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German WWII Photo album from General Alfred von Puttmaker and his staff.  A rare and unique photo to an Army General and his staff.  This album is in excellent condiiton and has all its original photos, and all are well done, in order of ranking with the name and rank list at the end.  The album is 9.5 X 6.25 inches.  Has a Green cover to it with a Green string tassel on it.  There are 12 pages total and all have the protective Onion skin paper on each, 26 total photos.    First page starts out written WEINACHTEN 1939.   Next is a desk photo of Alfred von Puttkamer.  Then his adjutant and down the line in order of rank and position.  Von Puttkamers photo size is 4.75X3.5.  All pages are numbered, and some photos are larger then others, some sizes are 5.75X4.  The last photo is a complete list of all in the album, with there rank and position.  Near the end is a large photo of General von Puttkamer's Mercedes staff car, driver and also a Motorcycle rider.  All photos appear to be professionally taken and are clear and in focus, all are well done.  This is a RARE album for an Army General.


German original small photo of Hitler with BDM girls and parents, came out of a photo ablum and has studio marks on reverse.  Original photos, not a published one.  2.5X3.3 inches.



A small group of single photos, many of Hitler.  All came out of various photo albums,  see below for listings and prices, sold each.

1.  Small photo of Rommel.  2.75X4 inches  Not marked on back  sold

2.  Photo of Hitler and Heril from the RAD  4.5X3.5  Not marked on back  sold

3.  Small photo of Hitler and a HJ youth  2.5X2.5 inches marked on back, writing is small and hard to read, but handwritten as well as studio marked.  sold

4.  Small photo of the Berghoff  early one 3.5X2.5 inches  marked on back, handwritten Haus Wachenfeld  Mai  1935  sold

5.  Photo of Hitler  3.5X4.5 inches  the only marks are pencil marks on the back  sold

6.  Small photo of Hitler leaving and getting into a car, with SS officers, this is an early war pic, 3.5X2.5 inches  Handwritten Juli 1941, cannot read rest but lists a town.  sold

7.  Photo of Hitler and Goering at arifield  3X4.5 inches  Handwritten France 1940, Flugplatz im Westin and more.  SOLD


German soldiers ablum, this one has his Death Card in front.  Army Obergefreiter starts out with his Hitler Youth photo.  Then goes to RAD training, barracks shots, Then actions shots showing sunken ships, some cars, in the field shots, Gun placements, Earth bunkers, a Seaplane landing and last his grave site.  Measures 13X9 inches.  14 pages, with 77 pics, a few missing.  Ends with his Death in 1943.


German Calvary soldier photo album.  DarkGreen cover is missing the national eagle, most likely remove after the war.  Starts out with his photo in front, has photos of officers, training, a JU-52 landing, lots of in the field shots, Mountains, Horses, Horses in the snow, more in the field shots, earth bunkers, anti-tank ditch, Artillery, etc.  Measures 11.5X7.5 inches.  23 pages, 59 pictures, a few missing.


German wartime and Pre-war photo ablum.  This ones for 1. Kompanie Panzer Regiment 3.  Nice album, measures 10.5X7.5 inches.  DarkGreen cover with National Army eagle to front.  This album has 24 pages with lots of pictures.  They start out in the barracks setting and parade grounds, then lots of sites, buildings etc, Training, Then in the field, Motorcycles, Trucks, light artillery and Early Panzers MKI and MKII's.  Some earth bunker shots, Rec time, What looks like Poland or Russia shots in the field.  81 pictures ends with the Early Panzer postcard, well done, some pictures has captions, but few.  



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