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Reproduction German WWII Army Infantry piped crusher cap.  NEW, this is made of the proper color Green/Gray wool top with White piping for Infantry.  Dark green cap band has a BeVo style cap wreath and a White thread woven on green cap eagle sewn on.  It has a Black leather bill.  Soft Light colored liner has a full sweatdiamond and is size marked 57.  Tan sweatband.  Nice copy.  The white thread on the cap eagle does not glow under UV light.  


Modern T-Shirt in a Tan pre-shrunk cotton material.  This shirt has on the front "Deutsches Afrika Korps".  Size is an XL, this was worn twice and is clean and has no damage.  


Reproduction German WWII Ski Jagers sleeve patch.  This ones really nice and really well made!  Its made in the BeVo style as the original, and is well done.  It is from a group of original German WWII insignia, but is a reproduction.


Reproduction Luftwaffe General's breast eagle.  Well made, does not glow under blacklight.  On White wool, with Gold bullion wire weave for the eagle.  Has Black oilcloth backing.  Was sold as an original out of a collection.   WELL made.

$100.00 $85.00

Reproduction German SS Pith helmet style badge.  Cast example, not sure what it's for, screw post on the back.  Its styled after the SS Pith helmet shield and is the same size.


German WWII Reproduction combat worn A-Frame.  This ones new and is WELL made.  This is the combat worn A-Frame on the back of the Y-straps that held the zeltbahn, mess kit, clothing bag and other items.  Cloth frame in web material with leather black equipment straps.  Very nice!


Reproduction German WWII Helmet decals.  These are older decals, please state which item you want in the notes section when ordering.

1:  Kreigsmarine decal   $5.00

2:  Police decal  $5.00

3:  Early down tail LW Decal  $5.00

4:  Pair of Army Decals  $10.00

5:  SS Decal  SOLD

6:  Early LW down tail decal   $5.00

7:  Army decal  $SOLD

8:  Army Decal has fold in it  $3.00

9:  SS or Police decal  $5.00

10:  SS or Police decal, has cracks  $3.00


Reproduction German WWII Medals and Pin.  Whe ordering please put which item you want in the notes section.

1:  Iron cross Spang    $15.00

2:  Iron Cross 1st class medal with coke bottle pin back aged  SOLD  (was sold as an original)

3:  Hindenburg medal with ring  SOLD

4.  NSDAP Party pin   SOLD


Reproduction German WWII insignia.   When ordering, just put which item you want in the notes section.

1:  Waffen-SS Woven cap eagle   $10.00

2:  Luftwaffe woven cap wreath, with Black backing    SOLD

3:  SS Woven skull    $5.00

4:  SS Woven skull    $5.00

5:  SS Bevo cap skull    $9.00


Reproduction Waffen SS Cap eagle and two Chromed plated Panzer skulls.  The cap eagle was on an original Waffen-SS NCO's visor long ago.  It only has one prong on the back, RZM stamp inside the wing.  Cast copies of the skulls, no pins on the back anymore.  When ordering, just enter in the notes what item you want.  

1:  SS Cap eagle $35.00

2:  Two panzer skulls  $15.00


Reproduction German Eagles.   The SS Sleeve eagle was on an original SS M43 tunic sleeve.  #4 is an Army Gray on Green eagle, the light changes the look a little its a nice BeVo eagle.  When ordering just as for the number for what you want.

1. Odd large size Gold wire eagle  $5.00

2.  White Army or Navy breast eagle    $20.00

3.  Odd large Gold wire big eagle   SOLD

4.  Army M40 eagle gray on green BeVo  $20.00

5.  Army Officers Cap eagle silver wire weave  $20.00

6.  SS Sleeve eagle was on an original tunic  $50.00  (Does not glow)


Reproduction German WWII cufftitle, "ordensburgen".  Black silk weave, Silver bullion wire weave front.  14 inches long. 

$20.00 $15.00

Reproduction German WWII or Pre-War Volkswagen Werks pin.  These are hard to find as originals and most are fakes, as is this one.  Well made, pin back, age toned to front.

