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German NSDAP Pre-1939 style vehicle pennant.   Used by Gauleitung Amtsleiter, Hauptamtsleiter and Stellvertretender Gauleiter. This style was only made for a short time from 1937-1938 when a different pattern came out.  Red cotton material this one has a Heavy Silver bullion wire eagle and letters to the center.  Wire inner frame is complete and has both end metal loops for the rod to go through to the fender of the vehicle.  The inner frame has some light rust as is normal, and this has a few stains to the outer of the pennant edge.  No tears or otherwise damage.  Center is excellent.  Very rare version. 

$1,700.00 $1,500.00

NSDAP Party vehicle pennant.  Excellent condition, Red cotton material with the Multi-section center.  Two sided and this one has the remains of the original RZM tag on it, three brass rings for attachment.  Nice.  13.5 overall length and 9 inches wide.  

$350.00 $325.00

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