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German WWII Kriegsmarine Admirals Greatcoat

SKU: 71319

German WWII Kriegsmarine Admirals Greatcoat.  This is a rare coat.  Anything related to a KM admiral is rare.  This ones mint, and is made of a dark Blue wool, with the Cornflower Blue lapels that fold back used only by Admirals.  Buttons are Gilt with the Anchor and are a solid back, there marked IM FEUER VERGOLDET.  The shoulderboards are sewn into the sleeves, and are DarkBlue based with the Gold and Silver twist cord on top for Admirals, same cording used by Generals as well.  What makes this coat also rare on the silver cyphers for a Medical Doctor.  This is a Kreigsmarine admiral who is Medical, and there were very few of these.  The shoulderboards are held down with screwpost buttons.  On the back are more KM gold buttons and the single belt.  Liner is a full satin/silk material in a darkGray color, very nice and covers the complete inside.  Inside the left pocket are two of the KM dagger hangers with two gilt clips and two straps.  Kreigsmarine Admirals coats are very rare and very hard to find.  

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