and has the makers stamps as well, dated M43.  These are getting harder to find!

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