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German WWII Army (HEER) Officers parade tunic.  This ones in very nice condition.  Fine quality offices grade green/gray wool body with a smooth dark green collar.  The collar is White piped for Infantry troops and has the parade/dress collar tabs, Silver bright bullion wire on White backing.  Both are machine sewn on.  The shoulderboards are sew-in style and are First White piped for Infantry and then Gray piped for reserve.  Bright Silver cord tops with two gilt pips to each and the Regt. number 46.  There are two screw post buttons with Silver pebbled tops to each board.  Eight (8) button front, all Silver pebbled style, solid backed marked "Extra Fein".   There are loops for several medals and a medium sized ribbon bar.  This man was well decorated!  One of the most fantastic breast eagles I have seen, Silver bullion wire on Green backing.  This tunic comes with the Adjutants cord attached.  There is a button under the shoudlerboard for the cord.  The cuffs are the same dark green material White piped and Silver pebbled buttons.  The back also is White piped with the Silver pebbled buttons.  There are a few "picks" to the wool body lower from wear, you can see in the photos, light but "picks" not mothing.  Full liner is nice and has the inner belt, NOTE:  The sunlight affect the look of the liner, it's not faded and is a solid color of pale Green.  Tailors label in the pocket named to the officer and dated 1938.  Nice tunic!


German WWII Kriegsmarine U-Boat battle dress short jacket.  This is is based on the British Battle dres jacket as was worn by KM U-Boat crews as captured stocks, but this one has been heavily modified to look more of the KM style with the removal of the lower waist belt and the addition of two lower waist buttons and other modifications.  Green cotton material in a short cut this one has loops for two medals on the pocket and loops for the metal KM Gold breast eagle above the pocket on the other side.  KM green steel buttons held on with the proper "S" rings.  There are slip-on shoulderboards for an NCO rank in Blue wool with Gold tress, a single pip and the emblem for a "Maschinist". or Engine personnel career.  Two Gold metal collar hooks added when is was converted during the war.  The breast eagle is Gold metal and is a single pin back, it's missing the lower hook.  This Battle dress was heavily modified during the war and is a rare jacket to find like this worn by U-Boat crews 


German WWII Issue Tropical tie.  This ones in unissued condition and is a Light Tan cotton material and can bes used for any Tropical tunic, but you will find more of an Oilve color for Army Tunic use.  Full length and not marked.  Worn with Tropical tunics, can also be used for an SA tunic or Brownshirt. 


German WWII Panzer officers tunic.  This is the best one I have ever seen!  This tunic shows little wear ann has very light fading to the wool.  First the tunic is made from Italian cloth with a dark Green collar with deep points.  Collar has double hooks to the front and also the metal buttons for the collar liner.  Collar had sewn tabs which are a subduded off white weave with Pink centers.  The shoulderboards are sew-in to the sleeves and are also Pink based for Panzer troops with subduded cord tops.  The shoulderboards have a single Gold pip to each for the rank of OberLeut.  A single Gold cypher to each "P" for PanzerJager.  A nice Silver bullion wire weave breast eagle sewn to the front.  All the buttons match and all but one have 100% of their original Gray/Green paint to them.  One button on the pocket flap shows paint missing a little.  Buttons are hollow style, pebbled and are marked A&S T.  Six button front.  Tunic has a full liner in a Pale Green silk-like material.  There is a dagger hanger marked DRGM "A" for Assman.  There is also an inner belt with chromed buckles with minor surface rust on them, but very minor.  Tunic is not named but has a tailors label in the neck.  There are loops for two medals and a medium size ribbon bar to the front.  Medals and ribbon bar DO NOT COME WITH THE TUNIC, there for display uses for the photo.  This is the finest Panzer tunic I have ever seen, and is a top quality tailored tunic!  A very nice condtion tunic.

