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German WWII Parade/Dress Infantry Officers Tunic

SKU: German_WWII_Parade_Dress_Infantry_Officers_Tunic

German WWII Parade or Dress tunic.  This is a fantastic tunic for a Hauptmann in the Infantry.  This is a very unique tunic, first it's named to a Fahnenjunker or Officer candiate for Infantry Regiment 119 and this man was promoted all the way to Hauptmann.  This was made for him when he was an officer candiate, and is made of a fine quality twill wool.  Tunic has deep pointed collar in a dark green with White piping for Infantry.  Tunic is piped down the center in White as well as the cuffs with the parade style cuffs.  Collar tabs are white based and are of the parade style.  Machined on, you can just tell underneath the old stiching lines of an enlisted rank.  Loops for a medal bar, and loops for a ribbon bar and two medals.  Fantastic breast eagle to the front!  The shoulderboards are sew-in style, and are White piped for Infantry with Gold "119" Regt. numbers and two gold pips.  Under one board is the button for an adjutant.  Two screw post buttons for the boards.  These shoulderboards have been promoted a few times as well.  There is full pading in the chest and full pading in the shoulders.  Full Green satin liner has inner belt with snaps.  The liner has a colored taylor tag sewn in and inside the pocket is a matching name tag with his Fahnenjunker rank and name, plus 119 regt. as well.  A few small marks on the back of the tunic.  A fantastic tunic with a long promotion history on a single tunic.  

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