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German WWII Army Pioneer soldier's photo album.  This one measures 12.5 inches by 9 inches tall.  Dark cover with green tassel on end.  This is another unique photo album.  Starts off with him as an enlisted Army soldier, some pics of the family, RAD, then the next two pages are VERY UNIQUE.  Large photo measures 9.3X7 inches and is of him as an officer, but devoid of any swastika's, meaning either a POW photo or of him working postwar for the Allies.  Fantastic photo.  The next page is a same size photo but of a Luftwaffe man.  Many photos of him throughout, in uniform, vacation, family etc.  Photos of other soldiers, maybe brothers? friends?  Training shots, in the field shots, Parades and marching shots.  He was a Pioneer soldier, based on the pics and in uniform.  Skiing shots, him then an an NCO, his brother or friend is also throughout as well.  Shots in France, Paris, photos of civilians on the road with wagons, many photos look like there around 1940 in France.  234 total photos.

$400.00 $350.00

German WWII Army photo album.  This ones very unique.  First it measures 13.5 long by 9.5 inches tall.  WELL laid out and each photo is captioned!  Starts out in Poland, then several photos for Norway and then Oslo.  Lots of vehicles photos, staff cars etc.  Lots of pre-war shots throught Germany, training, with friends etc.  A nice motorcycle photo.  Barracks photos of paintings on the walls, with friends as well.  Then photos dated 1940 marching.  Back to Olso with staff cars.  Some great Winter shots with the staff cars, on a ferry and down the Fjords.  Then, what makes this unique are the remaining shots.  Many photos taken of what appears to Barracks walls with many paintings.  All are described and all are well done.  I have not seen these types photos before in an album.  Last are large shots of dinners with troops, and officers.  Shots in Dresden then the last page says Italy, but the photo is missing.   This is a one-of-a-kind album!  105 total photos.

$425.00 $400.00

German WWII Army (HEER) photo album.  Small size measures 10.5 inches long by 7.5 inches tall.  Green front cover, it starts out with several printings of Hitler, Goering, Raeder, von Fritsch, and Blomberg.  First photo is a group shot of the class.  A soccer match photo of the soldiers 1937, a couple of photos of a Coastal Artillery NCO, Lots of photos of soldiers, with friends, shows the owner of the album as an Army NCO.  Training photos, in the field shots, pre-war.  A PaK 37 shot, a few Luftwaffe shots, maybe a friend, photos in the barracks etc.  Nice album.  107 total photos.  


German WWII or Pre-war RAD Women's photo album.  Medium size album, measures 12 inches by 9 inches.  Maroon cover with cloth tassel on the end.  Glued into the front cover is a Tagsbefehl order for the day paper.  Named to her, MARGA WEIDEMANN and dated 1938.  The order shows what was to happen for that day!  Next is a loose typewritten paper, several pages long also dated 1938.  First photo shows her.  Next are many photos of her and friends in the camp and on duty.  Lots of building shots, many show the Girl's RAD uniforms and daily life in an RAD camp.  Last page is of two postcard photos from the RAD.  Well laid out and nicely done.  117 photos total.  Nice.

$300.00 $280.00

German WWII or Pre-war Luftwaffe photo album.  Small size measures 10 inches long by 8 inches wide.  Has 127 total photos some missing.  There is a name in the front cover Schwager Lois.  Luftwaffe enlisted man, shows photos of him and his wife, drilling with more Luftwaffe troops, Camp shots, showing a hill with 30+ zeltbahn tents, Lots of shots of him and his friends all in LW uniforms.  Vehicles pictures, trucks, cars and two show a large Spotlight.  Some motorcycle pictures with troops, some in RAD uniform.  Then there's lots of landscape shots, maybe vacation photos of friends and family as well.  

$200.00 $180.00

German WWII Reichsbahn photo album.  Small size, in very good shape.  74 total photos.  This one has it all!  Photos include Reichsbahn officals in uniforms, including the White summer tunic.  Photos of switching stations and other Railroad related buildings.  Three photos of a destroyed Russian T-34 tank with Reichsbahn officals standing on it, then the next page shows the Flak 88 gun.  Several photos of rail cars, and an engine.  Lots of photos taken in the field.  A few Winter shots.  Many pictures show Reichsbhan officials.  Nice and unique Railroad officals album.  Measures 8.5 inches long by 6 inches wide.  

$325.00 $300.00

German WWII RAD photo album.  Large album, Standard style cover and Aluminum spade on the front.  Starts off in 1931,  294 total pcitures.  Ends in 1973.  This ablum shows him moving through the ranks into an RAD officer, best part is postwar photos of him that end in 1973!.  Lots of great shots, him on skis in RAD uniform, then on skis in 1973.  There are several photos taken postwar showing what apeears to be the ruins of his old camp.  That's unique in a photo album.  More photos postwar showing him at various buildings and fields, most likely where he was posted during the war.  Most pages dated.  Many pages clearly set up to show him there during the war, then there in the 70's, a fantastic "Now and Then" format.  Photos showing him on a motorcycle, RAD Bandsman, wearing a combat helmet in the field, Vehicles shots.  This is a rare album as it shows him starting in the ranks and getting promoted throughout the album to officer.  Then all the "now and then" pages are very unique.  Several photos are missing, onion skin pages between each page.  Measures 12 inches long by 9 inches wide.  

$475.00 $450.00

German WWII Luftwaffe photo ablum.  This ones a large size and has many photos.  Of interest there are photos of the Dutch Nazi leader Anton Mussert.  433 total photos!  its  BIG album.  Quite a few of Anton Mussert at a rally and at the speakers podium, meeting people on the street as well.  Rare to ever see private photos of Mussert anywhere!  There are about 19 photos of a rally with Anton Mussert in Holland.  Cover is a rough Brown finish with an Aluminium Stuka on front.  Photos cover family life, friends, service and more.  Pictures show a luftwaffe enlisted man throughout.  Several photos of Hindenburgs grave and monument.  Later photos show him as an NCO.  Beach photos of him and girlfriend or wife.  Lots of service shots, him as an NCO in a tunic and flight blouse.  Some in the field shots with troops, buildings destroyed, but lots of "on Leave" photos of him in uniform in different places.  Lots of Army friends and Luftwaffe friends, and many more of family members and family events.  Lots of photos to look through and to BIG groups of Anton Mussert and Hindenburgs grave site.  

$675.00 $600.00

Rare Framed photo of a German WWII Waffen-SS Soldier.  This ones rare as its for the Croatian Waffen-SS soldier.  Simple wooden frame this picture may be a postcard framed, hard to tell.  Its period done as the reverse has a page from a German magazine thats glued over the back to seal the picture to the frame.  Black and White picture you can clearly see his Waffen-SS Fez and the Croatian shield on the arm below the sleeve eagle.  Waffen-SS pictures are rare by themselves, but his is unique as its for a Croatian soldier in the SS.  Size is 5.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide.  Very nice condition.  Also on the back is a very small nail for hanging.  

$225.00 $190.00

German Calvary soldier photo album.  DarkGreen cover is missing the national eagle, most likely remove after the war.  Starts out with his photo in front, has photos of officers, training, a JU-52 landing, lots of in the field shots, Mountains, Horses, Horses in the snow, more in the field shots, earth bunkers, anti-tank ditch, Artillery, etc.  Measures 11.5X7.5 inches.  23 pages, 59 pictures, a few missing.

$150.00 $140.00

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