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German WWII Combat issue shoe laces.  Yes these are the proper ones used on the short ankle boots issue to the Wehrmacht.  All branches used these laces.  NOT civilian, these are leather, and were depot issued to the Armed Forces, they are sold in pairs.  Unissued and still soft but they do show storage age, I only have a few sets!


German WWII Officers Jackboots.   Quality made officers Black leather jackboots.  Nice pair, and in very nice shape!  Tall leather, soft and in good condition.  Both boots have Leather soles, with Iron horse shoes and inner rubber soles.  Both have front toe Irons.  These are nice.  Inside both have there two pull straps intact.  No markings that I can see.  Size is roughly 8.5US, nice!!! 

$275.00 $245.00

German WWII Officers Jackboots.   Fantastic pair of Officers jackboots, Black leather and tall!  These are in excellent condition.  Smooth leather is soft and in great shape.  These have the side straps and buckles, you see in the more expensive boots of the period.  Soles are nice, show average use, toe irons and rubber heels, very nice!  Marked 42 6 6895 3 inside.  The lining is also a brown thin leather and both boots have there pull up straps!  You will be hard pressed to find better, these must have cost a fortune back then!   Size seems to be 9, 9.5US. 



An Unissued pair of German WWII short ankle boots.  These are not RBNr. stamped, they have no markings at all.  They are the proper Combat pattern, but are a small size.  Its possible there Hitler Youth field use, or they are German Combat Army/SS boots by a different maker, either way there unissued and rare!   Stamped 36 on the sole, I would say a size 8.5 US, not too small many issue Combat boots were in this size.  They have the proper hobnails, heel irons and toe irons which are maker stamped.  They have latewar leather shoe laces.  Can't upgrade these!  


This is a rare pair of unissued German Army short ankle boots First of all short ankle boots are extremely rare to start with,  original Army issue boots are even more rare!  These are lacthing left and right, and are RBNr. stamped on the top sides.  There unissued, storage wear only and feature the original star shaped hobnails, and #2 stamped heel irons.   There so nice and in very nice shape.  the size is stamped on the bototms at 36 so there small size.  Very rare!


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