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German WWII Police issue winter gloves.  These are in unissued condition, a bit rare and really warm!  Police green cotton material outer, these are real Rabbit fur lined.  They have the seperate fingers for the trigger.  There is an adjustment strap on each, really nice and really warm, medium to large size.


German WWII Diplomatic officials greatcoat.  This ones RARE.  MINT condition Diplomatic officials greatcoat in a Medium to Light Green top quality wool, the wool is smooth.  It has shoulderboards, Orange based with the Silver bullion cord on top and single gold eagles to each.  The buttons are the normal Diplomatic buttons with the German eagle and the swastika, silver colored.  On the backs there marked ASSMANN A  & SONN LUDENSCHEID.  On the back is the double wide belt with four of the Diplomatic buttons.  Inside its fully lined in a Green silk/Rayon material and has a nice dagger hanger in Gray leather with the "D" ring and is adjustable, very high quality.  Inside the pocket is named and its from the talior of Holters, who only made top of the line uniforms, including Generals and Hitlers tunicsNamed to KRETSCHMANN  DEZEMBER 1939.  This is a MINT and near perfect greatcoat and its named to the Diplomat as well as the makers name.  You will not find better, and Gray/Green wool Diplomatic greatcoats are extremely rare!

$4,600.00 $4,300.00

German WWII FirePolice tunic.  This ones really rare!  This is a wartime FirePolice NCO's tunic and is in unissued condition.  Wool tunic is of the Police Blue/Green wool, and is in a cut of the Model 43 tunic.  It has machine sewn collar tabs, mouse gray BeVo tabs with the Carmine insets for FirePolice.   On the shoulders are slipon boards, also Carmine based with Brown and Silver bullion cord for NCO ranks, this color Brown was for 43-ON tunics as 42-Back were black and silver cords.  Tunic has the later issue sleeve eagle, on a gray/green felt and the Carmine eagle.  Tunic appears to be never worn.  Partial rayon liner in a pale Green, has the straps the the equipment belt loops and the liner is well marked.  Dated 1943 with the size stamps.  No mothing, no damage, its close to unissued!  Has with matching rayon material, the neck protector.  This ones nice and hard to find!

$1,150.00 $1,000.00

German WWII Or Pre-War Black SS Trousers.   Nice pair of Black wool riding breeches, These are in great shape and show little use or wear.  Typical flared trousers, they have both calfs with tie strings.  All buttons match and none appear replaced.    Side pocket front flaps and a watch pocket.  On the sides are adjustment straps with Blue steel buckles.  Inside is a partial liner, in an off-White maybe a very light Gray material.  There is the RZM tag sewn in but its washed out.  Its almost impossible to read, but in the lower right corner you can see some printing lines and the number.  The only issue I can see is at the crouch, bottom is one or too tiny holes, but small and hard to see, no other damage or mothing.  This style of trousers were worn by the SS and also the NSKK, but the RZM tag style leads me towards SS use.  

$450.00 $400.00

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