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German WWII RAD Officers greatcoat.  Issue ranks greatcoat has RAD Officers insignia on it.  Brown wool body with a Dark Brown collar.  Buttons are the Proper RAD smooth light pebbled with the backs marked ASSMANN & SOHNE.  It appears one button is misisng on the left side front, but its made that way for the lapels to stay open, its photographed closed. Coat shows light use, and has a small hole front lower, but otherwise its very clean.  Collar Tabs are for an RAD officer, lowest officer rank, Black velvet with Silver bullion wire weave.  On the shoulders the boards are Black velvet based Brown cord tops with silver and Brown "V"s to each.  The liner is a Tan cotton material and is nicely marked inside.  Makers name and size stamps.  This coat also has other stamps on the pocket for re-issue to a different RAD unit.  Except for the small hole front, its very nice and for an officer.  


Pre-War german Forestry generals greatcoat.  This ones very rare!  Its a Pre-war design, about the Very early 1930's.  StoneGray wool greatcoat has a DarkGreen collar and DarkGreen facing lapels.  The rank is the Highest in the Forestry service and is equivalent to a Generals rank.  Coat has sew-in shoulderboards that are DarkGreen based and have Gold cording tops, with small Green "V"s in the cording.  A single silver wash acorn on each.  All buttons are Gold pebbled.  Two slant pockets.  On the reverse are sewn flpas with Gold pebbled buttons and a single rear belt.  Inside the liner, its a LightGray thin wool material.  A few small repairs and a few small moth nips but nothing major.  There's a slot and a cover for the dagger hanger.  Not named, but a very rare greatcoat!


German WWII RAD Officers tunic.  This is a MINT tunic!  RAD officers rank and is a rare color in Green for Administration.  Open lapel cut, fantastic Brown twill wool, the collar is a Light Brown color and has the collar tabs with the GREEN base for Administration and has the center Silver bullion bars.  The shoulderboards are matching Green based and a Silver cord top with the Black "V" in the middle, single Gold pip to each.  Boards are the sewn-in style.  On the front left are loops for two medals and a medium size ribbon bar.  Buttons are a smooth silver pebbled style and are marked on the back RZM and 20 1/2mm and M5/25.  On the Left sleeve is the RAD spade for 121  4 and is the officers version in Silver bullion, the photos do not show the bullion well.  Below is a Red wool party armband multi-section and has some very light stains to the white section, but light.  Its sewn onto the sleeve.  Fully lined inside with an Off-Brown silk, and has a leather section sewn into the liner about where the RAD officers dagger would normally hang, it's there to keep the dagger from rubbing a hole in the liner.  Unique.  The tunic is not named and is in excellent condition.  


German WWII Forestry officers greatcoat.  This ones nice, clean and has no mothing or damage.  Forestry officers greatcoat in a Green wool body with a medium Green badge cloth collar, the collar is piped is sliver twist cord piping.  The collar tabs are handsewn on and are Green facing with silver cord piping to each.  Silver Bullion acorns and oakleafs to each.  On the shoulderboards, they are also Green based, and a darker Green twist cording, each has a silver wash acorn to each.  Has all matching buttons, the back button shows wear and seperate shoulder board buttons.  Single rear wool strap with a single button.  The liner is full and a Rayon green material.  In the neck is the makers tag, but the tag is frayed.  In the pocket is a matched name tag, easy to read with the owners name, rank and dated 5.5.1943.  Nice to find a wartime dated coat!  Has the slot for the dagger hanger, and real nice clean coat!


$800.00 $750.00

German WWII Or Pre-war RADwj Females Leaders tunic.  Tunic is close to mint condition and shows little if any use, very clean.  This is the RADwj Leaders tunic, worn by female members of the RAD or RADwj.  Leaders or officers worn the same tunic as the regular girls, save for the piping and Bullion sleeve shield.  Short cut waist style tunic, its made of an RAD Tan/Light Brown wool with a Dark Brown collar, the collar is piped in silver for Leaders.  The only insignia worn was on the sleeev and consists of the RADwj shield with silver wire edges and silver bullion, or wire "X" for the district.  This tunic has loops for a medal or a badge or some sort.  Mint liner is Tan cotton and has inner waist ties, plus is well stamped inside.  All buttons are original to the tunic and its very nice, the waist belt is missing.  A rare and hard to find tunic.

