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German NSDAP Political leaders Brownshirt.  This ones MINT and was most likely not worn or worn a few times.  This ones the 1939 on example and is made of Tan cotton twill, this is a large size shirt as well.  The collar is piped in the DarkRed or Burgandy piping for Gauleitung.  The collar tabs are machine sewn, and as also Burgandy piped, red velvet base with Gilt eagles and pips to each, a single tress bar under the pips for the rak of OberGemeinschaftsleiter.  On the arm is the armband, Burgandy piped for Gau level, lower rank armband with the smaller row of leafs top and bottom, multi-section center for Gau leiter einer Hauptstelle.  The armband is lightly sewn to the sleeve.  The shirt has all Political leaders buttons, all gilt and held on with the metal "S" rings.  The buttons are all RZM stamped on back and are solid backs.  On the bottom row of the shirt are the metal or brass belt ramps, all are RZM stamped M5/307.  Something unique is that this shirt has loops for three medals or pins on the pocket, most likely WWI medals, but, on the other side are loops for another medal or pin.  Lots of decorations were to be worn on this shirt.  Inside its partial lined and has two matching numbers at the neck, no other tags as this was a tailor made shirt.  Its a large size, about 46US, very very rare to find any Brownshirt this big.  Its mint and you will not find better!


German Pre-war Political leaders Brownshirt.  This ones nice!  Excellent conition and shows little use.  Tan cotton twill material, short waist cut.  Shirt has Red piping, as Red was used for pre-39 Gauleitung piping.  Collar tabs are handsewn to the collar and are a Red color with a Darker Red piping, single Silver tress stripe to each, a low ranking official.  All buttons match and are silver in color and are the Political leaders buttons with the eagle and swastika, solid back and RZM marked to the back.  All are held on with Brass rings.  Has loops for a single medal on the pocket.  The armband is the early printed style and is hand sewn on the edges.  Liner is a partial White cotton and has the size tag "50" in the neck, at the bottom are the Metal belt hooks all are RZM M5/8 marked as well.  Very nice condition shows no stains or any damage.  Rare piping to find in Gau level.


German Pre-War SA Stormtrooper Brownshirt.  Nice example of a pre-war Brownshirt.  Tan cotton waist cut Brownshirt, this ones piped around the collar with Black and White twist cord piping.  The same piping is also on the top of the single shoulder board.  The shoulder board is Green based and has a single Gold smooth button.  The collar Tabs are Same green color, are are White stiched for Reserve 1/R110.  The collar tabs are hand sewn on and the rank side has a single  Silver washed pip which the prongs go through the tab, indicating a promotion at one time.  Tunic has all Gilt smooth buttons and all are held on with Brass split rings so that they are removeable for washing.  You can clearly see on the breast pocket that this man wore several medals or Day badges.  Tunic has a slip-on Red cotton armband which is lightly hand stiched on, nice woven center, no tags.  The waist of the tunic has the pebbled belt ramps all around to support the belt.  This is an early style Brownshirt.  Partial liner is an off-White material and there are size stamps in the neck, this early shirt never had the later RZM tag.  Tunic shows use and light wear, no damage, but some light stains here and there.  




German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.  Nice clean SA Brownshirt, made of a Tan cotton twill material with a short waist cut.  Shirt is in excellent condition, shows very light use and little wear.  Shirt is made from a heavy, quality cotton tan material.  The collar is piped in Black and White twist cord piping, which is the same used to the top the shoulderboard.  The shoulderboard is based on Medium Green material with a gold sewn button to the top.  Collar tabs are handsewn on as they should be, and are same Medium Green based with White chainstiching for the 1/84 Sturm.  Buttons are a smooth Gold finish and are held on with removeable brass ringsThis shirt has the original SA RZM tag sewn inside, but it is washed out from cleaning, you can still see some details.  Very unique to this Brownshirt is that is has the Year stripes to each sleeve, meaning true "old fighter" from the early years!  Really nice and a quality Pre-war made Brownshirt!



German Pre-war SA Brownshirt.  A really nice SA Brownshirt for a member of the SA Staff.  Tan cotton twill material, short cut waist style used by the SA.  The shirt is excellent and shows little if any use.  Has Smooth silver buttons held on by metal rings, the rest are sewn on.   The collar is piped in Red and white twist piping, and that matches the collar tabs.  The collar tabs are Red based for staff, and have rank only.  This is a rare Brownshirt as its not only for a staff member, but an officer as well.  Rank is Untersturmfuhrer,  and has a silver top cord on Red base shoulderboard as well.  Does not have an armband, as these just slip on the sleeve.  Partial off white liner, no tags inside, belt ramps are the pebbled style in brass and unmarked.  Very rare brownshirt in excellent condition!




$1,450.00 $1,400.00

An Unissued Political set of Y-Straps.   Unissued, and mint these are Y-Straps used by the SA, NSDAP and other PL Orgs.  Light brown leather, light weight set.  The buckles are the proper pebbled style, and all three snap hooks are pebbled and DRGM and RZM M5/289 stamped on back.  Also on one strap is the makers name    RARE.  From a large horde found many years ago in Austria.


Another rare SA uniform set, SA Bergrock (mountain) uniform set.  Matching tunic and trousers, and both are UNISSUED.  Never worn and never had insignia on them.  For SA troops. The Bergrock set, or Mountain uniform set starts with the tunic.  Short cut wool tunic has only the upper pockets, open neck style the arms or sleeves have inside cotton liners that are elastic around the wrists, only on the Bergrock tunics.  Tunic has fantastic RZM tag inside, stamped BERGROCK.  The tunic is unissued and has no mothing or damage.  The trousers are a mountain troop style, Side pockets with flaps, ahd the legs tapper at the bottom and have draw strings.  They also have the mint RZM tag inside.  Just a note, this set is unissued, and all sets that have been for sale over the years were a wharehouse find, all unissued, no insignia, if you see a mint set with tabs and boards, most likely its done postwar.  The only tunics I have seen that would be considered original with insignia were well worn.  The Bergrock set is a rare set to find anymore.

$1,600.00 $1,500.00

Rare of the Rare SA Officers tunic and trousersThis an extemely rare find, and what makes it really rare is the fact that its a matching set!  Summer weight cotton twill tunic and trousers, tunic is brown twill, and features Rear Belt buttons and belt ramps.  Silver pebbled buttons on it are solid back and RZM marked!  Collar is open neck style, and has sewn on tabs Red based, first is the "Mrh" collar tab for Staff, the other side is Officer rank for Untersturmfuhrer, both silver wire piped.  Next is the ORIGINAL to this tunic Party armband hand sewn on the sleeve.  Has loops for one medal which is included.  Tunic is gold fine cotton lined and has the remains of the tailors tag in the neck.  Not named.  Has shoulderboards, sewn in and are also Staff red based and silver cord tops.  Next are the matching trousers, made of the exact same cotton material and features the riding style cut, and button up and the calfs.  Something different to both items, are hand sewn white tags small in size and both have numbers on them, maybe cleaning tags? or Tailor tags?.  Both tunic and trousers show use, this was a worn set AND is an UNTOUCHED set, all insignia is original to this tunic!  Therer are several small "picks" to the material on both, some little holes here and there I do not know if its from wear of storage.  This set have been there, is Staff ranked and is Summer weight to boot!  You will not find a set like this anywhere.  Rare SA!

$2,200.00 $2,100.00

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