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Rare Framed photo of a German WWII Waffen-SS Soldier.  This ones rare as its for the Croatian Waffen-SS soldier.  Simple wooden frame this picture may be a postcard framed, hard to tell.  Its period done as the reverse has a page from a German magazine thats glued over the back to seal the picture to the frame.  Black and White picture you can clearly see his Waffen-SS Fez and the Croatian shield on the arm below the sleeve eagle.  Waffen-SS pictures are rare by themselves, but his is unique as its for a Croatian soldier in the SS.  Size is 5.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide.  Very nice condition.  Also on the back is a very small nail for hanging.  

$250.00 $210.00

German soldiers ablum, this one has his Death Card in front.  Army Obergefreiter starts out with his Hitler Youth photo.  Then goes to RAD training, barracks shots, Then actions shots showing sunken ships, some cars, in the field shots, Gun placements, Earth bunkers, a Seaplane landing and last his grave site.  Measures 13X9 inches.  14 pages, with 77 pics, a few missing.  Ends with his Death in 1943.


German Calvary soldier photo album.  DarkGreen cover is missing the national eagle, most likely remove after the war.  Starts out with his photo in front, has photos of officers, training, a JU-52 landing, lots of in the field shots, Mountains, Horses, Horses in the snow, more in the field shots, earth bunkers, anti-tank ditch, Artillery, etc.  Measures 11.5X7.5 inches.  23 pages, 59 pictures, a few missing.

$150.00 $140.00

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