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NSDAP Political Ortsgruppen Standard GROTTENHERTEN

SKU: NSDAP_Political_Ortsgruppen_Standard__GROTTENHERTEN

German WWII NSDAP Political Standard for the Ortsgruppen.  Red wool body it has the fringe on three side and the fringe is 99%, none missing I can see.  The flag is a multisection with a White cotton center and Black multisection swastika to the center.  The White center is showing light staining and is not as white as when new.  The flag has ALL the original rings, these appear to be nickle plated and the top ring has a small hole for the nail.  The rings are not marked.  The Orts patch is Brown with light blue edges and white chainstiching for the town of GROTTENHERTEN.  The photos show both sides, any small moth holes, and any stains.  The flag overall is nice and these are getting very hard to find.  This one has all its original rings and all of the fringe!

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