$1,850.00 $1,750.00

German WWII Army (HEER) General's Greatcoat and Helmet set.  This group is named to a Veterinarian General Dr. Karl Bottger (1891-1965).  Very rare to find a Veterinarian General as there were only a few.  First the greatcoat.  Fine quality doeskin wool with a darkgreen collar.  Shoulderboards are for an Army general, Red based and sew-in style with Gold and Silver bullion wire weave tops.  Both boards have the cypher for a Veterinarian in Silver.  A unique feature is all the Gold pebbled buttons are "A" Assman marked as well as RZM marked!  But all match and all are original to this coat.  Red wool facing lapels to each side.  Coat has minor mothing or damage to the lower front.  It may be damage from wear and not so much mothing, but it's minor.  Full satin gray liner has wear at the bottom as this coat was worn and used.  There is a sewn cloth strap and snap hook for a dagger inside the liner as well.  Hook is not marked.  This coat is not named but came from his estate many years ago along with his helmet and extra shoulderboards which are listed on the site as well.  A VERY rare greatcoat!  Next is his helmet.  This is the early M17 helmet and is in very nice condition.  Helmet is painted a flat green and has both of it's original decals.  Paint is about 98%.  Has the Army decals on each side, the eagle decal shows some wear, the National colors decal has light age cracking, but minor.  Inside the liner is the original and is the three section Tan leather padded liner.  Chinstrap is also original to this helmet and is complete and shows age use to the leather.  This helmet has hand painted in white inside the rear "Dr. Bottger".  This is an almost impossible set to find and being a Veterinarian is next to the rarest of General's.  His extra set of shoudlerboards are also for sale elsewhere on the site.  Rare of the Rare!  *on one of the photos is a shadow on the back of the coat, its NOT on the coat itself.   SOLD

Luftwaffe Afrika Korps shorts.  These are unissued and have been in storage.  Luftwaffe tropical tan cotton shorts, these have the cloth adjustable belt and the Luftwaffe style adjustment buckle.  Front side pockets.  Metal dishpan buttons for the fly with Brown plastic buttons at the waist.  Rear have two pockets.  Partial tan liner has very faint maker and size markings.  The markings are hard to read, but can be seen better then in the photo.  These are unissued and in close to mint condition.  Luftwaffe Afrika Korps shorts are rare and had to find.

$475.00 $435.00

German WWII Luftwaffe NOC's Four pocket tunic.  This ones FANTASTIC!  Top quality twill Blue/Gray wool, more in an officers quality wool, open lapel style cut and four pocket design.  Collar is piped in a Yellow twist cord piping and has Luftwaffe Style NCO tress sewn around the collar as well.   Hand sewn collar tabs in yellow for Flight troops, each with three Silver gulls.  The shoulder boards are sew-in style, and has the same Luftwaffe NCO tress, with Yellow piping and a single Silver pip to each.  On the breast is a NCO style woven eagle, hand sewn.  Tunic has Silver buttons, solid backed and maker marked EXTRA FEIN.  On the Left pocket are loops for two medals and a Silver wire weave cloth badge, hand sewn on for the NSFK Glider pilot grade C.  The other award is the Shooting laynard with the Dull Silver/Gray eagle and wreath.  Both are original to this tunic.  Full silk like liner in Light Gray, with the tailors name/Label in a stripe in the neck says WILH. BOLSUMS, WUNSTORF.  Stripped sleeve liner.  Tunic is not named. No moth damage and no fading, tunic shows no use.  It will be hard to find another example like this one, and this nice!

$1,700.00 $1,600.00

German WWII Winter padded gloves.  Matched pair and still tied together with the original over the shoulder strap, these are the early style in a Green wool materialThe gloves are most likely unissued and only have some storage dirt and a few light stains that should clean off.  These are reversible to White Winter camo.  Inside they are nicely stamed to the maker and dated 1943.  There is also a black 4-5 digit number that may be an inventory stamp of some sort.  These have the trigger finger to each.  Left and Right.   

