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German WWII DAK Panzer Shoulderboards

SKU: German_WWII_DAK_Panzer_Shoulderboards

German WWII DAK Tropical shoulderboards.  These are one of the rarest sets of tropical boards you can find!  Matched pair in excellent condition, made from tropical cotton material with Green/Gray wool underlay.  The piping is Pink for Panzer troops and there is NCO tress also in tropical around each board for the rank of Unteroffizer.  The inner material of the tongue is a tan cotton weave.  They show little use if any.  These may have been at one time tied together as I can see a faint line on one of them.  These are in excellent condition and came with a large group of very nice tropical shoulderboards, some of which have sold on this site last year.  I doubt they were issued.  

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