$1,200.00 $1,000.00

RAD Officers service tunic.  Light Brown smooth almost doeskin wool tunic, has Dark Brown collar and the tunic and collar are piped in Black.  Tunic has Black Velvet with silver bullion weave collar tabs, and has two shoulderboards, these are also Black based and have the subdudded silver cord tops, with the little "V"'s in the cord, two gold pips for each.  Tunic has the officers version of the sleeve shield, silver bullion wire on black, with red 272.  Armband is a wool multi-section armband, hand sewn all around the sleeve.  Some stains to the armband.  Has the War merit medal to the second button hole.  Has loops for several medals and a ribbon bar, both upper pockets have the center section sewn down, this was done so medals did'nt pull down on the material and sag and it gives a cleaner and smooter look to the pleats!  Lower slash pocket flaps.  Tunic shows some use, some light pulls to the material here and there.  Full Tan satin liner, has a few stains and picks to the material, but overall nice.  Has the dagger hanger and slot.  Has inner belt as well, not named.

$1,000.00 $900.00

German WWII RAD (Labor Corps) Greatcoat.  RAD greatcoat, this ones a clean coat, shows very minor use.  Olive green/Brown wool, and has the Dark Brown collar.  Coat has on the collar Black velvet collar tabs with silver bullion wire weave to each, rank is Warrent Officer, not an NCO or a full officer, but entitled to wear officers style tabs.  On the sleeve is the wool Red NSDAP party armband, multi-section made.  Its hand sewn on. Above is the RAD shovel shield for 221/3.  Tunic has the smooth pebbled buttons, some are period resewn.  6-button front as a cost saving feature for the RAD and two extra buttons only on one side to close it up to the neck, their Assmann stamped on the backs.  The coat is near excellent save for ony small hole in the front lower, no mothing or stains.  It looks like it was not worn much at all.  The partial tan cotton liner is well stamp with the maker and town, plus all the size stamps, all clear and easy to read.  One side in the liner has very faint stamps, most likely the unit assigned.  Rare rank and in VERY nice condition.

$725.00 $700.00

German WWII Forestry officers tunic.  This ones MINT!  You will not find better!  Green twill wool, open lapel style cut.  Darkgreen piped.  Such a MINT tunic cannot say enough about how nice this one is.  Darkgreen plastic Forestry style buttons, collar is piped in silver bullion wire.  Collar tabs are Brown based for private and this is rare!  Two oak leafs and two lower leafs.  The shoulderboards are slip-on and are also brown based, green twist cord top and single acorn.  Loops for two medals and a small ribbon bar.  Fully lined in Pale green and has the dagger hanger slot.  Real nice tailor label in the neck for a tailor in Ulm.  VERY NICE!

$700.00 $650.00

RAD or Labor Corps Officers tunic.  This is an nice clean cut tunic, brown twill officers quality wool, short waist cut with lower scallop pocket flaps, and upper pleated pockets.  Rank is for Unterfeldmeister or a Warrent Officer.   Tunic has a Darkbrown collar with sewn tabs, tabs are Black velvet based with silver wire tops.  Shoulderboards are sew in style, black based and a silver wire cord and center brown cord top.  Left sleeve has the Officers Silver wire spade patch with red 284  3.  Loops for one medal on the breast pocket.  The Party armband is missing but you can clearly see where it was sewn on at one time, easy to replace.  Fully lined in Tan cotton weave, has the lower slot of the dagger hanger.  Tunic is not named, and is in very good shape showing light use.  A few sewing repairs to the inside of the collar, but not seen when worn.   RAD tunics are getting RARE!


A really clean WWII or Pre-war Forestry officers tunic.  This ones and early style with the lower scalloped pockets.  Medium Green twill wool, has darkgreen piping to the cuffs, lapels and pockets flaps.  Buttons are the typical Darkgreen plastic seen on Forestry tunics.    Darkgreen collar has silver wire piping, and the collar tans are Green based, silver wire piped and have a single acorn and lower wreaths to each.  Shoulderboards are sew-in style, green based with the green subduded cords and single gilt pip to each.  The tunic has loops for one medal on the breast pocket.  Fully lined in a light satin green and has the dagger slot as well.  The tunic is in excellent condition, and shows very light use.

$850.00 $725.00

German WWII Or Pre-War quality twill wool Forestry officers tunic. Standard service tunic piped in a darker green. Open neck style, tunic has the dark green plastic swirl buttons on it, two in the rear. Silver cord piped on the collar, has collar tabs, green based, silver bullion acorn and leaf. Tabs also silver cord piped. Shoulderboards are green on green base, single pip to each, and what appears to be a canidate for the next rank slip ons as well. Tunic has a set of loops for one badge. (riders badge not included, for show only). Fully lined not named.  Real nice tunic

$700.00 $600.00

This is a hard to find German WWII Railroad Police NCO's greatcoat. First of all its in excellent condition, and its heavy for winter use.  Standard issue coat amde of Light Blue wool with a medium Blue wool collar. It has the white on blue felt Railroad Police eagle to the Left sleeve. Shoulderboards are black, with the number #29 to each and are the sewn in style. Liner is a lightblue cotton, partially lined and is nicely stamped with the size and maker. This is a hard to find greatcoat and its in excellent condition!

$1,400.00 $1,300.00

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