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SA Kepi

SKU: SA_Kepi

German Pre-war SA Kepi.  Tan twill cotton body, the top color is a cornflower blue for Warthe, but could also be Light Blue for Hochland.  The top color has a few moth holes to it, but no fading.  Silver SA eagle to front and a single silver chromed button to front.  Brown leather chincord and two Brown painted side buttons.  This cap shows light use and was not worn much.  Brown sweatband is torn near the bill and a small tear at the RZM tag.  Under the band is the Brown oilcloth RZM tag.  This kepi is rare in that it's named to the SA mann and his unit.  Very rare to see this in a kepi.  Oilcloth liner top is size stamped 55.  Its very nice, save the moth and tear and has some storage dust.

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