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German WWII Luftwaffe officers visor cap.  Standard LW cap, this one originally came with a Luftwaffe Majors uniform, he was a pilot.  The uniform has since sold and the cap was not sold with it as the uniform set was named and the cap was not, so there was no way of showing it was his, but this cap has all the features of a pilot.  LW Bluegray twill wool body it has Silver cord piping to the crown and the capband.  Black capband it has a Silver bullion wire weave cap eagle and matching Silver wire cap wreath to the front.  Silver chincord as well.  The bill has a sharp down look to it and the cap overall has the "pilot look" with the angle to one side slightly.  This cap looks to have been worn in the capacity of a pilot.  Cap has some damage to the front next to the eagle, but no mothing.  Top quality maker inside, full Off-Yellow twill liner has a large sweatdiamond intact with the imprint in Silver lettering for the Luftwaffe.  Tan leather sweatband has vent holes at front and a small tear where the bill meets it.  Green underside to the LW bill.  The wire stifner inside the cap crown is removed as it typical with pilots caps.  This cap has been worn and has the look of it.


German WWII Army (HEER) Rabbit fur cap.  Winter cap worn buy the army (HEER) troops.  Cap is in excellent condition and shows no use.   Dark color Rabbit fur to the sides and back on flaps that fold down over the wearer's ears and neck.  Small cotton tie string at the top to secure the flaps.  On the front is the Army metal cap eagle, same as used on the visors.  Its held on with its pins and also sewn on to keep from coming off the soft fur.  Green/Gray wool body, about the same as the M43 field cap.  The liner is a Rayon padded material, with a very faint RbNr. stamped insideNice cap in unissued condition!


Geman WWII Luftwaffe general's M43 field cap.  Nice example in Blue/Gray twill wool.  Cap is piped in Cellon around the crown, more of a mid-war cap.  Side scallops that fold down with a single Gold pebbled button to the front.  The scallops have a stiffner sewn into the edge to keep the profile when worn.  On the front is a Mint Luftwaffe Generals's eagle in Cellon and the cockade is the 3D style in bullion.  The liner is a Luftwaffe Blue/Gray cotton material and is unmarked as it's a tailor made cap.  Tan partial Leather sweatband to the front shows only storage age.  Cap appears to be  unworn and is in excellent condition.   No mothing and light storage age to the cap.   This ones a LARGE size!  most likely 60.  Rare cap.  


German WWII Luftwaffe officers White topped visor cap.  Summer worn visor cap for the Luftwaffe, the top is made of a "Waffle" pattern cotton material and is removeable for cleaning.  The capband is Black mohair material and the base is Luftwaffe bluegray wool.  On the front is a White based silver bullion wire weave cap eagle with is pinned on so as to be removeable.  The cap wreath is Silver bullion wire weave on a BlueGray base.  It has a silver capcord.  The bill is a softer bill then normal visor, but is not made of leather.  Inside the liner has a Tan/Brown wide sweatband which is vented.  There is no liner is the summer caps.  Nice cap shows very light use.  Size is about a 58.  

$1,500.00 $1,400.00

German WWII Army (HEER) officers M38 cap.  This is an early cap, and is made for quality Doeskin soft wool.  Cap is piped in Silver wire piping on the top and the scallops.  On the front is the officers version of the Army Cap eagle, silver bullion wire weave or BeVo.  The cap rondel is a 3-D version and is a standout type.  The soutache is White for Infantry troops.  Side painted vents.  The liner is a PaleGreen ribbed material, which shows some stains from wear.  There is a partial Leather sweatband in the front.  Cap shows wear and use, one repair to the side, but overall a nice cap.  Size is stamped 58.  

$700.00 $650.00

German WWII Army (HEER) M42 Field cap.  This cap is in unissued condition and does not appear to be ever worn.  Early style M42 is made of the better quality early wool with the Tan cotton twill liner.  Cap has two Green/Gray painted pebbled buttons to the front.  Has the rarer "T" style Army Eagle and cocakde handsewn on.  Green painted vents to either side.  Fold down flaps to either side.  Liner is a Tan/Gray cotton twill material and has the makers name"lago-Berlin 60 M42".  This is a hard to find LARGE size at "60".  Nice cap.

$700.00 $610.00

German WWII M38 officers overseas cap.  This one has the soutache for Panzer and is pink in color.  This cap is a field worn veteran!  Fine moleskin wool cap, it does show moth tracks on both sides.  Silver bullion wire piping to the crown and the scallops, the piping also shows wear.  On the front is a BeVo Officers version of the cap eagle and a nice 3D style cockade.  Liner is a faded Tan twill cotton and has the front leather sweatband.  No markings inside.  This is a true field worn cap and saw action somewhere!

$650.00 $625.00

German WWII Kriegsmarine coastal artillery visor cap.  Unissued and close to mint conidtion, this is a rare visor to find.  Medium Green wool body has the Darker Green piping to crown and capband, Darker Green cap band.  Black visor or bill with edging.  The insignia is Gilt eagle and matching finish wreath with the 3D cockade.  Black chincord with the buckle and Gilt side anchor KM buttons.  No mothing or damage to the wool, its in unissued condition.  The liner is excellent, Yellowish lightweight cloth liner inside with a Brown sweatband, the band has some wear only from age, not from use.  Has a mint cellioud sweatdiamond in the center, no damage.  The back of the sweatband has a few loose stiches where it meets.  This cap is close to mint and was never worn.  Size is about a 57.  

$2,200.00 $2,000.00

German WWII Officers M38 cap.  This is the Officers version of the sidecap, called the M38.  Its made of a smooth doeskin wool, and has silver piping on the crown and the side scallops.  This cap is worn and shows use, light wear to the wool and liner.  Its not mint, but combat worn!  Cap eagle is the enlisted version and is the white on Green BeVo weave, same with the cockade, BeVo.  Both are original to the cap.  The soutach is Red for Artillery and is not the standard version of soutach, but again, is original to this cap.  Has two side vents ot one side, on the other side both vetns are missing.  Liner is a Cotton off-White color, almost Yellow.  some staining to the liner.  Has a Brown leather small sweatband in the front, a but dirty, this cap was worn!  Priced based on wear.

$500.00 $425.00

German WWII Army Officers visor.   Army Administrator officials visor cap for the HEER.  Cap is made of the more expensive doeskin wool.  A few moth tracks on the top.  Cap is piped in Dark Green, for Admin troops, and has a Dark Green cap band.  3-D style Sliver bullion wire cocakde, and Aluminium eagle.  Silver chincord and silver pebbled side buttons for the cord.  The liner is a Satin yellow and has a really nice and qaulity makers label, the sweatchield is missing.  Has a Brown sweatband and the underside of the bill is a cream color.  This is a BIG size cap!  about 58-59, which is harder to find.  Nice cap!

$700.00 $675.00

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