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WWII German Fire Police Bayonet, scabbard and leather frog.  Nice set, this ones clean and the blade is excellent!  No damage no rust, just a few in-and-out scuffs which is normal, its nice.  Blade has the leather Oval at the base to protect it when inserting it into the scabbard.  Grips are Black and have no chips and no damage, overall finish is very nice on the handle.  The blade is marked SOLINGEN, but its a strike issue as the "N" is missing.  No other maker, very rare to see a mis-strike, but it did happen.  The scabbard is black painted, nice has some finish coming off, but not bad and no dents and no rust.  Black leather frog is in good shape, shows use, but all stiching is there, very faint markings but very hard to make out.


German WWII Army officers dress dagger scabbard and knot.  Nice clean and has no damage, Standard Army (HEER) Officers dagger, silver pebbled seath has no dents and only a nice aged patina to it.  Has both rings for the hanger.  The dagger has the White grip which shows only light age a few scuffs on the back but this is from wearing the dagger, no chips to the handle.  The pommel is clean and not dented.  Blade is very clean and has not been sharpened.  No corrision to either side and is very clean, this is a nice example!  Blade is maker marked F.W. HOLLER SOLINGEN in the oval.  Blade shows very light scuffs from going in and out of the scabbard only.  Has it original Silver wire bullion knot still tied to it, knot is clean and not damage, shows only light age.  All original, and very nice!  NO International shipping, sorry.


German WWII Or Pre-War SA Dagger and hanger.  Nice clean SA Dagger, complete as shown and comes with the brown leather hanger.  This ones clean and in nice shape, the brown wooden handle is clean and shows light use.  Metal fittings have minor scuffs very minor.  Scabbard is Brown painted, and shows wear to the paint, seems some is on top of the paint.  Bottom ball is clean and has a few shallow dents, but shallow.  Blade is makred with the logo and on the back side is the makers stamp WAFFENHAMMER DEGGENDORF.  The blade only shows light scuffs from removal and not damage, blade is nice.  Last is the short Brown leather hanger, shows wear and the clip has light corrision, stamped A DRGM RZM M5/8.


German WWII K98 Dress bayonet.  Standard K98 dress bayonet and scabbard.  Scabbard is nice and has its original Black glossy finish, NO dents and its about 98% great finish!  its clean!  Bayonet has Black plastic diamond grips that shows no chips or damage.  Top of the blade has wear to the chrome finish and some satining/pitting as well, but still small.  Blade is near mint.  Great chrome finish, has no damage and no scratches other then the normal scuffs from going in and out of the scabbard.  Blade is maker marked and says PET DAN KREBS Solingen and the makers logo.  Very nice blade!  Has the original leather washer at the bade of the blade.  Original RED felt inside the rail.  Black leather frog is still soft and the glossy finish has its normal cracks/dents, but there shallow.  Nice rig.


German WWII K98 Bayonet.   Wartime issue K98 bayonet with metal scabbard and the Black leather frog.  Wood handle knife, is dark metal finish and the blade is almost black in color, light wear from going in and out of the scabbard.  Blade is marked 2867 k and on the other side S/24436, well oiled.  The scabbard is not matching but in very nice shape, no dents, no rust and the ball is not dented, marked 2923 o and 43 cul on the other side.  Twin Waffen-Amts on the top of the knife, some scratches and light dents on the flat side where it meets the rifle.  Black leather frog shows a lot of use, but still useable.  No markings can be seen due to wear.  Has the mounted strap with metal fitting.   


K98 Bayonet and scabbard.   Wooden handle clean overall set.  Retains about 90% of the black finish.  The blade is marked 7939 b and clc 43.  Several waffen amts on the top of the handle.  Scabbard is marked cof 43 and 0425 n.  Nice no dents and clean with the scabbard screw.  Blade has NOT been sharpened, nice set!.


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