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Original German WWII MP40 Machine Pistol

SKU: Original_German_WWII_MP40_Machine_Pistol

German Original WWII MP40 Machine Pistol.  This is an ORIGINAL MP40 parts kit on a dummy receiver.  This is a display MP40, built with an original MP40 parts kit.  Perfect for display!  fxo 42 dated kit, it's a non-matching numbered kit.  All parts have serial numbers, and many parts have the eagle stamp as well.  The receiver is a solid one-piece Aluminum section, and CANNOT BE MADE TO FIRE.  It is BATF approved and is legal to own as its not considered a firearm anymore.  The kit is is very nice shape, all parts are close in bluing and show light use overall.  The kit can be taken completely apart and the barrel is open, not blocked.  The folding stock works as well.  The clip is a dummy clip and is not an original but can be removed.  This is not the cheap metal copies sold today but an original German wartime MP40. 

No international sales, and shipping only to the lower 48 states, by ground UPS.  Must be 21 to buy and check your state laws concerning the buying of a dummy firearm.  MP40 kits are getting very hard to find anymore.  

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