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German Imperial tunic.  This ones a fine quality wool in a Light Blue color.  Has Red standup collar with brass Eagle buttons on each side, held on with chrome split rings, the rings were most lightly add later as there a bit larger then normal.  Sew-in shoulderboards, Red topped and Yellow chainstiched "13"The shoulderboard Brass button has the number "1" on it.  Eight brass button front.  Cuffs are also Red with White piping to each.  Two Brass buttons to each cuff.  Liner is a mixture of a White cotton top and a Dark Blue bottom cotton.  There are what appear to be two faint very small stamps, most likely a museum stamp, but very small.  A few stiching repairs to the liner, nothing torn or damage, I do not see any mothing to the body of the tunic, its in nice shape.  Rear of the tunic has the flaps in a Red piping and six Brass buttons on back.  


A fantastic WWI or Pre-war Berlin Infantry officers tunic.  This is a tunic is nice and clean and in good shape!   Blue wool body has Red collar which is the standup style that has three hooks with an inside partial liner.   Red lapels inside.  Tunic has all its original buttons in smooth Copper/Gold color .   Cuffs are Blue with Red piping.   Both shoulderboards are White piped for Infantry and are for an Leut.   Liner is all Black and shows light use.  Inside is an inner belt and chromed buckle. 

This style coat is a 3/4 coat, not a tunic but a 3/4 length coat.  There is a makers or tailors label inside the liner at the neck, but its frayed and hard to read.    This coat is named with a readable tailors label inside the inner pocket,   and is named to the officer and is nicely dated 1908.  Its for Infantry Regt. 24.  Tag is excellent.   It comes with a paper that says the name, and I.R. 24 for Berlin and he became an OberLt 1912-1913.  I don't see any mothing or damage, save some light wear at the top of the neck and a few pics on the edge of the cuffs, but its nice!  Nice clean original 3/4 tunic, but remember this tunic is over 100 years old!


German Imperial Visor cap.  Blue wool top finer black capband, maybe NCO.  Red piped.  Cap has the short bill in Black.  Visor has the national cockade and the cockade for Baden.  The liner is a DarkTan or Brown Oilcloth and is unmarked.  Brown leather sweatband has a unique Stamp into the leather band with the Kaisers Crown and emblem and the state shield.  A section of the band is missing on one side by about 3 inches.  Cap still has the paper size tag on the sweatband 56.  The cap shows mothing to the lower part of the cap band.  You can see the cardboard edging, its been mothed all around this bottom.  A nip in the red piping and a few nips to the top.  Not as good shape as the others for sale, but has a unique stamp in the band.


Imperial German Visor cap.  Early 1900's Imperial visor cap.  Blue wool body shows light use and no mothing, a moth nip to the top, but small.  Red band and Red piping.  Black Visor or bill is in good shape, the cap does not look like it was worn much.  Has the National cockade and the State cockade for Wurttemberg.  The sweatband is oil cloth and still soft but has light flaking to the oil cloth which is typical for its age.  Full liner in tan cloth, really nice makers name and stamp and has the Regt. stamp as well off to the side.  A nice clean cap.  


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