$35.00 $30.00

Reproduction SS Allegmeine collar tabs.  This set is scary!  Well made, and the Silver wire bullion SS runes and the "n" is well sewn.  Black felt material with the proper Black and Silver piping.  Silver wire bullion runes and "n".  Backing is correct style as well.  Nice set.  

$50.00 $40.00

Reproduction German WWII Medals and awards.  Small group of reproduction items, These are well made, the Police cap badge is really nice, and fooled a few, but the edges are not perfect, and short pins.  SS Sleeve diamond and a cheaper cast KUBAN shield with no tabs as it was cast off an original that had broken tabs.  

When ordering, please put in the notes section which item you want and I will send an invoice as the system puts it a $0.


1.  Aluminium Police cap badge    $10.00

2.  SS sleeve diamond    $10.00

3.  KUBAN shield   $7.00


Small Group of Souval medals.  These are made by the original maker of German WWII Medals, Souval.  The are the medals that came with ribbons, but the ribbons are missing.  Souval made medals and awards Post--war in Austria for US and British forces for gifts and souvenirs.  These are the best you can get in reproduction or copy medals.  These are most likely 50-60 years old.  These medals are aged naturally!  Many times these are sold as originals and Souval medals are now collected themselves.  

When ordering, please put in the notes section which mdeal you want and I will send an inovice as the system will show $0.


1.    Westwall Medal in Silver                   $20.00

2.    RAD Long service medal in Silver    $20.00


Reproduction Cufftitle.  SS Wiking cufftitle, this is a cheaper copy.  18 inches long.  The other two cufftitles are sold.




Reproduction german WWII Army Cap eagles and insignia.  See below for listing and prices.

1.  Army wreath for the crusher visor cap    New BeVo weave   SOLD

2.  Army white on green woven cap eagle, does not glow under blacklight  nice    SOLD

3.  Army M43 "T" cap eagle new   $8

4.  Army M43 "T" cap eagle used  $5


Reproduction German WWII Medals.  See below for listing and prices.  Many came on original tunics we bought.

1.  Bronze close combat clasp  with seperate backing plate  SOLD

2.  Luftwaffe Ground assault badge numbered 25  well made   $20

3.  Silver Panzer assault badge WELL MADE Aluminum   SOLD

4.  Bronze panzer assault badge  SOLD


5.  Luftwaffe Pilots badge  sold as an original   SOLD

6.  Navy High Seas badge  $25

7.  Navy Submarine badge  WEL  MADE came on an orginal tunic we bought  SOLD

8.  Iron Cross 1st Class  looks aged, but pin is sidways, mistake when made  $5

9.  Hitler Youth badge  SOLD

10.  Silver wound badge solid and well made  stamped  SOLD

11.  Silver wound badge July 20th 1944 solid and stamped  $15

12.  Silver wound badge  solid and stamped on back, sold as an original  SOLD

13.  Black wound badge, cheap copy  July 20th 1944   $5

14.  Cloth EK1  Well made bullion wire  SOLD

15.  Cloth  EK1  Well made bullion wire  $15

16.  Gold close combat badge  $10

17.  Well made Mothers cross silver and marked on back  SOLD



Reproduction SS insignia.  See below for listing and prices.

1.  SS enlisted collar tab, missing backing  used  SOLD

2.  SS Vertical collar tab  new  Well made  SOLD

3.  SS Sleeve diamond  Agriculture  SOLD

4.  SD Sleeve diamond  new  SOLD

5.  SS Sleeve diamond  new  $8

6.  SS collar tab  used  $6

7.  SS collar tab well made  new  $9

8.  SS collar tab enisted  sold an as original  SOLD

9.  SS officers collar  tab, This WAS on an original tunic and took a second look on this one WELL made   $25



Reproduction German WWII Army breast eagles.  See below for listing and prices:

