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German Pre-war officers visor cap.  This one a bit rare to find, the early 36-37 visor caps.  This cap is Black piped for Pioneer troops.  Early and very high quality made cap.  Fine doeskin wool, has the lighter Green capband used on the early visors.  Very shinny Black bill, cap has the early Small Whermacht Eagle and small cap wreath both in Aluminium.  Has the silver bullion wire capcords.  This cap shows very light use and is in very nice shape, the only thing that takes a bit away is some moth tracks to the top, please see the photo of the top.  No moth holes, just tracks on the top only.  Full silk liner in a pale Yellow, ribbed material, it has the full sweatdiamond and its excelent with the stamp; "Stirndruckfrei Deutsches Reichspatent".  It has a wide light tan leather sweatband with air holes in a pattern in the front.  Under the band its stamped "57" for the size.  


German WWII Kreigsmarine coastal artillery visor cap.  Unissued and close to mint conidtion, this is a rare visor to find.  Medium Green wool body has the Darker Green piping to crown and capband, Darker Green capband.  Black visor or bill with edging.  The insignia is Gilt eagle and matching finish wreath with the 3D cockade.  Black chincord with the buckle and Gilt side anchor KM buttons.  No mothing or damage to the wool, its in unissued condition.  The liner is excellent, Yellowish lightweight cloth liner inside with a Brown sweatband, the band has some wear only from age, not from use.  Has a mint cellioud sweatdiamond in the center, no damage.  The back of the sweatband has a few loose stiches where it meets.  This cap is close to mint and was never worn.  Size is about a 57.  

$2,400.00 $2,250.00

German WWII Army Administration officers visor cap.  This one's a "Double EreL" visor cap so its top quality.  The body or top is made from a  fine quality Doeskin or Moleskin wool, best of the best.  The Dark Green capband has three moth holes near the capcord button and thats all the damage.  The cap shows normal use and is in very good condition.  On the front is the Army eagle in Aluminium, and a Silver bullion wire wreath with a metal cockade.  The cockade is also vented from the inside.  Silver bullion capcord.  The liner is a Golden color, silk material and has the sweatdiamond which is 100% intact, and stamped EreL, Offizier Kleiderkasse BERLIN.  The best part is the name tag, original to the cap, with full details to the man's name and Admin rank!!!!!  Tan leather sweatband is also EreL stamped, hence the "Double EreL" marked.  Cap is a large size at 59-60.  This is the best of the best you could buy back then, and has all the features on it of a top quality made visor!

$750.00 $700.00

German WWII Kreigsmarine Foul weather cap.  Mint and unissued, this is the rubberized cap worn by U-boat sailors and surface fleet sailors.  Never issued, this cap is a Tan color rubberized material, with two cotton ties strings and the bottom.  Inside it is WELL stamped.  Has the German eagle and Waa inspectors stamp, then the size at 60 which is a large hat size!  Next is the maker WILLY SPRENGPFEIL MUTZENFABRIK HAMBURG 19  Dated 1940.  This ones hard to upgrade and is still soft.

$325.00 $300.00

German WWII Generals visor cap.  This ones top quality and is named as well.  Fantastic Heer generals visor cap, this is a mid-war cap and is piped in Cellon.  The material is top of the line Doeskin wool and very soft and smooth. The capband is a darker Green all are piped in Yellow Cellon.  It has a Cellon chincord and golt side buttons for the cap cord.  Eagel and wreath are fine Gold finish for Mid-war caps and has the Center cockade as seperate.  Both are extremely nice and quality.  The bill is a shinny black and shows very light age to it, but no damage.  Inside is as nice as the outside.  The underside of the bill is a cream color and almost perfect!  Sweatband is a sectional, with a black smooth material for the edge and then a tan leather sweatband with perforation holes.  Sweatband is mint and has the little silk White tie on the back end.  Liner material is a Dull Yellow satin and has the full intact sweatshield inside, only a small crack where the name slides in, otherwise is nice and has no other damage.  Sweatshield is maker marked for PEKURO, in silver lettering.  This cap is named to Army General Meissner.  The aged name tag reads R. MEISSNER.  Cap is a small size maybe 56-57ish.  This is as close to mint as you will find!  Everything it top qualtiy in the way its made to the materials, top of the line!

$8,500.00 $7,900.00

German WWII Enlsited/NCO overseas cap.  Early overseas cap, this one has the early Gray/Green wool, the side scallops are sectioned on each side, but were made that way during the war.  Cap has the early White on Dark green BeVo eagle and Cockade.  The cap has Red Soutache for Artillery troops.  The liner is a gray cotton sides with the top inside a lighter Gray/Purple cotton with the maker name and size stamp  55.  The cap is nice but does have moth tracking to the sides and top.  Nice caps are selling for $475-UP.


