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Relics of the Reich Museum

Rare and Unique Relics

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This is an original WWII German Kublewagen.  Made by Volkswagen it has been fully restored to its original condition.  This was a complete top to bottom and nut for bolt restoration.  The project was researched for several months to insure everything was done as it left the VW factory in early 1943.  This vehicle was restored by my other business MVRS, Military vehicle restoration Services.

DSC 0276DSC 0266

DSC 0165

DSC 0272

DSC 0267


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This is a one of a kind tunic attributed to GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  The tunic is named to him, and came directly from his wife, Luise in 1990, it has paperwork backing up its sale.  Jodl was a German military commander during WWII, attaining the position of Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, or OKW) during World War II, acting as deputy to Wilhelm Keitel, and signed the unconditional surrender of Germany as a representative for German president Karl Dönitz. At Nuremberg he was tried, sentenced to death and hanged as a war criminal, although he was later exonerated by a German court.  Currently for sale in the uniform section!

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1971-033-01, Alfred Jodl.jpg                            jodl1

jodl6                 jodl8



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A massive named grouping to a family member of the July 20th Plot to kill Hitler, Baron Freytag von Loringhoven.  One of the tunics and cap was worn by Wessel, who provided the explosives to Stauffenburg in the plot to Kill Hitler.  This grouping is a one of a kind, and includes many uniforms, caps, coats, his boots, lots of photos, papers, orders and much more!von1






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A VERY rare Luftwaffe geenrals double Breast tunic with matching Generals visor cap.  This set is named sold  here at Relics of the Reich!  The double breast tunics are VERY rare and few exist anymore, they featured the white facing lapels, only for General officers.  This set is an early dated 1941 set to a Flak General in Prag during the war.

luft8                luft14

luft18 luft21


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I hope you like the many items I have listed in the Museum. I will be adding many new and rare items soon, so keep a look out!
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Ultra-rare SS Panzer wrapper with its original Sidecap.  Piped in pink and for the LAH.



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k10Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H30220, Wilhelm Keitel.jpg


A piece of history!  GFM Generalfieldmarshall Wilhelm Keitel's Parade tunic.  Born 22 September 1882  Died 16 October 1946,   As head of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, OKW) and was de facto war minister under Adolf Hitler  This is his personal parade tunic and was obtained directly from a family member some years back, along with many other items, including his special suitcase designed to hold the tunic, and the rest of the uniform.  Books, medals and papers as well.  It is of course its tailor made!   It's named inside, dated 1938 and named to him when his rank was General.   Its in mint condition.  The tunic has the later 1943 GFM shoulderboards on them, these were changed on the tunic sometime around mid-43.  There's only one of these!





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Rare of the Rare!    The insignia for the White summer tunic as worn by Dr. Seyss Inquart!   Seyss Inquart served as Chancellor of Austria for two days – 11–13 March 1938 – before the Anschluss that merged Austria with Nazi Germany.   During World War II, he served the Third Reich in the General Government of occupied Poland and as Reichskommissar in the Netherlands.   At the Nuremberg Trials, he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.  This is the sleeve patch, and the Tailors tag from the neck of his tunic as well as the name tag all removed from the uniform after the wars end.   The gold weave on the sleeve insignia is of the Highest Quality!











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Ultra rare SS NCO/Officers Crusher visor cap with BeVo woven eagle and skull.  Sold long ago here at Relics of the Reich!





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 A Rare Army generals visor cap.  This ones mint and is a post 1943 with all gilt insignia.













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A unique Luftwaffe Generals tunic for Reichskreigsanwalt.  Its is an Adminstrative General rank tunic.  The tabs are a Green base and the shoulderboardsd are piped in first Green then White for the secondary.   The collar tabs use a small triangle instead of the normal gull.  Otherwise the tunic is the same in other regards of construction.





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A Very rare tunic, dress or Parade tunic for Motorcycle troops, these were piped in Copper Brown and this color was used only for a very short time period around 1940-41.  It then changed to Dark Yellow for recon troops.  There are only a few of these piped tunics left anymore, and the parade tunics are the rarest!  This tunic is in mint condition and was worn only a few times.


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