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German WWII Panzer troops unissued trousers.  These are mint and unissued.  Coarse black wool, later model issue as these have the RBNr. stamp inside the liner.  Front slash pocket flaps, the bottoms of the legs are tappered and have a clouser button and ties.  Front has the watch ring, and has the large triple hook buckle and cloth belt, buckle have light surface rust, but very light.  The liner is an off-White cotton partial liner and has the stamp inside, which has the RBNr.  A few inside snaps and straps.  Two rear pockets, trousers are textbook and mint!

$1,900.00 $1,750.00

German WWII Summer trousers.  Pair of summer white trousers, these have the "waffle" pattern to the cotton weave seen in many Army (WH) Officers white dress tunics and Kreigsmarine White tunics.  There in excellent condition and clean.  All original matching buttons in an Off-White finish.  Suspender straps on back.  These are LONG leg trousers.  These have an inseam of 34 inches.  Attachment straps on the bottom cuffs.  They look to have initials in red woven into the inside.  Really nice and clean. 




German WWII Summer White trousers.  A pair of original White cotton summer use trousers, these could be used by several branches, Army, Luftwaffe, or Kreigsmarine.  White straight leg trousers, have a front double hook clouser which shows veryfaint rust stains but not on the metal itself.  The trousers show light use and minor stains, these would wash out if you choose.  Back have a chromed double claw buckle adjustment strap.  Cotton is smooth and soft.  No markings which is normal on Whites.  Metal dish buttons for the suspenders.  


An Army or HEER Generals piped service tunic.  This ones truly a fantastic tunic! and will be impossible to upgrade.  Smaller size Army (HEER) Generals tunic, but its Red piped, and Red piped tunics were a step above the normal service tunics, not full dress, but a bit formal.  Piped tunics are much harder to find these days.  Top quality twill wool this is a top tailor made tunic.  It has the nice to find deep pointed Darkgreen collar,  Red piped as is the tunic down the front lapel.  It has machine sewn Generals collar tabs, these are some of the best detailed tabs I have seen!, Red based and gilt wire weave and detailed.  the boards are sew-in style Generals shoulderboards and are the later war Cellon twist cording and are also Red based.   

The Killer is the BEST GENERALS GOLD WIRE BREAST EAGLE I HAVE EVER SEEN!, top quality gilt wire weave eagle has fantastic highlights!!!!!!  Tunic has loops for a long ribbon bar, and several medals.  Gilt pebbled buttons finish it off.  Full liner is a light green satin material and features the dagger slot.  The tunic has a makers label in the neck and the name tag, but it was cut out after the war.   You can clearly see where it was.    This coat is as close to mint as you can get and you wont find a better one!  This coat is also from the large collection that concentrated on Generals uniforms.

Piped Generals tunics are RARE!

$6,700.00 $6,300.00


Rare Luftwaffe Generals tunic and trousers.   This is a rare set as the tunic is a first model flight tunic pattern, and of course for a General officer.  The tunic and trousers are made from matching twill wool!  The tunic is in very nice shape, some very light fading near the collar, but not real easy to see.  The tunic has gold piping twist cord to the collar which has hand sewn collat tabs, white based with gold bullion gulls and wreaths.  The shoudlerboards are sewn in style, on white wool and are a twist cord in Cellon with a single silver washed large pip to each.  The tunic features many loops for medals, several were added as he was awarded them as the color thread used changed a bit.  This officer had MANY awards including the German Cross and most likely the Spanish Cross Bluegray plastic buttons hidden in the seam as are normal for flight coats. The wool is a top quality twill blue/gray.  Liner is a gray silk and is full.  Innder pocket does not have a name label.  The tailors tag in the neck is well worn and torn, cannot read it anymore.  There is a Chromed "D" ring inside the lower slash pocket opening for the dagger hanger.  Tunic shows light use, I see a tiny hole on the sleeve, more like a snag.  Truely fantastic Luftwaffe Generals breast eagle hand sewn to the front, deep gold bullion weave and tight

The trousers are made from matching wool as is the tunic.  These are the flared breeches and are in the same condition and wear as the tunic, light.  Some light stains to the waist liner material.  Double white stripes down each leg and were made when the trousers were made, not a promotion made item.  Buttons on the leg are the same blue/gray plastic as the tunic, but smaller size.  The trousers have the watch fob ring on the front.  The liner rear pocket clearly shows where the name tag was, then removed at some time in its life, therefore no longer named.  Metal side buckle in blued steel

This is a killer set!  and I have NOT seen a true original Flight blouse Generals tunic in many years.  Let alone a MATCHING set!   





