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German Pre-war NSKK enlisted Ranks overseas cap.  MINT cap is made from Black wool and has on the side the NSKK BeVo Triangle in Orange.  Also on the same side are two Silver pips for the rank of Truppfuhrer.  The liner is a Black cotton material and has a Brown RZM tag sewn into it.  Although the cap is unissued, it has the name of the owner written on the RZM tag.  Size is marked 58.  Mint cap.


German WWII or Pre-War enlsited ranks overseas cap.  This cap is of a DarkBlue wool with the LightBlue piping for the lower ranks men.  It has on front a BeVo Silver on Black eagle and two silver pebbled buttons to the front.  The liner is a Black satin material and has a Brown leather partial sweatband.  Inside the top of the liner is the large DAF RZM tag.  Size is about a 58.  Cap is unissued, but has light fading to the Blue piping.  


German WWII or Pre-war DAF officers overseas cap.  This version is for the mid-range ranks in the DAF or Officers.  Made of Darkblue wool, it has Silver bullion piping to the crown and scallops.  On the front is a Silver bullion wire eagle on darkblue backing.  Two silver pebbled buttons are on front.  The liner is a Pale Gray satin and has a Gray leather partial sweatband to the front with the makers name in the center.  The cap has the large DAF RZM tag inside.  Size is about a 59.  This cap appears to be unissued, but shows fading to the liner, I believe it was on a display, as the sweatband shows no use.  Nice.  


German WWII or Pre-war DAF Senior Leaders overseas cap.  Rare to find, this is the highest ranking cap there was in the DAF.  Similiar to the rank of an Army General.  Cap is MINT and in unissued condition.  Dark blue wool the cap has Gold bullion wire piping to the crown and scallops.  On the front is a Silver wire eagle on Dark Blue backing.  Two Gold pebbled buttons on the front.  The liner is a Black satin material and has a partial Brown leather sweatband to the front.  The sweatband has a makers name stamped into it but its hard to read.  In the top of the liner is the large DAF RZM tag.  Cap has a white ink stamp for the size "56".  Rare and a very high rank!


German WWII Org. Todt officers M43 field cap.  Nice example of the Todt M43 cap.  Brown wool has Silver wire piping to the crown.  On the front is the BeVo Triangle with the White cap eagle abd cockade on Tan, machine sewn on.  Two small silver pebbled buttons to the front fold down flaps.  Inside its lined in a Tan satin/Rayon material and has the officers small leather sweatband to the front.  Cap has been worn, and shows very light use, nice example and no mothing to a rare M43 cap.  Size is about a 56-57.


German WWII RAD Officers overseas cap.  This is a typical officers cap, made from a Light Brown twill wool, and has a Silver bullion cord piping to the crown and the scallops.  On the front is the BeVo RAD insignia that is the enlisted version.  The liner is an Olive cotton material and is not marked.  This cap shows use and normal wear, sweat stains to the edges, but still a nice cap.  


German WWII Org. Todt Generals M-43 cap.  This ones RARE and in unissued condition!  Rare of the rare, Light Yellow/Brown wool M-43 field cap this one has Yellow Cellon piping to the crown.  On the front is a Yellow Cellon Org. Todt Eagle and cockade.  The cockade is 3D style and is a Silver bullion wire weave.  Two Gold pebbled buttons to the front flap.  The liner is a Gold-Yellow Rayon material and is nicely stamped with the maker "CARL HALFAR Berlin H 20?  size 57".  It has a Brown thin leather sweatband all around its torn in one section only.  This cap is unissued.  I have only see one with the later war Cellon!


RAD Enlisted ranks M43 cap.  This ones nice, clean and shows very light use.  Tan/Brown wool body and is a single button front with fold down flaps for Winter use.  The cap has the BeVo RAD spade insignia to the front.  Cap is lined in a tan cotton material and is stamped in the center "57" and the RbNr.  Nice cap.  


German WWII or Pre-war RAD (labor Corps) Officers Robin Hood style cap.  These are unique caps, and are commonly called "Robin Hood" caps because of their shape.  Fine quality smooth wool material in a medium Brown.  Cap is piped is Silver bullion cording on the sides and the bill.  On the side is an RAD "traditions" cap badge pinned on.  Two horses and the swastika for Ost Hannover.  Brown front with the officers version of the RAD Spade in Silver bullion.  Inside, its lined in a twill yellow silk material.  There are sweat stains inside as this cap is very nice, but was worn.  Brown leather sweatband has one small tear, thats it.  A few moth nips on the underside of the bill and a few on the side but small.  Nice cap. About a size 57-58.   

