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German WWII Kreigsmarine Battle Flag

SKU: German_WWII_Kreigsmarine_Battle_Flag

German WWII Kreigsmarine flag.  This ones NICE!  Its size is 150X250.  This flag has NO damage, NO mothing at all.  The colors are bright, no fading or water damage.  It was stored well since the end of the war.  Red wool is excellent, and the white center and black sections are very bright.  Nice stampings to the end, with the makers name as well.  The rope looks like it was never tied and I would guess this flag may not have been used.  There are only a few light black scuffs, see the photos.  This is one of the best I have ever seen!  There is a history behind it.  It was acquired by a captain in the U.S. Army near Liege, Belgium, in 1945, shortly before he came home from the war.  It will be tough to upgrade this one.  

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