$145.00 $130.00

German WWII Luftwaffe greatcoat.  This one MINT, and is tailor made for this NCO.  Officers quality greatcoat, fine twill wool with full silk liner.  Greatcoat has Silver pebbled buttons with solid backs "A" Assmann marked, a few look to be replaced.  Full length greatcoat the coat has sew-in shoulderboards for an NCO in the Luftwaffe, these boards have Silver LW tress and a single pip to each for the rank of Feldwebel.  They are Black piped, and based on the year of the tag (1937) its for the RLM, or the  Reichsluftfahrtministerium.  Very rare and hard to find anything in Black piping for the Luftwaffe.  Black was also used later on for Construction troops.  Full Gray silk liner has two dagger or sword hangers which is unique.  One of the hangers is inserted into the liner and has the Chromed hook, the other is the Dagger "D" ring sewn into the pocket flap, whats also unique is the leather used for each hanger is the same Blue/Gray leather you see on sword hangers.  Last, this greatcoat is named.  There is a tailors tag in the neck and matching name tag in the inner pocket.  The tag has his rank and is dated 37.  Excellent condition and shows little if any use and has no mothing I can find.  Rare and you most likely wont find another!

$785.00 $730.00

German WWII Generalstabsintendant's uniform.  A rare uniform to find, this is to an Administration General in the Army.  Fantastic quality tailor made smooth twill wool, the tunic is also piped in DarkGreen on the cuffs, down the center and the collar. Collar is a DarkGreen color and has the collar tabs for an Administrative General.  Tabs are Green based with a secondary piping in bright Red, they look closer to Pink but are called a Bright Red, with Gold bullion wire weave, the tabs are machine sewn on.  The shoulderboards are Green based with the secondary color of bright Red, with Gold bullion and Silver weave cords with the Black "flecks" in the Silver part of the cords.  There sewn into the shoulder and have a single Gold pebbled button to each.  Finally on top are the Silver "HV" for Administration.  All buttons are gold pebbled finish and are solid backed marked "OVERHOFF&CL plus OLC in a diamond.  There is a War Merit ribbon sewn to the second button hole.  On the Left breast are loops for a long ribbon bar and loops for one medal, the Iron Cross Ist Class is for decorative use only, it is not included with this tunic.  On the Right breast is a Gold bullion wire weave General's breast eagle.  The full liner is an Off-Green silk material and has an inner pocket as well as a Dagger slot.  The sleeves are also fully lined in a silk lined material.  In the pocket is the name tag.  Tunic is named to Generalstabsintendant FERDINAND WINTER,  The tag is dated 1940 from the tailor, S.SCHARRER in MUNCHEN.   The tunic is very close to mint condition and shows little wear or use.  One moth hole inside the collar, but small and a moth nip on the other side in the collar and that's all.  Very clean and a very rare tunic.  There are some loose threads on one collar tab only, but a few that's it.  A few stains to the liner.  Generalstabsintendant Ferdinand Winter as promoted to this rank in 1.4.1938.  German WWII records show Ferdinand Winter as Akademie f.d. hoh Int. Dienst OKH/V 3 kdf.

$8,500.00 $8,000.00

Rare one-of-a-kind German WWII GeneralOberst's Summer White uniform set.  This is not only rare, but is a one only uniform set.  Private tailor made set, the tunic and trousers are matching fine quality Linen material so its lightweight for Summer wear.  Tunic has no collar tabs, which was done during the war, some White tunics had them, some did not.  The collar has two Brass collar hooks.  The shoulderboards are very rare by themselves.  Rank is for Colonel General or GeneralOberst.  These are Red based and are Cellon gold and Silver cord twist tops with three Silver washed pips to each.    What's unique to this tunic is how the shoulderboards are in the seam.  These shoulderboards are the Summer "T" end style, so that there removeable.  On this tunic, there is an opening in the seam for the board to slip into from the inside, but the liner was sewn after the shoulderboards were inserted, so there not removeable without opening the liner, same with the small Gold pebbled button for the shoulderboard, its held on with a split pin from the inside.  The eagle is Gold metal is the pin style, its held on with three upper loops and one lower loop so it can be pinned on then removed for cleaning.  All buttons are a fine quality and are Gold color with the smaller pebbled finish.  Another unique item with this tunic are the buttons down the front are hand sewn on while the buttons for the pockets and the rear are removeable with chromed "S" rings.  The buttons are solid backed and are marked " LUDENSCHEID C. TH DICKE".  Another unique feature is how the tunic is lined.  First the tunic has fully lined pockets in real Silk and even the insides of the arm sleeve cuffs are fully lined in Silk as well.  The inside is also fully lined in Silk and has several unique features.  First, the rear buttons have a silk flap covering the "rings".  Next it has a dagger hanger with button, then the insides of the sleeve are FULLY lined in Silk as well.  I have never seen a tunic this fully lined.  The tunic has loops for three medals on the front.  

