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1/6 scale HIMMLER action figure in the box.  Made by 3R, this is a 1/6 scale figure, with several uniforms, seveal extra uniforms that did not come with the original set.  In good shape, some items missing but few, his glasses are one.  Clean.  Cost around $200 when it was new.


1/6 Scale SS Figure.  This is a used, but nice, SS Allegemeine figure.  Well detailed, this may be DiD or someother known figure, 21st Century etc.  He has a real cloth Black uniform, all insignia but no collar tabs (these can be found on ebay).  Has the Adj, cord, and his SS black visor.  Boots are the high detailed ones, zippered backs, missing one spur strap.  Detailed face and full movement, great for a display!


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