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Rare German WWII SS Officers overseas cap.  This cap is very nice, clean and is made of Italian wool.  Gray/Green wool, it has Silver bullion cord piping to the scallops.  Cap has the SS eagle and skull hand sewn to the front, both are BeVo.  The wool has no mothing but does show a few light stains on the sides, but these are very light.  The liner is a Brown satin or silk material and shows light use and wear, inside the top is the size stamp "56".  A rare and unique cap to find, harder to fund in Silver piping.  Silver piping was sometimes used by SS officers with the rank of Standartenfuhrer and up but photographs from WWII have shown SS officers wearing both White and Silver piping.  This one was originally part of a grouping that included an SS officers tunic and other items.  


German WWII Black Panzer SS M43 field cap.   This is an unissued Panzer M43 from the large Dachau find, from the SS Stores of unissued insignia and caps found at the close of the war.  This cap, never worn is made from Black wool, with two black plastic buttons to the front.  The cap also has the machine sewn SS Trapizoid of the eagle and skull woven.  Inside thwe cap has the twill late war mliner, with the underside of the bill still in cardboard, as they were made, this was a time and material saving method used then.  Cap is size stamped 55.  Unissued!  A true SS cap priced right!



German WWII Waffen-SS Visor.  Field Gray version of the SS visor, Cap is made of a rough Green/Gray wool.  The cap is white piped in wool top and bottom and has a Black wool cap band.  It shows little use, and most likely was not worn much at all.  It has the standard SS Zinc eagle made by Assmann and a Zinc Overhoff skull to the front.  The cap band is the normal SS style in three sections and is in very good shape with Black painted side buttons.  The visor bill is black finish with the inside being a Gray checkered finish.  The full liner is of a gray satin-like material and is in good shape save for some stains on the sides below the sweatband and a few on the top.  The original sweatshield is about 90% there but has cracked and come apart over time.  The sweatband is of a Gray leather and is still soft and in very good shape.  There are faint remains of the cork padding at the front under the sweatband.  The only damage to the cap is a very small tear in the top of the cap outer, it was a one time sewn closed, its about 1/4 inch long, no mothing or other damage to the cap.  These caps are getting harder to find these days.




RARE SA Officers Overseas cap.  A bit rare and hard to ever find, this ones in near mint shape.  SA Officers overseas cap, brown wool with what looks like a gold/brown bullion piping to the crown.  The cap sports brown painted side vents, and the insignia is a Black trap, silver wire eagle and a single silver pebbled button to the front.  No mothing or damage.  The liner is an Orange/yellow color and has the makers stamp in oval and the size "57"  Front partial leather sweatband to front. 


A unique SA Kepi, this one in Rose-Pink for Ostmark.  Standard RZM issue SA Kepi, its a tan twill cotton with the mentioned Rose-Pink sides and front.  On the side is the Rose-Pink patch with the Edleweiss in the center for Austrian Mountain troops.  The cap itself is great, and the only wear or damage is to the pink front where there's mothing with some holes near the eagle.  A few nips on the sides as well.  the Tan cotton is very nice though.  It has then Brown chin cord, and the eagle is silver alum and a sliver smooth button on front.  Inside it has the Orange oicloth liner with a tan sweatband, tha band shows little to no sue, but has a few tears in it.  Has a full brown RZM tag inside.  Its not perfect but a rare variation. 

$1,400.00 $1,300.00

A well worn SA Kepi.  This ones in well worn and poorly stored condition.  Its a standard SA Kepi, with a twill brown wool and light apple green for the sides and front.   Its a private purschase made cap and early, most likely pre-RZM.  There mothing and tracks all over the cap, its still solid, and has the original gold pebbled button to the front and a silver wash eagle as well.   It has a gold liner thats torn in several areas, no RZM tag.  I really don't know any more about it, but its showing lots of age, the sweatband is nice, but the cap was poorly stored after the war and hench its present condition.  There's no chinstrap and it appears to never have had one.


A rare color piped of the SA, color appears to be a blusih-grey which is for Weichsel, as it has the silver front button. Kepi shows use and wear, its not mint, but has that "its been there" look to it. The tan cotton twill is in goo shape no damage just age use to it, there is some mothing to the bluish-grey topping. Has a silver later pattern eagle to front, and of course the silver smooth button. Brown chin cord to front as well.

The body of the cap is nice, and show no damage, only light use. Liner is still good, has a full leather sweatband, no tears, but light use. Inside top of liner has a wear mark in the middle and a faint size stamp "55". Has the normal RZM tag inside as well.


The SA cap is unissued, but does have moth damage to it, sad, but the liner is mint and you can tell its unworn. Cap has Silver pebbled button to the front, and a woven eagle on a black triangle to the side. Liner is mint gray cotton twill with the large RZM tag to center. The RZM tag is fantastic, but yes it has some mothing.


This is a rare hat, patterned right before the war, as its black piped, before they changed to white piping for the Kreis level Leaders. Tan twill wool, the cap shows normal use, and the only issue outside is a small hole near the front. Its not mothing, but a light tear, otherwise no mothing. Eagle is a nice gilt finish as well as the wreath, the chincord is a fine aged gilt bullion cord, darking over time. Brown bill is smooth on the underside.

Soft Light tan leather sweatband, has a few small holes near the edge. The liner is a fine quality gold silk, and this was a talior made cap of high value for its time based on materials. The best part is the cap is named to the owner!   Nicely typed in old script shows the street address.   Inside the liner is a mint RZM tag, and there also is a period applied wax paper folded up and placed inside the band to make it smaller. Worn, but still OK and a rare piping!  This cap is a big size 60.

$1,300.00 $1,100.00

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