The trousers are made of the exact same White linen material.  The trousers are straight leg style with pleats sewn near the top at the waist for style.  Side adjustment buckles in Chrome plating on each side.  A single rear pocket.  There is a watch pocket on the front.  All matching buttons to the trousers, in an Off-White color.  There are loops for a belt as well as hidden inner waistband loops for suspenders.  Like the tunic, the trousers also have an unique feature.  The inside of the legs are FULLY lined in the same Silk as the tunic.  The set is not named.  I have never seen anything this well made, and made for an officer of such high rank. 

The set was made for a GeneralOberst as the shoulderboards, even though there the "T" removeable ones, cannot be removed without opening the liner material, the tailor made it this way.  Next is the condition.  The tunic shows little wear, and some light satins on one of the cuffs, BUT does have damage from insects all over.  Its a shame about the holes.  The trousers have only a few here and there but the tunic has more all over.  There small holes all over, here and there, some a bit bigger but even though there is damage, its does not detract from such a RARE uniform set.  The insect damage does affect the price though.   If this were mint, and based on it being a one-of-a-kind set, it would be worth $12,000+.  You will NEVER find one like this ever! 

$8,200.00 $7,500.00

German WWII Luftwaffe Generals uniform set.  Fantastic set to a Luftwaffe General and consists of his Flight blouse and matching trousers.  The set is made of quality Blue/Gray twill wool and is the first model flight blouse.  The blouse has Gold twist cord piping around the collar and has sewn collar tabs, White based with gold bullion wire wave for the wreaths and gulls.  The shoulderboards are sewin style and are also White based with Cellon and Silver twist cord tops, and a single dull Silver was large pip to each.  The Gold pebbled buttons at the shoulderboards are the screw post style.  On the front breast is a quality Gold bullion wire weave General's eagle with lots of fine details.  There are loops for several medals, on the Left breast, below the eagle are loops for the German Cross and possibly the Spanish Cross.  On the other side are loops again for several medals and a Long ribbon bar, this was a well decorated General.  Four of the plastic flight blouse buttons on front.  The liner is a light Gray silk and has an inner pocket.  Inside the pocket is the old stiching holes of the name tag, now removed.  The tailors label is still in the neck, but is torn and hard to read.  There is a dagger hanger "D" ring inside the front lower pocket slit.  Stripped silk material used for the sleeve liners.  The tunic is for a large man and is a big size. 

The Trousers are matching Blue/Gray wool twill and are the riding style.  There is the double wide White stripes down each leg for the rank of General.  On the lower leg the wool tapers and has several buttons for closing at the boots.  There is a watch pocket and a ring for the watch.  Sides have the side straps and Blued steel adjustment buckles.  Single rear pocket.  Trousers are not named.  This is a rare and fantastic set to a Luftwaffe General! and would be very hard to upgrade, let alone find another! 


