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German WWII Equipment leather strap.  This ones very rare as its marked for the Kreigsmarine.  Standard Black leather equipment strap, these were used for many things, from Mess kits, to zeltbahns to anything needing a strap.  Its about a MINT as you can get and shows use maybe once, as its very close to unissued condition.  Has the second strap on top with the stud, steel buckle and the end is stamped with the German eagle and the letter "M", no date.  The photo shows the eagle and M, but its easier to see in hand then the photo.  Still soft and very nice!


German WWII G or K43 Ammo pouch.  This ammo pouch is from a large horde of unissued original WWII German G or K43 pouches found in Russia years ago.  Unissued condition, never worn or used and shows only storage dust. Black leather, two pouch, these are stamped inside ? 1944. Nice and original!  


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