$10,000.00 $9,500.00

Luftwaffe GeneralMajor's tunic.  This ones great!  Generals rank tunic, this is a wartime tunic and features all Cellon insignia.  Private Tailor made tunic from H. Miltenberger, its made of a fine twill blue gray wool.  Open neck style has Cellon yellow piping to the collar.  The tabs are white based and also cellon yellow piped.  The details to the wreaths and gulls are close to 3-D looking.  Sew in shoulderboard is white based and Cellon gold/Yellow and silver weave.  The breast eagle is stunning!  also made of Cellon yellow, and its really 3-D in depth

Liner is a fine darkblue twill silk and features a dagger hanger with a Gold D-Ring and the slot under the pocket.  The tunic is named with the lable inside the inner pocket.  The tag is H. Miltenberger and is named to a Gen. Maj. W. Heling.    Gold pebbled buttons are solid backed.  Tunic shows light wear and is made for a smaller person.  Luftwaffe General's tunic are rare but Cellon one's even more so.

Walter Heling  was born the 2nd January1887 and was reported missing in action at Kharkov on the 12th of May 1942 and declared dead the same day. He was the commander of Luft Bau Brigade VI, the airfield construction and repair unit, and was promoted to Generalleutnant on May the1st1942 , this was awarded posthumously and backdated to before his death, and previously to Generalmajor on July the 1st 1941.

$7,500.00 $6,900.00

Luftwaffe Generals Trousers.  These are extremely rare trousers for a Luftwaffe General.  Standard Generals trousers, but these are for "Field Use" as the Normal Generals trousers had the double wide White stripes, it was felt these would stand out too much in the field, so they did away with the double stripes and left the single thin center white strip.  Pictures show that many Generals still wore the Double Striped ones as well, but in Combat zone photos you see these trousers worn.  They are in excellent condition and are straight leg style cut.  An order dated November 2 1943 Permitted the wear of the trousers without the wide strips, but kept the center thin white strip.  These are not named.  Very Rare!

$1,100.00 $1,000.00

This is a one-of-a-kind grouping.  This massive set belonged to Wessl Baron Freytag von Loringhoven and his brother Klaus.  The set is very large and all items came directly from the family.   This set was stuffed into to large suitcases after the war!  Baron Klaus Freytag von Loringhoven and his brother wore these uniforms, several tunics, a greatcoat and trousers, plus the visor caps.  But let me give a brief backround of the brothers. 

One of the brothers who is also famous, Bernd Loringhoven has be featured on many Post-war shows about WWII and the Plot, and rose to the rank of General in the West german Army.  His cousin, Wessel Freytag von Loringhoven, provided the detonator charge and explosives for the 20 July assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler.  Wessel Freiherr Freytag von Loringhoven (10 November 1899, Groß-Born, Courland Governorate – 26 July 1944, Mauerwald, East Prussia), was a colonel in the High Command of the German Armed Forces (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, or OKW) and a member of the German Resistance against German dictator Adolf Hitler (Widerstand). Loringhoven was a friend of Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg, who was the leader of the 20 July Plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Loringhoven provided the detonator charge and explosives for the assassination attempt against Hitler on 20 July 1944. He was able to obtain unrecognized English explosives from German intelligence (Abwehr) sources. However, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the Chief of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt, or RSHA), discovered the actions of Loringhoven. On 26 July 1944, immediately before he was to be arrested by the Gestapo and fully aware of the interrogation techniques utilized by them, Loringhoven committed suicide at Mauerwald in East Prussia. The rank listing published in 1939 for Wessel shows 1st Army Corp, 1st Cav. Brigade, Aufklaerungs Abteilung 1, 3rd, Krad. Co.  They knew each other well but Bernd was not involved directly in the plot; after it failed Bernd managed to escape arrest, due to the support of Guderian.  The Waffen rock and Cav piped visor cap belonged to Wessel.  One of the brothers, Klaus is the Artillery piped items.  Klaus had some duties with or near Hitler as several of the photos show him in photos with Hitler, same with his brother Wessel.  Klaus was an OberLeut. in 1941-42 and wore the two Artillery tunics and crusher.  There's a ton of research that can be done on this set, and I know there's much more I do not know about them. 