German WWII Army (HEER) General's tunic.  This ones fantastic!  This General's tunic was made most likely from 1942 on as its Cellon insignia was used during the war, and the style and cut of the tunic suggests wartime use, not pre-war.  The tunic is MINT!  and looks to not have been worn much at all.  Field Gray smooth twill wool body it has a Dark Green standup collar.  On the collar are 3-D style General's collar tabs.  Red based, these are thick and hand sewn onto the collar.  The Gold Bullion wire weave is almost a 3-D effect and rally stands out.  Two-tone gold bullion to the tabs.  On the shoulders, are the boards.  Sew-in style, Cellon Gold/Yellow weave with silver inserts on a Red base with a single Gold pebbled button to each.  The breast eagle is also fantastic and made of Cellon.  Hand sewn, it does have a few moth nips to the eagle, but minor, excellent details to the eagle.  The moth nips are the only issue with the complete tunic.  Tunic has all matching Gold pebbled buttons, solid back and maker marked Ludenshield Linden and the makers label.  On the other side are loops for several medals, and a long ribbon bar, on the Right breast are loops for the German Cross.  5 button front.  The liner is padded, and is of a Pale Green silk like material.  There's an inner belt and buckle.  The tailors tag is in the neck with the name and town.  The tunic has two inner pockets, but is not named.  This tunic is MINT and you wont find better!  Being mostly Cellon and with the cut of the tunic, this was worn by a General during the war.  

$7,000.00 $6,700.00

German Army (HEER) complete uniform grouping to a named doctor.  This is a complete set and its named.  First the tunic, its a piped service tunic for a Medical reserve Captain.  The tunic is piped in Blue and is a fine quality tailor made tunic.  Five button front, the tunic has a Darkgreen deep pointed collar wich is also piped in Blue, with the dress collar tabs Silver bullion on a Blue.  Shoulderboards are sew-in style, and are Gray based for a Reserve officer then Blue for medical, two gold pips and the medical cypher.  All buttons match and are Silver pebbled finish and marked "EXTRA "A" FEIN" (ASSMANN) on the backs.  A fine Silver bullion wire breast eagle on front.  Cuffs are also piped in Blue.  The liner is fine Green rayon material and it has the inner dagger hanger, slot for the hanger, and an inner belt and buckle.  There is some damage here and there to the tunic, in the form of snags to the wool all around see the photos for more details, liner has a few as well, but overall its nice.  There are loops for two medals and a ribbon bar. 

Next is the Greatcoat.  Very nice and a fine quality moleskin wool coat.  Coat has gray finish pebbled buttons that all match.  There also marked "EXTRA FEIN" on the backs.  a few moth tracks, but few and not an issue, this greatcoat is VERY NICE.  Shoulderboards are the same as the tunic.  Sew-in style, and are Gray based for a Reserve officer then Blue for medical, two gold pips and the medical cypher.  Full satin liner with the dagger hanger and slot.  Inside the coats pocket is the name tag for Dr. Forst yera?  and dated 1937.  Really nice.  Next are the trousers.  These are flared style and StoneGray wool.  A very high quality wool.  They have ties at the sides of the calf's.  A repair below the button up fly and a repair on the rear.  Side adjustment buckles on each side, and they show light use, mainly where the hand enters the pocket.  Very nice, partial liner.  Pants are not named. 

Last is the visor.  This is one of the best visors I have ever seen and is a top quality made item!  Moleskin wool, same as the greatcoat, piped in Dark Blue for Medical, has matching Aluminium eagle and wreath with cockade.  Fine Silver bullion chincord.  Silver pebbled side buttons.  Very clean bill, no age cracks.   Very tight liner material, satin like that has a 100% complete sweat diamond with the makers name.  Tan sweatband is perfect.  This cap even has its 100% intact orange sponge behind the sweatband!  Cap is fantastic!  Complete set, only the Greatcoat is named, but you wont find a set like this anywhere!


$4,200.00 $4,000.00

German WWII officers trousers.  These are a Dark Stone Gray wool, and can be early Army, or SS officers trousers, also based on the color they could be used for Red Cross officers as well.  Mint condition, these are flared at the calf's with small black buttons.  On the front of the trousers they have slash pocket openings and a small watch pocket with the metal ring for the watch strap.  Side adjustment buckles in Blued Steel.  On the back is a single pocket.  The liner is a Gray cotton material and is stamped 8 41 as well as 46 and the Roman numerial II.  Missing one small button on the fly, that's it and there close to mint with no damage and no mothing.  about a 32 US waist size. 