1.  Army officers M44 triangle eagle silver wire weave, new   $9

2.  Army enlisted breast eagle  used   $6

3.  Army enlisted breast eagle   used  $6

4.  Army Panzer on Black backing  new   $10

5.  Army M44 enlisted eagle  new   $7

6.  Army enlisted Gray on green eagle  used  SOLD  was on an original tunic

7.  Army M36 eagle, trimmed and used  $6

8.  Army enlisted Tropical eagle, was sold as an original and is WELL Made  SOLD

9.  Army enlisted M36 white on green eagle  new  $8

10.  Army enlisted eagle used   $6

11.  SOLD

12.  Army enlisted used  $5



Reproduction Army and NSKK breast eagles.  These are all well made, silver and gold bullion wire weave.  BOTH Generals eagles came off original generals tunics, thats how good they were.  Prices below:

1.  German Army white weave thread on Green felt base, does not blacklight  WELL made  SOLD

2.  German eagle, on a brown backing with silver bullion thread   $20

3.  German Army Generals eagle, gold bullion wire, has unterlagen underneath this was on an original tunic!    Could be original Coastal Artillery officers eagle!  SOLD

4.  NSKK officers eagle silver bullion wire  well made   SOLD

5.  German Army Generals eagle, gold bullion wire weave, has unterlagen underneath  SOLD


Reproduction SS Sleeve and cap eagles.  Many are used.  see prices below.  Please let me know when you order what number you would like.

1.  SS BeVo sleeve eagle, used  $7

2.  SS BeVo sleeve eagle used   $7

3.  SS Tropical sleeve eagle new   $9

4.  SS BeVo sleeve eagle new  SOLD

5.  SS Woven sleeve eagle, was sold as an original  SOLD

6.  SS Cap eagle trap  used  SOLD

7.  SS cap eagle trap new  $8

8.  SS side cap eagle BeVo  used   $5.


Reproduction German WWII Luftwaffe Breast Eagles.  These are well made rpeorductions, and prices are below:

1.    HG Eagle on Black backing, quality woven example    $18

2.   Green back Eagle for Jump Smock  Down tail eagle   $10

3.    Enlisted ranks eagle on Blue/Gray backing   $10


Reproduction German Army Pith helmet shields.  These are older reproductions, made of steel they have screw post backs with little retaining nuts.  One shield is missing one post but the other two are there.  See prices below.

1.  Pair of shields, one mssing one post     $20

2.  Pair of shields       SOLD


German Reproduction Belt buckles.  Several buckles, see list below, Priced Each.

1.  Army Green painted steel buckle, average reproduction    SOLD

2.  Army Green painted steel buckle quality reproduction         SOLD

3.  SS Officers Aluminum buckle with keeper, WELL MADE and was sold as an original!     Maker marked on back     SOLD

4.  SS Green painted buckle averagle reproduction    $15


Reproduction Luftwaffe Air Gunners badge.  Another quality reproduction from a collection we recently bought.  This was bought as an original and does not glow under blacklight, but lacks details of the originals, still quality made.

$20.00 $18.00

Reproduction German WWII Army Generals Breast eagle.  Gold bullion wire weave, has a few different gold wire used.  Does not blacklight.  

$30.00 $25.00

German WWI Issue Tankers Medal.   WWI medal awarded to Tankers from WWI, Sepp Detrich wore one on his WWII SS Generals tunic.  Silver with pin backing.


Reproduction WWII German Police Generals shoulderboards.  Really top quality made boards, the silver and gold bullion twist cord is realyl well made.  Green based for Police.  Sewin style.

$35.00 $30.00

Reproduction German WWII NARVIK Campaign shield.  Nicely made shield, Navy blue wool backed and bronze finish of the shield.  The backing is dead on to the original with the metal backing plate and the Old look to the paper.   

$28.00 $25.00

Reproduction German WWII Kuban Armshield.  Yellow/Gold in color, reproduction shield.  Cast.


Postwar German made, maybe East german, but not sure.  There slip on and buckle felt pads for the Jackboot.  I have been told for ice use and even for Engineers use in explosives, so not sure.  Felt under pad and fits all jackboots.  unissued condition!

$75.00 $50.00

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