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German WWII FirePolice shoulder set.  Matched pair of shoulderboards for the FirePolice tunic.  These are a Silver cord top with the Black "V" and the center section is Black.  The bases are Carmine and have the tongue for slip-on use.  Pair.  

$45.00 $40.00

German WWII Bahnshutz Unissued cap or visor wreaths.  This is direct from a recent Veteran bring back, many unissued insignia, see other sections for different ones.  This is a Aluminium visor cap wreath for enlisted ranks caps.  Unissued, has all three prongs on back and is marked Ges. Gesch.  MINT.  I have several priced each.  Rare.

$65.00 $55.00

German WWII Fire Police sleeve eagle.   Fire Police officers eagle, is on a Very DarkBlue felt, with nice 3D silver bullion wire eagle and wreath.  Overall its in really nice shape, a few tiny nips to the felt, but overall nice.  Has the cloth backing to the Bullion.  Silver bullion wire weave is clean and shows no damage.

$225.00 $210.00

German WWII Customs cufftitle.   Original Customs cufftitle, 15 inches long and from a veterans family.  It looks to be Lightly used, but was folded, this will iron out.  Green cufftitle with silver wire Customs eagle.  Nice shape and clean.  Shows very light use.  For the Customs tunic.

$115.00 $100.00

German Police M43 Cap Eagles in strips of three.   This listing is for original German Police M43 cap eagles still on the original strip of three.  These are sold in a strip of three, if you want a single see the listing below this one.  Price if for three(3) on a strip.  UNISSUED and from the recent veterans aquired items.

$140.00 $125.00

Several Original German Police M43 Cap insignia.  These are UNISSUED M43 field cap insignia.  BeVo woven eagles, there unissued on strips for three each.  I will sell seperate or in stripes of three (see the other listing).  This listing is for singles only.    Priced each.  From the recently veteran aquired items.

$50.00 $40.00

A pair of Fire Police Junior NCO shoulderboards. These are not matching, but close, and came off the same tunic, the tops seems very close the underlay in Pink, are off a little. Both sewin boards, Black cord tops silver with black "V"s in the cording on the edge pink based. These might have had a pip on them at one time. A few light moth holes, still nice and priced cheap!


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