$375.00 $355.00

German WWII Kriegsmarine Named U-Boat officers grouping.  This ones rare and has a lot of items. First his Kriegsmarine officers tunic, NAMED to Ernst Lutz and officer serving on U-591.  DarkBlue fine twill wool tunic, double breasted cut.  Has Gilt Kriegsmarine buttons on front most are dated 1938 and 1940 meaning some were period replaced through normal use.  Tunic has a Fantastic Gold Officers breast eagle on the front, its in a two-toned style with the wreath a different gold color.  Tunic has One sleeve stripe and has the Gold star for serving Line officers.  It has the Iron Cross ribbon for the EKII in the button hole, included with this tunic is his Iron Cross second class, the medal on the ribbon.  The medal is with the short ribbon and the ring is stamped with what looks like "100".   The medal was in his pocket of his tunic.  Liner is Black silk and has the tailors lable sewn into the neck, the tailor is from GOTENHAFEN.  Inside the inner pocket is the name tag, worn and hard to read, but you can still make on his name, LUTZ.  Next are two of his visors, both visors and the other extra tops were all in this round carrying case.  

First is his Blue topped visor, in DarkBlue wool, has with matching Gold age tonned bullion eagle and wreath on front, chinstrap and Blue wool topped visor with his rank scallops.  No damage to the top of the cap, but there is some moth damage at the rear bottom edge.  Tan sweatband and has a fantastic makers label under the sweatdiamond with the U-Boat image and GOTENHAFFEN, showing his tunic and caps were from the same tailor!  To the back of the sweatband were the seam meets there is some minor damage.  Next is his White topped visor.  Very clean visor has removable top as is the Blue topped visor.  Gold Metal eagle and Cellon wreath with chincord.  Bill is Blue wool covered with his rank scallops.  Liner is gold twill and has an unmarked sweatdiamond.  Sweatband is Tan and has a White stripe running in the center, plus his metal initials in it as well. The only damage is to the underside of the bill, it is broken in half, near the center where he might have folded it, otherwise its nice.  Next are two Blue extra tops, Blue wool, one has a Gold bullion eagle still on it, but moths have left damage around the eagle.  There is some moth damage to the top.  The other Blue top has moth damage as well, you can clearly see where the eagle was removed at one time.  The extra White top is clean, and shows the pin holes where the metal eagle went, no damage.  Next is the large visor carrying case.  Pasteboard round shape and has a seperate lid.  The top leather strap is missing and the lid shows damage to the rim and the inside pad, the main case is nice, Blue velvet inside and clean.  Last is a name plate with his name and rank, and four screw holes in each corner to attach to a locker, or foot locker possibly.  

The grouping was left behind in Germany before his last patrol and has NOT been in any other collection.  There is some damage to some of the caps and the case, this is the way it was found and was stored.  Regardless, its EXTREMELY rare to ever find a grouping like this, I have never seen another set this complete.  

Leutnant z. S. Ernst Lutz, second watch officer on U-591.  He was captured in July 1943 after being sunk by a U.S. Sub hunting aircraft off the coast of Brazil.  He was rescued and captured, then spent the rest of the war in U.S. Captivity.  You can read the history at  