German WWII Officers M38 cap.  This is the Officers version of the sidecap, called the M38.  Its made of a smooth doeskin wool, and has silver piping on the crown and the side scallops.  This cap is worn and shows use, light wear to the wool and liner.  Its not mint, but combat worn!  Cap eagle is the enlisted version and is the white on Green BeVo weave, same with the cockade, BeVo.  Both are original to the cap.  The soutach is Red for Artillery and is not the standard version of soutach, but again, is original to this cap.  Has two side vents ot one side, on the other side both vetns are missing.  Liner is a Cotton off-White color, almost Yellow.  some staining to the liner.  Has a Brown leather small sweatband in the front, a but dirty, this cap was worn!  Priced based on wear.


German WWII Army Officers visor.   Army Administrator officials visor cap for the HEER.  Cap is made of the more expensive doeskin wool.  A few moth tracks on the top.  Cap is piped in Dark Green, for Admin troops, and has a Dark Green cap band.  3-D style Sliver bullion wire cocakde, and Aluminium eagle.  Silver chincord and silver pebbled side buttons for the cord.  The liner is a Satin yellow and has a really nice and qaulity makers label, the sweatchield is missing.  Has a Brown sweatband and the underside of the bill is a cream color.  This is a BIG size cap!  about 58-59, which is harder to find.  Nice cap!


German WWII Army officers visor.   Quality tailor made Army (HEER) officer visor, Black piped for Pioneer troops.  Again, a quality made visor, this is top of the line for caps!  The Wool is a top quality cross between Moleskin and a Gaberdine.  High peak, has the Army eagle to front and has the Alumnium wreath and cockade.  Silver bullion wire chin cord.  Darkgreen capbandCap has a quality liner, in Pale Yellow silk, the sweatshield is missing.  Full Tan leather sweatband, behind the band is a cut strip of cardboard, not the usually spong, but its original to the cap.  Nice Black bill, Tan underside.  Cap shows light use, and two small nips to the underside Black piping under the back, hard to see.  This cap is also a lagre size  59!  As far as visors go, top tailor made caps are much harder to find these days.

$850.00 $785.00

German WWII Winter fur cap.    This is the Winter worn fur cap based on the M43 body.  Dark Real rabbit fur front flap and sides which fold down over the ears.  The main body is Green wool of the M43.  The front has the Army (HEER) cap eagle, same as worn on the visor.  Both sides that fold down have the tie string to hold them up.  Cap is in worn shape, this cap is a true combat worn fur cap!!  Most I see are unissued, rarely have I seen on thats been truely worn in the field.  The liner is padded and shows use and of course the German Hair grease stains.  Cannot read markings as there too faded.  No mothing or damage just honest wear.  Fur is great and not coming off, a unique cap that was worn in combat!


German WWII Afrika Korps M40 cap.  Mint and unissued, this cap came to us folded flat inside a pair of German Tropical trousers.  Its unissued, never worn and is the Tropical first model M40 field cap.    Made of Olive green tropical twill material, it has the standard DAK eagle on front, machine sewn on top and hand sewn around.  The cockade is also machine sewn.  next is the Green soutache for Panzer grenadier troops.  Its also machine sewn onto the cap and folds under the bill.  This cap has bare steel grommets, there not painted and do not appear to have been ever painted.  They have extremely light corrision to the insides, but very light.  The liner is typical red cloth, and is maker stamped and dated 1941 size 57.  This cap has not seen the light of day in a long time, and looks it.  Very rare to find unissued!


German Army Crusher Visor Cap.  This is the Calvary piped Crusher cap worn by Baron Von Freytag-Loringhoven, and was part of the July 20th plot to kill Hitler Grouping for sale elsewhere on this site.  This is a standard Crusher visor, and most all crushers are very rare, this ones piped in Dark Yellow for Calvary or Recon troops, and was worn in the field by Loringhoven.  The cap shows wear and use and has that "Been there" look.  Its still clean but has a tiny moth hole on the back underside or overhang back of the visor, its hard to see.  Theres some slight damage to the crown piping on one side, about 3/4 inch, thats it, looks more like a snag to the piping. 

This is a light weight cap fine quality smooth wool, darkgreen capband has the silver wire woven wreath and cockade, as well as the Flatwire silver eagle as well, the insignia is original to this cap as were all his other caps and uniforms in the grouping.  Has the leather soft bill to the front and it shows cracking to the finish and wear/use.  The liner is a off yellow material, and has the typical staining from wear.  The sweatband is light brown and has a seperation on one side and a slight tear to the other, vented to the front.  Its been well worn by him!

 What sets this crusher apart from others is this cap was worn in the field by him and has a historical backround.

$2,200.00 $2,000.00

German WWII Kreigsmarine offficers visor cap for Adminstration KM officers.  This ones a set and comes with the original blue topped visor and main body plus the optional white topped cover and comes with the original round pressed box that the cap came in.  This is a very RARE set!  The cap has silver insignia, first the Alum eagle and the Silver bullion wire wreath, finished with the silver chincord.  This is a Double ErEL makers cap and is even named to the Kreigsmarine officer with his address!  In very good condition.  You wont find another like it!


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