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German WWII Large grouping.  This is a big group, and consists of the Wherpass, the Hunting licence and holder and many letters.  Wherpass is for the Army (HEER).  Has his photo and is Dated 1942 and lightly filled out.  A 42 dated Hunting licence and a holder (empty) as well.  Many letters.  Lots of dated letters, with stamps, Dated 39-43. Lots to read and many many letters!


A small grouping of personal papers to a man. First his Arbeitsbuch, filled out named to man, next a Kennkarte but its named to another man, his photo etc, dated 1943, de-nazified on front, a book on the German Workers front, A German Stenograph paper dated 1939, a Gehaltsordung or Content order form sheet dated 1935 and a works order written in pencil, just a loose grouping that came in together.

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