$9,000.00 $8,500.00

German WWII Army Parade tunic and trousers set.  This set is for a Kradshutzen (Motorcycle troops) man.  Army issue parade tunic is a Green wool with a DarkGreen collar, both piped in Dark Yellow for Calvary/Recon troops.  Inner buttons to the collar for the inner collar protector.  Parade collar tabs in Dark Yellow with Silver bullion sew on.  Shoulderboards are also Dark green with Dark Yellow piping and chainstiching for the letter for Aufklarungs and the number 20.  Silver pebbled buttons with the number "2" on it.  Eight button front, also in Silver pebbled buttons.  Breast eagle is the Silver Flatwire version, hand sewn on.  Cuffs are Dark Green with Dark Yellow piping and the parade tabs sewn on.  Rear is also Dark Yellow piped and has Silver pebbled buttons.  Liner is issue in a Tan cotton material and is complete or a full liner.  Nice stamps inside for the szie and date B38 plus 2./Aufkl. 20 which matches the shoulderboards.  This tunic has the soldiers name tag sewn in near the neck and reads his name and 2./ Kradshutzen U. U. 20 which also matches the markings and shoulderboards.  Next are matching Green wool trousers, straight leg style with Dark Yellow piping down each leg.  Trousers are partially lined and come with the original suspenders the set originally came with.  Side adjustment buckles.  A fantastic set to a Motorcycle trooper!  Tunic has some moth holes and tracking here and there but nothing major.  Pants are near mint.

$1,300.00 $1,230.00

German Army NCO's Parade tunic.  Early parade or dress tunic for an NCO.  Fine twill wool, has DarkGreen collar with the Silver bullion Tress sewn on top edge, with Parade White based collar tabs with Silver bullion centers.  Sew in shoulderboards are Green topped with Silver bullion tress and two single pips to each.  This tunic has the early version of the Flatwire breast eagle on front, its a light gray instead of the later darkgreen backing.  Loops for three medals and a medium ribbon bar.  Inside the collar are the hooks for the collar liner.  Eight button front, silver pebbled buttons.  Cuffs are same as the collar, DarkGreen with Silver tress and White based tabs.  Some "pics" to the wool in various areas, but overall its nice.  Liner is a twill Light green cotton material, it shows stains from sweat as you sometimes see on parade tunics.  Its pulling to the liner at the collar and some fraying.  Its stamped inside DEPRUTT 2./J.R. 55.  Nice decorated NCO's tunic.

$880.00 $850.00

German WWII Kriegsmarine Admirals Greatcoat.  This is a rare coat.  Anything related to a KM admiral is rare.  This ones mint, and is made of a dark Blue wool, with the Cornflower Blue lapels that fold back used only by Admirals.  Buttons are Gilt with the Anchor and are a solid back, there marked IM FEUER VERGOLDET.  The shoulderboards are sewn into the sleeves, and are DarkBlue based with the Gold and Silver twist cord on top for Admirals, same cording used by Generals as well.  What makes this coat also rare on the silver cyphers for a Medical Doctor.  This is a Kreigsmarine admiral who is Medical, and there were very few of these.  The shoulderboards are held down with screwpost buttons.  On the back are more KM gold buttons and the single belt.  Liner is a full satin/silk material in a darkGray color, very nice and covers the complete inside.  Inside the left pocket are two of the KM dagger hangers with two gilt clips and two straps.  Kreigsmarine Admirals coats are very rare and very hard to find.  

$4,100.00 $4,000.00

German WWII Panzer troops unissued trousers.  These are mint and unissued.  Coarse black wool, later model issue as these have the RBNr. stamp inside the liner.  Front slash pocket flaps, the bottoms of the legs are tappered and have a clouser button and ties.  Front has the watch ring, and has the large triple hook buckle and cloth belt, buckle have light surface rust, but very light.  The liner is an off-White cotton partial liner and has the stamp inside, which has the RBNr.  A few inside snaps and straps.  Two rear pockets, trousers are textbook and mint!

$1,500.00 $1,400.00

German WWII Luftwaffe Generals Trousers.  These are extremely rare trousers for a Luftwaffe General.  Standard Generals Blue/Gray wool trousers, but these are for "Field Use" as the normal Generals trousers had the double wide White stripes, it was felt these would stand out too much in the field, so they did away with the double stripes and left the single thin center white strip.  Pictures show that many Generals still wore the Double Striped ones as well, but in Combat zone photos you see these trousers worn.  They are in excellent condition and are straight leg style cut.  An order dated November 2 1943 Permitted the wear of the trousers without the wide strips, but kept the center thin white strip.  These are not named.  These are VERY rare trousers.

