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German WWII Original Tank destruction strip of cloth.  This is the Silver bullion cloth that the metal badge attaches too.  This is just the bullion strip.  You can clearly see where the metal tank badge poked through the cloth strip.  It's in excellent condition and shows little to no wear.  This came with several medals recently but the tank badge was missing as was the back plate.  The badge is very hard to find and very expensive but just the strip is next to impossible to find by itself.


German DRL Sports badge in Bronze.  Clean example, has flat rear pin and catch.  The reverse is marked H. WERNSTEIN LOBSTEDT JENA   D.R.G.M. 33269.  


German WWI Wound badge.  This is a nice example in Black, stamped version with pin back.  Retains about 85% of it's finish.


German Eagle order in miniature.  This is the award for wear on the civilian coat, as the Eagle order with swords.  Very small, has pin back.  Miniature of the original Eagle order with swords.  Measures 1.75 inches tall and .5 inches wide.  In good shape, minor stains. 


Hitler Youth Kriessieger badge.  1938 dated Trade competition badge for HJ and DAF members.  Aged toned finish to front ring and eagle, enamel in the Off-White ring is excellent, the enamel in the HJ diamond has some missing in the top Red section.  On the back is a Flat pin and catch.  Marked G. BREHMER MARKNEUKIRCHEN.  


SA Gruppe Hockland Wettkampfe Badge.  Tin material hollow stamped, this one is a clean example and in very nice shape.  Dated 1939 on the front, pin back and marked RZM KLOTZV.KIENAST MUNCHEN.  

$135.00 $120.00

SA sporst badge in Silver.  Nice example of the SA soprts badge, shows light wear to the front.  The rear is pin backed and is marked W. REDO SAAR LAUTERN IGENTUM D. OBERSTEN S.A. FUHRUNG.


German WWII Kreigsmarine Naval Destroyer War Badge.  This medal has a Gold outer finish to the wreaths and is about 80%.  The center has the Destroyer in Gray.  On the reverse it has a round pin and catch, and is maker marked R.S.  Good example.

$250.00 $215.00

German WWII War Merit Medal first class with swords.  Nice example of the War Merit medal, Dull gray finish to the front and the back has the flat pin or "coke Bottle" pin with the makers stamp "L&S" in the middle.  Nice example.  

$165.00 $150.00

German WWI Iron Cross 1st class.  This medal is the vaulted style and has a flat pin back.  Front has the Crown "W" and 1914.  On the back its smooth silver finish and is stamped "800" silver.  Nice shows use and wear to finish.  

$265.00 $250.00

NSDAP Party membership pin painted example.  This ones the painted version, and is worn.  There's paint missing from the front of the pin.  Rear of the pin is dirty, has the pin back and the RZM and makers number M1/34.  

$80.00 $75.00

German Baden medal.  1902 Jubilee medal, its Bronze and has a stain on front, this might clean off.  Its was a award to Badeners for Military or Civil public service.  The medal was instituted in 1902 on the 50th anniversary of Grand Duke Friedrichs of Baden reign.  Double sided.  This is a medal complete with its original ribbon, this ribbon is often seen on WWI and WWII German  Medal bars or ribbon bars.

$120.00 $105.00

NSDAP Party membership pin.  This is a pianted example and shows some age.  Some paint is chipped off the front and light wear and light rust to the pin, but light.  RZM marked on back M1/1 and can't make out the rest.  Not mint but still a nice example.  

$90.00 $80.00

DRL Sports Badge. Very nice condition, no finish. Third model (1937 onward) with the letters of the new

monogram “DRL” and a swastika at the bottom of the wreath. The badge reverse is marked D.R.G.M. 35269

[Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster] and “WERNSTEIN JENA”. The pin is flat. Nice example.

$60.00 $55.00

German WWII Unissued ribbon bar ribbon.  Its two ribbons together, the Iron Cross 2nd class, and the Eastern Front Medal ribbon, paired together. The strip is about 8 inches long which of course would do about ten ribbon bars!

$50.00 $45.00

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