$1,650.00 $1,500.00

German Forestry officers visor cap.  Really nice Forestry visor cap, This ones excellent and shows light if any use.  The wool is a Stonegray color with the DarkGreen capband and piping.  A few small moth nips on the band on the side under the hangover.  Capcord is silver bullion and what looks light an OliveGreen flecks.  Silver cord buttons to each side.  Metal Cap wreath and seperate cockade to center.  Metal Forestry small eagle facing Left as is proper.  Black smooth bill.  The liner is a Gray rayon matrial nad has some water spots to it, full sweatdiamond is not damaged and clean.  Sweatband is Brown and is torn in several places, but is complete.  I don't think it was worn but stored poorly, clean outside.  

$650.00 $600.00

Hitler Youth Lufwaffe Flak Helpers M43 cap.  HJ field cap worn by youths manning Flak guns and Search Lights.  The cap is the M43 style, and is a Luftwaffe Blue/gray wool.  Single darkgray painted pebbled button to the front retains about 65% of its original paint.  Cap has the fold down ear flaps.  On the front is the enameled HJ pin.  Pin is RZM marked on the reverse and also marked M1/9.   Some caps came with the BeVo HJ version, some used the pin.  Cap shows its use and inside the liner shows sweat stains, but no mothing.  Padded gray rayon liner has the RbNr stamp inside, with the size 58 and year 44.  Its harder to find the bigger caps in HJ.   

$375.00 $325.00

A hard to find visor, Hunting or "DJ" officers visor.  A rare visor this ones very nice.  Stone gray twill wool top, wih darkgreen piping and a darkgreen capband.  Has the Silver Political eagle on front, and a cockade in 3-D.  The cap chincord is a silver and green wire twist.  There is slight moth nipping to the piping at the peak, but thats it.  Liner is a yellow cotton and features the sweatdiamond intact.  The sweatband is brown leather with the makers name imbossed "AUSTRIA".  Behind the sweatband is the original orange sponge still intact!  This is a rare visor and I have only seen a few over the years.  

$1,800.00 $1,650.00

RAD officers overseas cap. A nice used example of the Labor Corps Sidecap.  Brown twill wool, the cap features silver wire piping to the crown and the scallops.  It has the enlisted version of the RAD spade handsewn to the front, these caps could have either the officers version or the enlisted version, its common to see both used.  The cap does show use and some sweat staining, but its a rare cap to find.  The lining is faded and is of a light pale green color, no markings inside.  Its well used, but a nice example.

$575.00 $535.00

NSFK other ranks kepi.   This one nice and is a tailor made kepi, special order.  NSFK blue wool, its piped in yellow in the crown and the scallops.  Single pebbled button to the front with the NSFK winged eagle as well, one prong is missing off the eagle.  Black leather chinstrap is a bit dry, but complete.  Two vent holes on either side.  The liner is tailor made, an off-white silk material with the makers name in gilt on the sweatdiamond, You cannot read it clearly anymore.  Has a full brown sweatband all the way around.  No RZM tag as it never had one but inside the liner band is a faint name written in pencil!  It show light use, but not much and has one of two small moth nips to the rear piping, thats it.

$1,300.00 $1,200.00

German Postal visor cap.   All Darkblue wool, has Black leather cap bill, shows some use, but still good, black chincord. Has Alum Eagle and Postal wreath on front. Cap is piped in same color blue wool. Brown leather sweatband, nice liner is oilcloth with intact sweatdiamond with size stamp 56. Has owners initials inside "E.W."



Heres not only a very rare LARGE size cap, size is 62-63.  but is a private maker and of the top materials as well.

Private Forestry officials visor cap, lower ranks visor, with the black leather chin strap across the front. Made of very nice materials, has green velvet capband with a twill wool top and a lighter green piping. Cap is excellent minus one moth nip, on the top. Thats it! Matching Alum eagle and cap wreath with center mounted cockade.

Liner is really nice! Cream liner, with full sweatshield, but shield is coming loose, but its all there, also marked on the shield Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichpatent. Large tan leather sweatband, still has the original orange cork behind it!    Private maker, cap is really nice and a rare large size!


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