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SA Staff Kepi Fantastic Example

SKU: 7821

German Pre-war SA Kepi.  This is one of the best Kepi's you will see!  First, it's made from a Tan cotton twill material with the Red color for SA Staff.    The Kepi is in unissued condition and was most likely never worn.  It has a Light Brown chin cord on front with Brown painted buttons on the side, all in the same unworn condition.  It has the early SA eagle on front and a single Gold finish smooth button as well.  The inside is very nice!  it has the oilcloth liner to the top only, but nicely finished interior panels showing a private tailored product of high quality.  On the top it's marked with the makers name in a bright Silver print.  The print is 99% intact.  Next is the large RZM tag in the early white and it's also in mint condition!  Brown leather sweatband around base.  Size is about a 58.  Tough to top this cap!

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