The set is big, and has many paper items as well.  The tunics, and there are three, were worn by Wessel and Klaus, the Artillery piped, two early tunics, Captains rank, and a greatcoat, ALL are named!  and we worn by Klaus.  There's also a fantastic crusher visor with the direct woven wreath and early eagle, the wreath is ultra-rare as its woven into the capband!  There's also a pair of officers Stone-gray trousers also named.  The other tunic is a Parade tunic to Wessel, and is Cavalry piped, with ADJ cords, the tunic is mint and has the number 1 and Recon emblem on it.  The cufftitle is lightly hand tacked onto the tunic and is an Ultrarare FHQ cufftitle in Bullion, and I have two of these!  One loose.  These cufftitles are rare and expensive buy themselves.   There's his Parade brocade belt and buckle in the original box, one small end of the box is loose but inclued.   Several pairs of boots are included as well, BUT the set thats mint with the wooden trees does not belong to this group, as well as the paper covered scabbard, I am sorry, they were put into the photo by accident.  There is a well worn Cavalry piped crusher visor as well that was Wessels, This is an ErEL makred cap.  Both crushers are well worn.  But the last visor is a MINT and I cannot say this enough, a MINT Artillery piped visor!  I have never seen one this nice and its unissued!

There's an Unnisued scabbard, that's not part of sorry set, sorry.  Some sword and dagger inner belts and a sword brown felt cover bag.  Next are two mapcases, with maps in them, I have not removed them to see what they are, but assumning Russia.  There are many photos, and the pics I have here will show them in detail.  Many are personal of his wife and family, baby etc. but the majority are of Service in the Army, and many originals with Hitler, Goering and others.  One shows him getting an award? with Hitler and another shows him shaking hands with hitler.  There are many.  Some seem to focus around Hitlers Train with Keitel, Goering, and many others.  Some are portraits as well.  Next are several papers, a few are Hitler Youth papers, membership cards and ID booklets.  Klaus was the younger brother and was in the HJ, then the Artillery.  Many personal letters written to and from klaus in Russia in 1941.  Last are several books, many popular titles, including Rommels books all are named to him inside the cover of each book.   Hitlers Mein Kampf and Rosenberg's book as well.  There are some othe papers as well, some letters, and city information books? 

This is a fantastic set, and there is not another like it!   This family is well documented on the internet and much can be learned with these brothers.  The uniforms all show wear and use but normal, only the crushers show more wear.  All uniforms are named.  This set is history. 


Below are the only remaining items left for sale from the group, all of the other items are now gone.  


1:  FHQ Officers early version wire cufftitle.   VERY RARE  PRICE:  $3700  

2:  Calvary crusher listed in the caps section.  

3:  All of the photos, documents, books and paper items are listed in the SPECIALITY EXOTIC section for sale.


Keep in mind, these are rare items, and named to this officer and his history, and his direct involvement with Stauffenburg and family history in the July 20th plot, its not just "named" items.





I will start with a brief history for GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  Born 10 May 1890 – Died 16 October 1946, Primarily a staff officer during and after World War I, Jodl served as head of the department of national defense in the war ministry from 1935. A competent staff officer and Hitlers faithful servant to the end, he was named chief of operations of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW; Armed Forces High Command) on August 23, 1939, just before the invasion of Poland. With Wilhelm Keitel , OKW chief of staff, he became a key figure in Hitler’s central military command and was involved in implementing all of Germany’s campaigns except the beginning of the Russia invasion in the second half of 1941. On May 7, 1945, he signed the capitulation of the German armed forces to the western Allies at Reims, France. As chief of operations staff, he had signed many orders for the shooting of hostages and for other acts contrary to international law. He was executed after trial and conviction for war crimes by the International Military Tribunal at Nurmberg.