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I will start with a brief history for GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  Born 10 May 1890 – Died 16 October 1946, Primarily a staff officer during and after World War I, Jodl served as head of the department of national defense in the war ministry from 1935. A competent staff officer and Hitlers faithful servant to the end, he was named chief of operations of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW; Armed Forces High Command) on August 23, 1939, just before the invasion of Poland. With Wilhelm Keitel , OKW chief of staff, he became a key figure in Hitler’s central military command and was involved in implementing all of Germany’s campaigns except the beginning of the Russia invasion in the second half of 1941. On May 7, 1945, he signed the capitulation of the German armed forces to the western Allies at Reims, France. As chief of operations staff, he had signed many orders for the shooting of hostages and for other acts contrary to international law. He was executed after trial and conviction for war crimes by the International Military Tribunal at Nurmberg.

This tunic was worn by GeneralOberst Alfred Jodl.  It originally came from his second wife, Luise Jodl in 1990 and was sold at Auction (see photo of papers).  This was one of two tunics worn by Jodl and sold at this auction.  This tunic is believed to have been worn after 1944 per the date in the tag until the wars end.  After the surrender, Jodl wore it for sometime in captivity, as it has loops under the collar for the Knights cross to the Iron cross.   Jodl was Awarded the Knight's Cross at wars end in 1945 and there are photos of him in captivity wearing the Medal.  This tunic is most likely one of a few he wore after the May 1945 surrender.  The tunic itself is excellent and shows no damage and with very light wear.  It has the Normal Generals Gold wire bullion collar tabs, machine sewn on with gold and silver twist cord GeneralOberst shoulderboards also sewn in.  Three silver wash pips to each.    The breast eagle is a fine gilt wire eagle, high relief weave and hand sewn on.  Gold pebbled buttons all matching to the tunic "Extra Fein" stamped to them. 

The tunic features a set of loops for a long ribbon bar.  There is a pair of holes right above the pocket flap for the Golden Party badge, no loops.  The badge in the photos are for viewing only and do not go with the tunic.  Next are several loops for his medals all in a straight line as you see in many wartime photos of him wearing his various uniforms.   The wool is a fine quality light weight wool twill with a green liner.  The tunic has a high stand up collar with three inner pins for the collar liner.  It is Red piped.    The coat has a slot for the dagger hanger to go through but has no inner hanger.  This is typically seen in officers uniforms more towards the end of the war as some officers wore inner dagger belts.  Inside the pocket is a fantastic name tag.   Named to a berlin tailor and has the Jodl's name written in ink and is dated 1944.     A very unique feature to the name tag is the number "3" in red, this is a tailor added stamp and is often seen in very high ranking officials tunic's made at the time. 

The last item to be included with the tunic are several papers.   All three are photo copies of the originals.   When the group was sent to auction the originals went with the other tunic.  This tunic and some other items received copies of the paperwork.  The papers discuss the items being given to the Auction house to be sold.  One paper is a letter to Frau Kesselring talking about their husbands.  The last is a personal letter dated 1992 written by Luise Jodl, I have not translated it.

This tunic is a one of a kind.  But as with several of his uniforms, there many be one or more in private collections around the World.  Each tunic is different as far as I know.  This tunic comes from the private collection that currently has GFM Keitel's parade tunic in it which can be viewed in our Web Site Museum.

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German WWII Summer white Navy or Kriegsmarine officers tunic. This one has the early style standup collar. Really nice shape, no damage, shows light use.  White cotton material four pocket tunic has removeable Gilt wash KM buttons held on with rings. Buttons are KM stamped on back.
Tunic has the Gilt metal eagle to front, the lower pin is missing but wont affect it. Tunic has Shoulderboards for a Fahnrich zur See for a Line officers rank. Tunic has been cleaned that's why its so white! really nice!

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