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SA Kepi.  This is a nice kepi, and shows only light use and wear.  Tan twill cotton material, has single gold finish button to the front.  Blue side panels color can be for Bayerische Ostmark, but also Hansa.  The blue colors used by each gruppe are close in tint to each other, color is a bit brighter in person then in the picture.  Brown leather chinstrap shows light use as well with Brown painted side buttons.  Liner is the Orange oilcloth material in the top only.  A Light Brown leather sweatband all around base of cap.  This is the early style kepi and uses the first model Silver eagle, small size to the front.  Liner is stamped inside with the makers name in Silver and is very nice and easy to read.  On the side is the large White sized RZM tag sewn into the cap.  There is also a second black stamp inside and may be a museum stamp.  Cap may not have been worn much.  There is no damage I can see to the cap. This is a large size cap! at least 59 or 60 and large caps are very hard to find!     SOLD

German Pre-war SA Kepi.  This is one of the best Kepi's you will see!  First, it's made from a Tan cotton twill material with the Red color for SA Staff.    The Kepi is in unissued condition and was most likely never worn.  It has a Light Brown chin cord on front with Brown painted buttons on the side, all in the same unworn condition.  It has the early SA eagle on front and a single Gold finish smooth button as well.  The inside is very nice!  it has the oilcloth liner to the top only, but nicely finished interior panels showing a private tailored product of high quality.  On the top it's marked with the makers name in a bright Silver print.  The print is 99% intact.  Next is the large RZM tag in the early white and it's also in mint condition!  Brown leather sweatband around base.  Size is about a 58.  Tough to top this cap!


SA Kepi.  This one is Orange for SA-Sudwest.  Tan twill cotton body with and Orange cloth upper section.  Cap has the early smaller SA eagle on front and a single Chromed Button held on with a split-pin.  Brown chinstrap and side buttons in a Brown painted finish.    Cap is in very good shape and shows no mothing or stains, just light age,  The liner is a soft pale Orange material, top and sides.  The sweatband is Brown and shows age, but this kepi was not worn.   The sweatband is an oilcloth material.  There is no RZM tag inside and the liner is not marked.  Nice example.



German SA enlisted ranks kepi.  Another nice one, this ones in excellent condition.  Tan cotton material, cap body is nice, no mothing, stains nothing.  Side color is Rose Pink for Ostmark.  Silver finished eagle to front, and single Gold pebbled button as well.  Brown leather chincord and Brown side buttons.  Liner is Orange oilcloth to the top only, shows age, but This kepi was either not worn or worn a few times.  Brown leather sweatband is excellent and shows no use.  Under the sweatband is the Brown RZM tag.  A really nice kepi!


A unique SA Kepi, this one in Rose-Pink for Ostmark.  Standard RZM issue SA Kepi, its a tan twill cotton with the mentioned Rose-Pink sides and front.  On the side is the Rose-Pink patch with the Edleweiss in the center for Austrian Mountain troops.  The cap itself is great and the only wear or damage is to the pink front where there's mothing with some holes near the eagle.  A few nips on the sides as well the Tan cotton is very nice though.  It has then Brown chin cord, and the eagle is silver alum and a sliver smooth button on front.  Inside it has the Orange oilcloth liner with a tan sweatband that shows little to no use but has a few tears in it.  Has a full brown RZM tag inside.  Its not perfect but a rare variation. 


German Pre-war SA Kepi color appears to be a bluish-grey which is for SA Weichsel as it has the silver front button. Kepi shows use and wear, its not mint but has that "been there" look to it. The tan cotton twill is in good shape no damage just age use to it.   there is some mothing to the bluish-grey topping. Has a silver later pattern SA eagle to front and of course the silver smooth button. Brown chin cord to front as well.

The body of the cap is nice and show no damage only light use. Liner is still good has a full leather sweatbandwith no tears but shows light use. Inside top of liner has a wear mark in the middle and a faint size stamp "55". Has the normal RZM tag inside as well.


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