This tunic was worn by GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  It originally came from his second wife, Luise Jodl in 1990 and was sold at Auction (see photo of papers).  This was one of two tunics worn by Jodl and sold at this auction.  This tunic is believed to have been worn after 1944 per the date in the tag until the wars end.  After the surrender, Jodl wore it for sometime in captivity, as it has loops under the collar for the Knights cross to the Iron cross.   Jodl was Awarded the Knight's Cross at wars end in 1945 and there are photos of him in captivity wearing the Medal.  This tunic is most likely one of a few he wore after the May 1945 surrender.  The tunic itself is excellent and shows no damage and with very light wear.  It has the Normal Generals Gold wire bullion collar tabs, machine sewn on with gold and silver twist cord GeneralOberst shoulderboards also sewn in.  Three silver wash pips to each.    The breast eagle is a fine gilt wire eagle, high relief weave and hand sewn on.  Gold pebbled buttons all matching to the tunic "Extra Fein" stamped to them. 

The tunic features a set of loops for a long ribbon bar.  There is a pair of holes right above the pocket flap for the Golden Party badge, no loops.  The badge in the photos are for viewing only and do not go with the tunic.  Next are several loops for his medals all in a straight line as you see in many wartime photos of him wearing his various uniforms.   The wool is a fine quality light weight wool twill with a green liner.  The tunic has a high stand up collar with three inner pins for the collar liner.  It is Red piped.    The coat has a slot for the dagger hanger to go through but has no inner hanger.  This is typically seen in officers uniforms more towards the end of the war as some officers wore inner dagger belts.  Inside the pocket is a fantastic name tag.   Named to a berlin tailor and has the Jodl's name written in ink and is dated 1944.     A very unique feature to the name tag is the number "3" in red, this is a tailor added stamp and is often seen in very high ranking officials tunic's made at the time. 

The last item to be included with the tunic are several papers.   All three are photo copies of the originals.   When the group was sent to auction the originals went with the other tunic.  This tunic and some other items received copies of the paperwork.  The papers discuss the items being given to the Auction house to be sold.  One paper is a letter to Frau Kesselring talking about their husbands.  The last is a personal letter dated 1992 written by Luise Jodl, I have not translated it.

This tunic is a one of a kind.  But as with several of his uniforms, there many be one or more in private collections around the World.  Each tunic is different as far as I know.  This tunic comes from the private collection that currently has GFM Keitel's parade tunic in it which can be viewed in our Web Site Museum.

  Serious inquirys only please.                

$22,000.00 $20,000.00

This is the harder to find Summer white Navy or Kreigsmarine officers tunic. This one has the early style standup collar. Really nice shape, no damage, shows light use, White cotton material, four pocket tunic, has removeable Gilt wash KM buttons held on with rings. Buttons are KM stamped on back.
Tunic has the Gilt metal eagle to front, the lower pin is missing, but wont affect it. Tunic has Shoulderboards for a Fahnrich zur See, for a Line officers rank. Tunic has been cleaned, thats why its so white! really nice!

$650.00 $625.00

Heres a rare KM tropical summer wear officers tunic. Custom made, this ones a greenish tint. Excellent shape shows no damage. Two upper pockets with two lower slant flaps. Has all matching green painted Coastal Artilley KM buttons, all held on wth "S" rings.
Comes with a gold plated Metal breast eagle, pin on style, tunic has three loops sewn on for the eagle. On the other side are loops for one medal, The Medal on the tunic is not included, but is also for sale seperately, please inquire. Has slip on Coastal Artillery officers shoulderboards, MINT darkgreen based, Leut. Rank. Inside, the tunic has a tailor tag in the neck. A really nice and rare item for the Coastal Artillery!


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